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1. The virome of vector mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are the major vectors for arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) of medical importance. Aedes aegypti and A. albopictus are the most prolific and widespread mosquito vectors being responsible for global transmission of dengue, Zika and Chikungunya viruses. Characterizing the collection of ...

Author(s) : Almeida, J. P. P. de; Aguiar, E. R. G. R.; Armache, J. N.; Olmo, R. P.; Marques, J. T.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Current Opinion in Virology 2021 Vol.49 pp.7-12

2. The intestinal mycobiome as a determinant of host immune and metabolic health.

The inclusion of fungi in recent human and animal microbiome studies has revealed that microbiome features associated with health or disease are not exclusively bacterial. Factors known to impact bacterial microbiome development, such as gestational age at birth, breast feeding status and...

Author(s) : Gutierrez, M. W.; Arrieta, M. C.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Current Opinion in Microbiology 2021 Vol.62 pp.8-13

3. The effectiveness of a plant-based medium for growing lab probiotic strains.

Standard media for cultivating probiotic strains such as lactic acid bacteria (LAB) can often be costly, primarily due to the expense of the nitrogen sources in the formulation. Therefore, there has been an increase in research into LAB (cultivation media) that originate from plant materials. Here, ...

Author(s) : Zimmerman, T.; Ayivi, R.; Ibrahim, S. A.

Publisher : TeknoScienze S.r.l, Milan, Italy

Journal article : Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech 2021 Vol.32 No.2 pp.14-17 ref.40

4. Method-related impacts on Campylobacter coli recovery from sampling materials and meat.

A defined Campylobacter coli (C. coli) suspension was inoculated on sterile sampling materials (cotton bud, polyester bud, cellulose sponge) and pieces of lamb meat. Various combinations of diluents (phosphate buffer saline ± Tween®80) and sampling methods (direct homogenization, simulating the...

Author(s) : Lazou, T.; Iossifidou, E.; Dovas, C.

Publisher : Fakultet Veterinarske Medicine, Univerziteta u Beogradu, Belgrade, Serbia

Journal article : Acta Veterinaria (Beograd) 2021 Vol.71 No.2 pp.198-210 ref.23

5. Isolation of Bacillus cereus from soft soybean curd and the kinetic behavior of B. cereus isolates at changing temperatures.

In this study, Bacillus cereus was isolated from soft soybean curds, and a dynamic model was developed to describe the kinetic behavior of these isolates during transfer and storage. B. cereus isolates recovered from soft soybean curds were inoculated into soft soybean curd, and the levels were...

Author(s) : Park EunYoung; Oh HyeMin; Kim SeJeong; Lee JeeYeon; Ha JimYeong; Choi YuKyung; Yoon YoHan

Publisher : International Association for Food Protection, Des Moines, USA

Journal article : Journal of Food Protection 2021 Vol.84 No.9 pp.1555-1559

6. Two new rare species of Candolleomyces with pale spores from China.

Most species of Candolleomyces have brown or dark brown spores. Although pale-spored members are rare in the genus, we frequently collected two such species from many Provinces during our investigations in subtropical China from 2016-2020. As revealed by morphological characterisation and multigene ...

Author(s) : Bau, T.; Yan JunQing

Publisher : Pensoft Publishers, Sofia, Bulgaria

Journal article : MycoKeys 2021 No.80 pp.149-161 ref.32

7. Cryo-EM reveals a previously unrecognized structural protein of a dsRNA virus implicated in its extracellular transmission.

Mosquito viruses cause unpredictable outbreaks of disease. Recently, several unassigned viruses isolated from mosquitoes, including the Omono River virus (OmRV), were identified as totivirus-like viruses, with features similar to those of the Totiviridae family. Most reported members of this family ...

Author(s) : Shao QianQian; Jiai XuDong; Gao YuanZhu; Liu Zhe; Zhang Huan; Tan QiQi; Zhang Xin; Zhou HuiQiong; Li YinYin; Wu De; Zhang QinFen

Publisher : Public Library of Sciences (PLoS), San Francisco, USA

Journal article : PLoS Pathogens 2021 Vol.17 No.3 ref.58

8. Applicability of Enterobacteriaceae and coliforms tests as indicators for Cronobacter in milk powder factory environments.

The emergence of Cronobacter as an important potential pathogen for newborn children and its occurrence in powdered infant formulae has generated a need to develop new management practices for this food group. This includes reduction of the prevalence of Cronobacter in manufacturing environments...

Author(s) : Craven, H.; McAuley, C.; Hannah, M.; Duffy, L.; Fegan, N.; Forsythe, S.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Food Microbiology 2021 Vol.94

9. Recent advances in culture-based gut microbiome research.

Gut microbes affect the physiology of their hosts. Studying their diversity and functions is thus of utmost importance as it will open new avenues towards the discovery of new biomolecules and the treatment of diseases. Gut microbiome research is currently boosted by the unification of...

Author(s) : Hitch, T. C. A.; Afrizal, A.; Riedel, T.; Kioukis, A.; Haller, D.; Lagkouvardos, I.; Overmann, J.; Clavel, T.

Publisher : Elsevier GmbH, Munich, Germany

Journal article : International Journal of Medical Microbiology 2021 Vol.311 No.3 ref.many

10. Short chain fatty acid-acylated starch alleviates depression-like behaviors in mice and its mechanisms.

A large number of studies have confirmed that the "microorganism-gut-brain axis" plays an important role in the development of depression, and the short chain fatty acids(SCFAs)produced by gut microbiota are the key molecules involved in neuromodulation. In this study, for the first time,...

Author(s) : Zhu HuiYue; Zou RenYing; Xu MengShu; Wang LinLin; Tian PeiJun; Chen Wei; Wang Gang

Publisher : Food and Fermentation Industries (Shipin Yu Fajiao Gongye), Beijing, China

Journal article : Food and Fermentation Industries 2021 Vol.47 No.6 pp.26-33 ref.33

11. Aquatic viruses and climate change.

The viral component in aquatic systems clearly needs to be incorporated into future ocean and inland water climate models. Viruses have the potential to influence carbon and nutrient cycling in aquatic ecosystems significantly. Changing climate likely has both direct and indirect influence on...

Author(s) : Zhang Rui; Weinbauer, M. G.; Peduzzi, P.

Publisher : Caister Academic Press, Wymondham, UK

Journal article : Current Issues in Molecular Biology 2021 Vol.41 pp.357-380 ref.many

12. Engineering modeling frameworks for microbial food safety at various scales.

The landscape of mathematical model-based understanding of microbial food safety is wide and deep, covering interdisciplinary fields of food science, microbiology, physics, and engineering. With rapidly growing interest in such model-based approaches that increasingly include more fundamental...

Author(s) : Ranjbaran, M.; Carciofi, B. A. M.; Datta, A. K.

Publisher : Wiley, Boston, USA

Journal article : Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 2021 Vol.20 No.5 pp.4213-4249 ref.many

13. Altered intestinal epithelial nutrient transport: an underappreciated factor in obesity modulated by diet and microbiota.

Dietary nutrients absorbed in the proximal small intestine and assimilated in different tissues have a profound effect on overall energy homeostasis, determined by a balance between body's energy intake and expenditure. In obesity, altered intestinal absorption and consequently tissue assimilation...

Author(s) : Sundaram, S.; Borthakur, A.

Publisher : Portland Press Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : Biochemical Journal 2021 Vol.478 No.5 pp.975-995

14. Extensive sex-specific and regional variations observed in the microbiome of Dermacentor reticulatus.

Recent progress in DNA sequencing technologies and advanced bioinformatic tools have enabled researchers to rapidly decipher the tick microbiome . To date, however, a number of microbiome studies performed on Dermacentor reticulatus ticks is still quite limited. Despite the importance of this...

Author(s) : Elias, L.; Blazier, J. C.; Rogovska, Y. V.; Konganti, K.; Wang JiangLi; Liu, S.; Mankin, K. M. T.; Nebogatkin, I. V.; Threadgill, D. W.; Rogovskyy, A. S.

Publisher : Elsevier GmbH, Munich, Germany

Journal article : Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases 2021 Vol.12 No.5

15. Assessment of decontamination and reuse of disposable filter funnels used in microbiological water quality tests.

To monitor safely managed drinking water services, an increasing number of countries have integrated water quality testing for Escherichia coli into nationally-representative household surveys such as the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS). However, plastic waste generated during such water...

Author(s) : Zimmer, C.; Cassivi, A.; Baía, C. C.; Tilley, E.; Bain, R.; Johnston, R.; Dorea, C. C.

Publisher : Sage Publications Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : Environmental Health Insights 2021 Vol.15 No.11786302211014400 ref.30

16. Potential applications of hydrophobically modified inulin as an active ingredient in functional foods and drugs - a review.

Over the past few years, hydrophobically modified inulin (HMI) has gained considerable attention due to its multitudinous features. The targeted release of drugs remains a subject of research interest. Moreover, it is important to explore the properties of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) inulin...

Author(s) : Usman, M.; Zhang ChengNan; Patil, P. J.; Mehmood, A.; Li XiuTing; Bilal, M.; Haider, J.; Shabbir Ahmad

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Carbohydrate Polymers 2021 Vol.252

17. Metabolic regulation mechanism of fucoidan via intestinal microecology in diseases.

The intestinal microecology is an extremely complex ecosystem consisting of gut microbiota, intestinal mucosa and the intestinal immune system. The intestinal microecology performs several important functions and is considered to be an essential 'organ' because it plays an important role in...

Author(s) : Sun Ting; Xue MeiLan; Yang Jia; Pei ZhongQian; Zhang Nan; Qin KunPeng; Liang Hui

Publisher : Wiley, Chichester, UK

Journal article : Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2021 Vol.101 No.11 pp.4456-4463 ref.108

18. Challenging cosmetic innovation: the skin microbiota and probiotics protect the skin from UV-induced damage.

Many studies performed in the last decade have focused on the cutaneous microbiota. It has been shown that this microbiota plays a key role in skin homeostasis. Considered as "a second barrier" to the environment, it is very important to know how it reacts to exogenous aggressions. The cosmetics...

Author(s) : Souak, D.; Barreau, M.; Courtois, A.; André, V.; Poc, C. D.; Feuilloley, M. G. J.; Gault, M.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Microorganisms 2021 Vol.9 No.5 ref.79

19. Impact of cucumber pomace fortification on the nutritional, sensorial and technological quality of soft wheat flour-based noodles.

The aim of the work was to study the effect of adding cucumber pomace powder (CP) to soft wheat flour used in noodle manufacture. CP is a rich source of minerals and fibres, having high contents of polyphenols and flavonoids were 1.6 mg g-1 GAE and 0.65 mg g-1 QE, respectively, besides its...

Author(s) : Saad, A. M.; El-Saadony, M. T.; Mohamed, A. S.; Ahmed, A. I.; Sitohy, M. Z.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : International Journal of Food Science & Technology 2021 Vol.56 No.7 pp.3255-3268 ref.4

20. Match algorithms for scientific names in FlorItaly, the portal to the flora of Italy.

Scientific names are not part of everyday language in any modern country, and their input as strings in a query system can be easily associated with typographical errors. While globally unique identifiers univocally address a taxon name, they can hardly be used for querying a database manually....

Author(s) : Conti, M.; Nimis, P. L.; Martellos, S.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Plants 2021 Vol.10 No.5 ref.40

21. Bacterial count and proximate composition of an Indian sub-continental freshwater barb, punti (Puntius sophore) and a gangetic catfish, gulsha (Mystus cavasius) during drying-up process.

The study was conducted to evaluate the changes in aerobic plate count (APC) and proximate composition with the aim to establish the relationship between APC and different components (such as moisture, crude protein, lipid, and ash) of proximate composition at different time intervals during the...

Author(s) : Haider, M. N.; Sangita Bhattacharjee; Shikha, F. H.; Hossain, M. I.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology 2021 Vol.30 No.4 pp.474-483 ref.25

22. Current ocular microbiome investigations limit reproducibility and reliability: critical review and opportunities.

Enthusiasm for research describing microbial communities using next-generation sequencing (NGS) has outpaced efforts to standardize methodology. Without consistency in the way research is carried out in this field, the comparison of data between studies is near impossible and the utility of results ...

Author(s) : Scott, E. M.; Lewin, A. C.; Leis, M. L.

Publisher : Wiley, Boston, USA

Journal article : Veterinary Ophthalmology 2021 Vol.24 No.1 pp.4-11

23. Maintain host health with time-restricted eating and phytochemicals: a review based on gut microbiome and circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm synchronizes the host's physiological functions with the switching of environmental pattern to optimize the health status. Intestinal microbiota and circadian rhythms, as new cues affecting host health, act vital roles in the metabolism of the body. Under the control of the host...

Author(s) : Yan RuoNan; Yang, C. S.; Zhang Xin

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Trends in Food Science & Technology 2021 Vol.108 pp.258-268

24. Potential dual role of West Nile virus NS2B in orchestrating NS3 enzymatic activity in viral replication.

West Nile virus (WNV) nonstructural protein 3 (NS3) harbors the viral triphosphatase and helicase for viral RNA synthesis and, together with NS2B, constitutes the protease responsible for polyprotein processing. NS3 is a soluble protein, but it is localized to specialized compartments at the rough...

Author(s) : Tseng, A. C.; Nerurkar, V. R.; Neupane, K. R.; Kae, H.; Kaufusi, P. H.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Viruses 2021 Vol.13 No.2 ref.51

25. Biofilm-forming ability of microbacterium lacticum and Staphylococcus capitis considering physicochemical and topographical surface properties.

Biofilm characteristics of Microbacterium lacticum D84 (M. lacticum) and Staphylococcus capitis subsp. capitis (S. capitis) on polytetrafluoroethylene and AISI-304 stainless steel at early- (24, 48 h) and late-stage (144, 192 h) biofilm formation were investigated. M. lacticum biofilm structure was ...

Author(s) : Zand, E.; Pfanner, H.; Domig, K. J.; Sinn, G.; Zunabovic-Pichler, M.; Jaeger, H.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Foods 2021 Vol.10 No.3 ref.95