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1. Association of the G-2548A polymorphism in the 5′ region of the LEP gene with overweight.

Author(s) : Mammès, O.; Betoulle, D.; Aubert, R.; Herbeth, B.; Siest, G.; Fumeron, F.

Publisher : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

Journal article : Annals of Human Genetics 2000 Vol.64 No.5 pp.391-394 ref.13

2. Unbiased estimation of individual asymmetry.

Recently, it has been shown that the random slopes of a mixed regression model can estimates individual asymmetry levels that are unbiased with respect to measurement error (ME). Yet, studies have shown that such estimates may fail to reflect heterogeneity in these effects. In this note it is...

Author(s) : Dongen, S. van

Journal article : Journal of Evolutionary Biology 2000 Vol.13 No.1 pp.107-112 ref.19

3. Synapsis and recombination mechanisms.

The subject is reviewed under the following headings: homology recognition; the initiation of synapsis; the initiation of recombination; and, the molecular base of recombination.

Author(s) : Okumus, A.

Journal article : Ondokuzmayıs Üniversitesi, Ziraat Fakültesi Dergisi 1998 Vol.13 No.2 pp.155-164 ref.27

4. Intron-exon structures: from molecular to population biology.

This review covers the classification and structural features of introns, features of intron-exon structure, consideration of the functionality of introns, and movement of exons and introns (exon shuffling, and intron shuffling and sliding).

Author(s) : Long, M.; Souza, S. J. de

Publisher : JAI Press Ltd, London, UK

Book chapter : Advances in genome biology. Volume 5A: Genes and genomes. 1998 pp.143-178 ref.178

5. Advances in genome biology. Volume 5A: Genes and genomes.

The 4 reviews in this volume of Advances in genome biology are entitled (1) DNA structure and function, (2) Intron-exon structures: from molecular to population biology, (3) Genome architecture, and (4) The mitotic chromosome.

Publisher : JAI Press Ltd, London, UK

Book : Advances in genome biology. Volume 5A: Genes and genomes. 1998 pp.xiv + 261 pp.

6. The scientific and social context of Hugo de Vries' Mutationstheorie.

An account is given of the research undertaken by the Dutch botanist Hugo de Vries (1848-1935) in the 1880-90s into the phenomena of genetics and heredity in plants that would culminate in his mutation theory.

Author(s) : Theunissen, B.

Journal article : Acta Botanica Neerlandica 1998 Vol.47 No.4 pp.475-489 ref.46

7. Handicap signalling: when fecundity and viability do not add up.

The necessary conditions for handicap signalling are derived in a general life-history context and effects of honest signals on fitness, viability and fecundity are discussed.

Author(s) : Getty, T.

Journal article : Animal Behaviour 1998 Vol.56 No.1 pp.127-130 ref.31

8. Abstracts of the XVII International Complement Workshop. Rhodes, Greece, 11-16 October, 1998.

The 334 abstracts cover aspects of the genetics and function of the complement system in a range of species including farm livestock, laboratory animals and animal species used in aquaculture.

Conference proceedings : Molecular Immunology 1998 Vol.35 No.6/7 pp.329-425

9. Ultrastructural in situ hybridization: a review of technical aspects.

Author(s) : Guellec, D. le

Journal article : Biology of the Cell 1998 Vol.90 No.4 pp.297-306 ref.51

10. Segregating sites in Wright's island model.

This paper presents derived expressions for the expectation and variance of the number of polymorphic segregating sites in samples from Wright's island model.

Author(s) : Wakeley, J.

Journal article : Theoretical Population Biology 1998 Vol.53 No.2 pp.166-174 ref.27

11. Invasion of rare mutants does not imply their evolutionary success: a counterexample from metapopulation theory.

A 2-patch metapopulation model is used to demonstrate how a rare mutant can invade a resident population, rise to very high frequencies and then become extinct.

Author(s) : Doebeli, M.

Journal article : Journal of Evolutionary Biology 1998 Vol.11 No.3 pp.389-401 ref.15

12. Mutation process in minisatellites.

A review is presented of minisatellites, otherwise known as VNTRs (variable number tandem repeats), which show high mutability for number of repeats at the minisatellite locus, resulting in variability in allele length at minisatellite loci. The review includes models of the mutation process...

Author(s) : Marchenko, B. E.; Podgornaya, O. I.

Journal article : Tsitologiya 1998 Vol.40 No.5 pp.455-466 ref.53

14. Evolutionary genetics.

This second edition of Maynard Smith's now classic work differs from the first edition in the addition of a final chapter on the use of molecular data for the construction of phylogenetic trees, and the rewriting of the chapters on the evolution of sex and on evolutionary game theory.

Author(s) : Maynard Smith, J.

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK

Book : Evolutionary genetics. 1998 No.Ed. 2 pp.xiv + 330 pp. ref.6 pp. of

15. Abstracts: 13th International Chromosome Conference. Ancona, Italy, 8-12 September 1998.

The 249 abstracts cover aspects of the cytogenetics of a range of animal and plant species including farm livestock, laboratory animals animal species used in aquaculture and agricultural plants.

Conference paper; Journal article : Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 1998 Vol.81 No.2 pp.91-168

16. Transgenesis.

A discussion of the nature of gene transfer, its applications in the health and agricultural industries, the risks involved, and public attitudes.

Foreign Title :La transgénèse.

Author(s) : Francony, J. M.

Journal article : Bulletin Mensuel de la Société Vétérinaire Pratique de France 1998 Vol.82 No.3 pp.127-141 ref.6

17. On the methods for predicting the effective size of populations under selection.

Inconsistencies between equations for the effective population size under selection obtained by two different approaches are explained. In one approach, the effective population size is predicted from the drift in the frequency of a neutral allele, accounting for the accumulation of selective...

Author(s) : Nomura, T.

Journal article : Heredity 1999 Vol.83 No.4 pp.485-489 ref.19

18. A putative ECF σ factor gene, rpoI, regulates siderophore production in Rhizobium leguminosarum.

A cloned Rhizobium leguminosarum gene, termed rpoI, when transferred to wild-type strains, caused overproduction of the siderophore vicibactin. An rpoI mutant was defective in Fe uptake but was unaffected in symbiotic N2 fixation. The RpoI gene product was similar in sequence to extra-cytoplasmic σ ...

Author(s) : Yeoman, K. H.; May, A. G.; Luca, N. G. de; Stuckey, D. B.; Johnston, A. W. B.

Journal article : Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 1999 Vol.12 No.11 pp.994-999 ref.43

19. Indigenous organophosphorus pesticide degrading (opd) plasmid, pBC9 of Flavobacterium balustinum: construction of plasmid library and detection of clone with opd gene.

Plasmid pBC9 was isolated from Flavobacterium balustinum, a soil bacterium capable of hydrolysing methyl parathion into p-nitrophenol and dimethylthiophosphoric acid. This indigenous plasmid was involved in degradation of oppesticides. Aiming to assess the homology among op-pesticide degrading...

Author(s) : Bramanandam Manavati; Sita Somara; Dayananda Siddavatam

Journal article : Indian Journal of Microbiology 1999 Vol.39 No.2 pp.105-108 ref.18

20. Conjugative plasmid transfer between Pseudomonas strains within alginate bead microcosms: effect of the internal gel structure.

Because microorganisms frequently live in an immobilized state in natural habitats, a cell-confined system was used to study bacterial conjugation. Two Pseudomonas putida strains were introduced together within calcium alginate gels. Different alginate beads were designed by varying the...

Author(s) : Mater, D. D. G.; Saucedo, J. E. N.; Truffaut, N.; Barbotin, J. N.; Thomas, D.

Journal article : Biotechnology and Bioengineering 1999 Vol.65 No.1 pp.34-43 ref.28

21. Analyses of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria isolated from contaminated soils.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-degrading bacteria isolated from PAH-contaminated soils were analysed genotypically and phenotypically for their capacity for metabolism of naphthalene and other PAH substrates. The methods used for the analyses were DNA hybridization using NAH7-derived gene...

Author(s) : Ahn YeongHee; Sanseverino, J.; Sayler, G. S.

Journal article : Biodegradation 1999 Vol.10 No.2 pp.149-157 ref.48

22. Transformation and survival of donor, recipient, and transformants of Bacillus subtilis in vitro and in soil.

The survival of Bacillus subtilis strains BD1512 and BD170 and the transfer by transformation of chromosomal genes coding for the synthesis of amino acids (threonine, tryptophan, histidine, leucine and methionine) and of a plasmid-borne gene coding for resistance to chloramphenicol in vitro and in...

Author(s) : Lee GeonHyoung; Stotzky, G.

Journal article : Soil Biology & Biochemistry 1999 Vol.31 No.11 pp.1499-1508 ref.40

23. Effect of polyamines on dicarboxylate and oxygen uptake by symbiosomes and free bacteroids from Galega orientalis nodules.

The presence of high concentrations of polyamines (PA) in the 40-day-old Galega orientalis plants was reported and their effect on the permeability of symbiotic membranes to dicarboxylates and O2 was examined. Intact symbiosomes and free bacteroids were isolated from Galega nodules and supplied...

Author(s) : Vassileva, V.; Ignatov, G.

Journal article : Symbiosis (Rehovot) 1999 Vol.27 No.1 pp.59-71 ref.27

24. Models of analysis for molecular datasets for the reconstruction of basal hymenopteran relationships.

The authors previously reported analyses of basal hymenopteran relationships using fragments of the COI and 16S rDNA mitochondrial genes, employing models of analysis that are considered contentious by some. For the COI protein-coding gene, the authors assessed non-synonymous changes only, while...

Author(s) : Dowton, M.; Austin, A. D.

Journal article : Zoologica Scripta 1999 Vol.28 No.1/2 pp.69-74 ref.21

25. Essentials of genetics.

The new edition of this book has appeared 3 years after its predecessor was published. The intended readership comprises students of biological sciences, and the book provides a concise text that is shorter and more basic than some of the standard genetic textbooks. It aims to focus on concepts...

Author(s) : Klug, W. S.; Cummings, M. R.

Publisher : Prentice-Hall Inc., Upper Saddle River, USA

Book : Essentials of genetics. 1999 No.Ed. 3 pp.xviii + 567 pp.