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1. Ocean acidification but not hypoxia alters the gonad performance in the thick shell mussel Mytilus coruscus.

Ocean acidification and hypoxia have become increasingly severe in coastal areas, and their co-occurrence poses emerging threats to coastal ecosystems. Here, we investigated the combined effects of ocean acidification and hypoxia on the reproductive capacity of the thick-shelled mussel Mytilus...

Author(s) : Wang Ting; Kong Hui; Shang YueYong; Dupont, S.; Peng JinXia; Wang XingHuo; Deng YueWen; Peng JinXia; Hu MengHong; Wang YouJi

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Marine Pollution Bulletin 2021 Vol.167

2. Does counting different life stages impact estimates for extinction probabilities for tsetse (Glossina spp)?

As insect populations decline, due to climate change and other environmental disruptions, there has been an increased interest in understanding extinction probabilities. Generally, the life cycle of insects occurs in well-defined stages: when counting insects, questions naturally arise about which...

Author(s) : Are, E. B.; Hargrove, J. W.; Dushoff, J.

Publisher : Springer, New York, USA

Journal article : Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 2021 Vol.83 No.9 ref.39

3. Insight into the mechanism of action of scoparone inhibiting egg development of Tetranychus cinnabarinus Boisduval.

Investigating the mechanisms of action of natural bioactive products against pests is a vital strategy to develop novel promising biopesticides. Scoparone, isolated from Artemisia capillaris, exhibited potent oviposition inhibition activity against Tetranychus cinnabarinus (a crop-threatening mite...

Author(s) : Zhou Hong; Liu JinLin; Wan FengLin; Guo FuYou; Ning YeShuang; Liu SiSi; Ding Wei

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. C, Toxicology & Pharmacology 2021 Vol.246

4. Life history of Oxybelus variegatus Wesmael, 1852 (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) with a description of the mature larva.

The first comprehensive information on the bionomics of the digger wasp Oxybelus variegatus Wesmael, 1852 is presented. Females nested in small aggregations in crevices between paving stones of a frequently used pedestrian pathway in lowland agricultural wasteland. Nests were dug in the ground...

Author(s) : Olszewski, P.; Bogusch, P.; Szpila, K.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Insects 2021 Vol.12 No.2 ref.35

5. Age and growth of juvenile lemon sharks (Negaprion brevirostris) at an insular nursery in the southern Caribbean.

During the first few years of life, lemon sharks (Negaprion brevirostris) occupy discrete nursery areas in small numbers (<100). Biotic and abiotic features vary among nursery areas, resulting in young sharks experiencing a range of physical and biological conditions that, in turn, influence...

Author(s) : Tavares, R.; Wetherbee, B. M.; Rodriguez, J. P.

Publisher : CSIRO, Collingwood, Australia

Journal article : Marine and Freshwater Research 2021 Vol.72 No.2 pp.163-172 ref.many

6. Selection of models to describe the temperature-dependent development of Neoleucinodes elegantalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) and its application to predict the species voltinism under future climate conditions.

The small tomato borer, Neoleucinodes elegantalis (Guenée, 1854) is a multivoltine pest of tomato and other cultivated solanaceous plants. The knowledge on how N. elegantalis respond to temperature may help in the development of pest management strategies, and in the understanding of the effects of ...

Author(s) : Santos, H. T. dos; Marchioro, C. A.

Publisher : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

Journal article : Bulletin of Entomological Research 2021 Vol.111 No.4 pp.476-484 ref.48

7. The impact of chilling on selected attributes of the blowfly, Calliphora vicina (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830) (Diptera: Calliphoridae), under laboratory conditions.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of four different chilling periods, varying from 24 to 120 h, on the mean survival rate, larval and pupal development durations and the pupal and adult weight of Calliphora vicina (Robineau-Desvoidy) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) under laboratory...

Author(s) : Kökdener, M.; Gündüz, N. E. A.; Zeybekoğlu, Ü.

Publisher : TÜBITAK, Ankara, Turkey

Journal article : Turkish Journal of Zoology 2021 Vol.45 No.3 pp.216-222 ref.27

8. Bayesian estimation of the age and growth of the golden cownose ray (Rhinoptera steindachneri) in the southern gulf of California in Mexico.

The aim of this study was to use a Bayesian approach to estimate age and growth parameters for the golden cownose ray (Rhinoptera steindachneri) in the southern Gulf of California in Mexico. Age estimates were obtained through analysis of vertebrae of 249 individuals. The von Bertalanffy growth...

Author(s) : Carrillo-Colín, L. D.; Márquez-Farías, J. F.; Lara-Mendoza, R. E.; Zamora-García, O. G.

Publisher : US National Marine Fisheries Service, Scientific Publications Office, Seattle, USA

Journal article : Fishery Bulletin 2021 Vol.119 No.1 pp.21-32

9. Spatial heterogeneity in resources alters selective dynamics in Drosophila melanogaster.

Environmental features can alter the behaviors and phenotypes of organisms, influencing the dynamics of natural and sexual selection. Experimental environmental manipulation, particularly when conducted in experiments where the dynamics of the purging of deleterious alleles are compared, has...

Author(s) : Wilson, A. E.; Siddiqui, A.; Dworkin, I.

Publisher : Wiley, Boston, USA

Journal article : Evolution : International Journal of Organic Evolution 2021 Vol.75 No.7 pp.1792-1804

10. Regulatory effects of prolactin on breeding and migratory behaviours in birds.

Prolactin is an adenohypophyseal hormone of vertebrates produced by the neuroendocrine signaling of the hypothalamus. It plays important role in different vertebrate species and referred to as "The Parental Hormone" or "The Hormone of Maternity". In birds the role of Prolactin is limited as the...

Author(s) : Ashmita Chakraborty; Indraneel Saha

Publisher : Infofacility, Ghaziabad, India

Journal article : South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology 2021 Vol.11 No.3 pp.337-344 ref.many

11. Sublethal, behavioral, and developmental effects of the neonicotinoid pesticide imidacloprid on larval wood frogs (Rana sylvatica).

Imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid pesticide, is used to prevent the spread of the hemlock woolly adelgid, currently affecting Eastern Hemlock trees across North America. When the pesticide is sprayed directly onto soil around infested trees (soil drenching), it can run off into aquatic systems, with...

Author(s) : Sweeney, M. R.; Thompson, C. M.; Popescu, V. D.

Publisher : Wiley, Boston, USA

Journal article : Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2021 Vol.40 No.7 pp.1838-1847

12. Effects of marine heatwave conditions across the metamorphic transition to the juvenile sea urchin (Heliocidaris erythrogramma).

For short development species, like the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma, the entire planktonic duration can be impacted by marine heatwaves (MHW). Developmental thermal tolerance of this species through metamorphosis was investigated over a broad range (7.6-28.0°C), including temperatures...

Author(s) : Gall, M. L.; Holmes, S. P.; Campbell, H.; Byrne, M.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Marine Pollution Bulletin 2021 Vol.163

13. The adverse effects of acrylamide exposure on the early development of marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma) and its mechanisms.

Acrylamide (AA) can have deleterious effects on freshwater fish. However, its adverse effects on euryhaline fish are still unknown. In this study, embryos of Oryzias melastigma were exposed to different concentrations of AA to investigate its effect on early developmental disorders. After 21 days...

Author(s) : Yue ZongHao; Tian ErLi; Chen YanJuan; Luo LiuMin; Yang LiCheng; He Le; Li LiLi; Wang Jun

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Marine Pollution Bulletin 2021 Vol.163

14. Characterization of life-history parameters of an Anopheles funestus (Diptera: Culicidae) laboratory strain.

The colonization of the African malaria vector Anopheles funestus has been hampered by inadequate knowledge of its mating and development under laboratory conditions. Life-tables are routinely used to provide baseline biological characteristics needed for colonization. This study characterized...

Author(s) : Zengenene, M. P.; Munhenga, G.; Chidumwa, G.; Koekemoer, L. L.

Publisher : Wiley, Boston, USA

Journal article : Journal of Vector Ecology 2021 Vol.46 No.1 pp.24-29 ref.40

15. Documenting single-generation range shifts of periodical cicada Brood VI (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.).

Historically, most North American periodical cicada (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp. Davis 1925) distribution records have been mapped at county-level resolution. In recent decades, Magicicada brood distributions and especially edges have been mapped at a higher resolution, aided by the use...

Author(s) : Cooley, J. R.; Marshall, D. C.; Simon, C.

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Cary, USA

Journal article : Annals of the Entomological Society of America 2021 Vol.114 No.4 pp.477-488 ref.many

16. The heterogonic life cycles of oak gall wasps need to be closed: a lesson from two species of Dryophanta (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini).

In heterogonic gall wasps, the gall structure, phenology, and adult morphology differ between the asexual and sexual generations, even within the same species. Dryophanta japonica Ashmead and Dryophanta mitsukurii Ashmead were described in 1904, but their heterogonic life cycles were uncertain. To...

Author(s) : Ide, T.; Abe, Y.

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Cary, USA

Journal article : Annals of the Entomological Society of America 2021 Vol.114 No.4 pp.489-500

17. Dispersal mechanism assessment for Panonychus citri (Acari: Tetranychidae) secondary outbreaks.

Secondary population outbreaks of Panonychus citri (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae) are triggered by synthetic chemical applications (dose and method), which also elicited a change in mites' behavioral responses. This study aimed to understand the dispersal pattern of P. citri and how changes in...

Author(s) : Qayyoum, M. A.; Song ZiWei; Zhang BaoXin; Li DunSong

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Cary, USA

Journal article : Annals of the Entomological Society of America 2021 Vol.114 No.4 pp.501-510

18. Developmental stages of female reproductive system in banana stem weevil (Odoiporus longicollis) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).

Odoiporus longicollis Olivier (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), also known as the banana pseudo stem weevil (BSW), is one of the main pests in Banana (Musa paradisiacal L.) plantations in South East Asia and all the banana-growing belts of India. The present study is on certain aspects of female...

Author(s) : Anupriya Samuel; Nisha Thomas; Leenamma Joseph

Publisher : MB International Media and Publishing House (MBIMPH), Hooghly, India

Journal article : Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology 2021 Vol.42 No.6 pp.98-108 ref.many

19. Prisoners receive food fit for a queen: honeybees feed small hive beetles protein-rich glandular secretions through trophallaxis.

The honeybee nest parasite Aethina tumida (small hive beetle) uses behavioural mimicry to induce trophallactic feeding from its honeybee hosts. Small hive beetles are able to induce honeybee workers to share the carbohydrate-rich contents of their crops, but it is not clear whether the beetles are...

Author(s) : Langlands, Z.; Rand, E. E. du; Crailsheim, K.; Yusuf, A. A.; Pirk, C. W. W.

Publisher : Company of Biologists Ltd, Cambridge, UK

Journal article : Journal of Experimental Biology 2021 Vol.224 No.2 ref.37

20. Sex dimorphism of life-history traits and their response to environmental factors in spider mites.

Sex dimorphism is ubiquitous in the animal kingdom and can be influenced by environmental factors. However, relatively little is known about how the degree and direction of sex difference vary with environmental factors, including food quality and temperature. With the spider mites from the family...

Author(s) : Li GuangYun; Zhang ZhiQiang

Publisher : Springer, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Experimental and Applied Acarology 2021 Vol.84 No.3 pp.497-527 ref.122

21. Arterial vascularization and the macroanatomic and histological structures of the testis, penis, and prostate gland in red foxes (Vulpes Vulpes).

The aim of this study was to examine arterial vascularization and the macroanatomic and histological structures of the testis, penis, and prostate gland in the red fox. Five male red foxes were provided by the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center of Kafkas University, Turkey. The arteries...

Author(s) : Doğan, G. K.; Dalga, S.; Akbulut, Y.; Aslan, K.; Asker, H.; Sari, E. K.

Publisher : Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

Journal article : Kocatepe Veterinary Journal 2021 Vol.14 No.3 pp.293-302 ref.36

22. Levels of bioavailable manganese in river sediment may elevate reproductive risk in model organism Caenorhabditis elegans.

Manganese occurs naturally in sediment, yet anthropogenic sources, such as industrial wastewater and mining, increases Mn concentration. However, the environmental risk of bioavailable Mn is often overlooked and infrequently addressed. A probabilistic risk assessment was conducted to determine the...

Author(s) : Huang ChiWei; Yen PeiLing; How ChunMing; Chai ZhenYou; Liao VivianHsiuChuan

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Aquatic Toxicology 2021 Vol.239

23. Sexual difference of cocoon color and influence of temperature to the cocoon color and the adult body color in Trilocha varians.

Trilocha varians, a bombycid moth, inhabits mainly in South and Southeast Asia and was first identified in Okinawa, Japan, in 2001. We reared T. varians in the laboratory at 25°C and 20°C and evaluated some phenotypes. Most traits were the same as the published report, but a few new characteristics ...

Author(s) : Yamamoto, K.; Fujii, T.; Nishikawa, K.; Tamura, K.; Kimura, Y.; Fukumori, H.; Banno, Y.

Publisher : Japanese Society of Sericultural Science, Ibaraki, Japan

Journal article : Sanshi Konchu Biotec (Journal of Insect Biotechnology and Sericology) 2021 Vol.90 No.1 pp.41-44 ref.7

24. The molecular regulation of diapause induction in insects.

Diapause is a strategy used by insects to withstand adverse environmental conditions that is critical to the survival, propagation and evolution of many species. Diapause has three stages; pre-diapause, diapause and post-diapause. Pre-diapause is comprised of an induction and preparation period and ...

Author(s) : Jiang ChunYan; Wu Qiang; Yang NianWan; Huang Cong; Liu WanXue; Qian, W. Q.; Wan FangHao

Publisher : Institute of Zoology, Beijing, China

Journal article : Chinese Journal of Applied Entomology 2021 Vol.58 No.1 pp.1-13 ref.many

25. Effects of near-zero magnetic field on the growth and development of small brown planthopper, Laodelphax striatellus.

[Objectives] As a vector field, the geomagnetic field (GMF) can not only provide orientation (location) information for the creatures on Earth but also potentially affect their evolution. Studies showed that magnetic field intensity changes could result in bio-effects on organisms' physiology,...

Author(s) : Zeng LuYing; Tang QingWei; Wang WeiTong; Liu FanQi; Wan GuiJun; Chen FaJun

Publisher : Institute of Zoology, Beijing, China

Journal article : Chinese Journal of Applied Entomology 2021 Vol.58 No.1 pp.49-56 ref.30