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1. Burden of premature mortality in rural Vietnam from 1999-2003: analyses from a Demographic Surveillance Site.

Background: Assessing the burden of disease contributes towards evidence-based allocation of limited health resources. However, such measures are not yet commonly available in Vietnam. Taking advantage of the FilaBavi Demographic Surveillance Site (FilaBavi DSS) in Vietnam, this study aimed to...

Author(s) : Dao Lan Huong; Hoang Van Minh; Vos, T.; Janlert, U.; Do Duc Van; Byass, P.

Publisher : BioMed Central Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : Population Health Metrics 2006 Vol.4 No.9 pp.(08 August 2006) ref.25

2. Clinical study on Tanglinqing Capsules in the treatment of diabetic urinary infections.

A total of 155 diabetic patients with urinary infections were randomly divided into 2 groups. The treatment group (103 patients) were treated with Tanglinqing Capsules (containing light-yellow sophora [Sophora flavescens], Chinese pulsatilla [Pulsatilla chinensis], glabrous greenbrier [Smilax...

Author(s) : Guo JunJie; Yin CuiMei; Jia LiLi; Liu Yali; Lv Lei; Feng Mali

Publisher : Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China

Journal article : Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine 2003 Vol.10 No.6 pp.14-16 ref.5

4. The next potato harvest is certain.

An outline is given of accidents which can happen to workers during mechanised potato harvesting.

Foreign Title :Die nächste Kartoffelernte kommt bestimmt!

Author(s) : Schneck, N.

Journal article : Kartoffelbau 1999 Vol.50 No.6 pp.214-216

5. The vet, the farmer and the workplace.

Author(s) : Sebastian, M. J.

Journal article : Cattle Practice 1998 Vol.6 No.3 pp.219-220

6. "I've just been bitten by a dog".

Author(s) : Moore, F.

Editorial : British Medical Journal (Clinical Research edition) 1997 Vol.314 No.7074 pp.88-90 ref.13

7. Effects of genetics on the risk of osteoporosis.

The relationships between bone density, osteoporosis and human genetics are described. Up to 80% of the variability in bone density is related to genetic trends.

Foreign Title :Effecten erfelijke aanleg op risico van osteoporose.

Author(s) : Blom, J.

Journal article : VoedingsMagazine 1997 Vol.10 No.6 pp.14-16 ref.18

8. Honey's wound healing properties.

This literature survey cites 19 references which have reported the effectiveness of honey in healing wounds. The encouraging results of some clinical trials suggest that more work should be done on this medicinal property of honey.

Author(s) : Münstedt, K.; Lang, U.

Journal article : American Bee Journal 1997 Vol.137 No.4 pp.296-297

9. Fire and ice: when injury intrudes, is the first line of defense a hot topic or a cold compress?

A brief review is presented as to whether it is better to use ice or heat to treat acute musculoskeletal injury. The paper explains, given the current understanding, a basis for using either heat or ice, or both for treating athletic injury and the more common overuse injury. It also considers the...

Author(s) : Johnson, R.

Journal article : Marathon & Beyond 1997 Vol.1 No.6 pp.63-69

10. Safety around horses.

Author(s) : Morrow, W. E. M.; Mowrey, R. A.

Publisher : Government Institutes, Inc., Rockville, USA

Miscellaneous : Safety and health in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. 1997 pp.315-320 ref.13

11. Risk for malnutrition and bone fracture in Parkinson's disease: a pilot study.

This pilot study examined the lifestyle and dietary choices of 24 Parkinson's patients (6 female, aged 53-82 years; 18 male, aged 60-87 years). Unplanned weight loss and falls were common, and most had multiple risk factors for malnutrition and fracture. Results support findings in previous studies ...

Author(s) : McIntosh, G. C.; Holden, K. E.

Journal article : Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly 1999 Vol.18 No.3 pp.21-31 ref.38

12. Nutritional support for burn injuries.

This article reviews the pathophysiology of the hypermetabolic response associated with thermal injuries, and discusses nutritional assessment, means of support available (including route, timing and composition of nutritional support) and techniques of assessment of the adequacy of support.

Author(s) : Peck, M. D.; Chang Yih

Journal article : Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 1999 Vol.10 No.7 pp.380-396 ref.183

13. Evidence-based medicine and osteoporosis: a comparison of fracture risk reduction data from osteoporosis randomised clinical trials.

The purpose of the paper is to review the published osteoporosis randomised clinical trial literature and to assess the quality of the evidence. Although more than 35 randomised trials for different therapies were reviewed, only alendronate and vitamin D plus Ca have clearly demonstrated a fracture ...

Author(s) : Meunier, P. J.

Journal article : International Journal of Clinical Practice 1999 Vol.53 No.2 pp.122-129 ref.68

14. Nutritional status of a brain-injured population in a long-stay rehabilitation unit: a pilot study.

33 patients (16-63 years of age) with brain injuries form the National Centre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Northampton, were invited to participate [date not given]. Anthropometric, dietary, haematological and biochemical measurements were obtained. The incidence of malnutrition was nil. The...

Author(s) : French, A. M.; Merriman, S. H.

Journal article : Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 1999 Vol.12 No.1 pp.35-42 ref.24

15. Burns due to anti-lice lotion.

The case is reported of a 10-year-old girl from the UK who received burns when a phenothrin-based head louse [Pediculus capitis] lotion applied to her head ignited as the result of proximity to a fire. It is pointed out that all the new anti-louse lotions are inflammable due to their chemical...

Author(s) : Choudhary, S.

Journal article : Burns 1999 Vol.25 No.2 pp.184-185 ref.1

16. Nutritional status, insulin-like growth factor-1 and quality of life in elderly women with hip fractures.

Nutritional status was assessed in 42 women (aged 80±7 years) using the body mass index (BMI), triceps skin fold, arm muscle circumference and serum levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and its binding protein (BP) IGFBP-1. Handgrip strength was measured. The Short Portable Mental Status...

Author(s) : Ponzer, S.; Tidermark, J.; Brismar, K.; Söderqvist, A.; Cederholm, T.

Journal article : Clinical Nutrition 1999 Vol.18 No.4 pp.241-246 ref.34

17. Nutritional assessment in head injured patients through the study of rapid turnover visceral proteins.

45 consecutive head injury patients received enteral (Group A), parenteral (Group B) or both enteral and parenteral nutrition (Group C) at random. The parameters: prealbumin, retinol binding protein and N balance before (T1), and 3 (T2), 7 (T3) and 11 (T4) days after the beginning of the study were ...

Author(s) : Nataloni, S.; Gentili, P.; Marini, B.; Guidi, A.; Marconi, P.; Busco, F.; Pelaia, P.

Journal article : Clinical Nutrition 1999 Vol.18 No.4 pp.247-251 ref.19

18. International tourists and road safety in Australia: developing a national research and management programme.

It is argued that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury death for international tourists and that this makes road safety an important issue for tourism authorities. There are three main reasons given for this; tourist injuries or deaths make dramatic media stories, without industry...

Author(s) : Wilks, J.; Watson, B.; Faulks, I. J.

Journal article : Tourism Management 1999 Vol.20 No.5 pp.645-654 ref.2 pp of

19. Vitamin K intake and hip fractures in women: a prospective study.

A prospective analysis within the Nurses' Health Study, USA, cohort was conducted. Diet was assessed in 72 327 women aged 38-63 years with a food-frequency questionnaire in 1984 (baseline). During the subsequent 10 years of follow-up, 270 hip fractures resulting from low or moderate trauma were...

Author(s) : Feskanich, D.; Weber, P.; Willett, W. C.; Rockett, H.; Booth, S. L.; Colditz, G. A.

Journal article : American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1999 Vol.69 No.1 pp.74-79 ref.50

20. Prospective study of dietary protein intake and risk of hip fracture in postmenopausal women.

The relation between intake of protein and other nutrients and subsequent incidence of hip fractures was evaluated. Nutrient intake was assessed with a food-frequency questionnaire in a cohort of Iowa women aged 55-69 years fom Iowa, USA at baseline in 1986. The incident of hip fractures were...

Author(s) : Munger, R. G.; Cerhan, J. R.; Chiu, B. C. H.

Journal article : American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1999 Vol.69 No.1 pp.147-152 ref.41

21. The prevalence of malnutrition in elderly hip fracture patients.

66 elderly patients (mean age 81.5 years) admitted to Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand with a fracture of the proximal femur over a 4-month period were recruited (1966). Nutritional indices (anthropometric measurements, serum albumin and pre-albumin) were measured within 3 days of admission. 42%...

Author(s) : Hanger, H. C.; Smart, E. J.; Merrilees, M. J.; Frampton, C. M.

Journal article : New Zealand Medical Journal 1999 Vol.112 No.1084 pp.88-90 ref.36

22. Occult vitamin D deficiency in postmenopausal US women with acute hip fracture.

The objective of the study was to determine whether postmenopausal women with hip fractures have low vitamin D and high parathyroid hormone levels compared with non-osteoporotic and osteoporotic women admitted for elective joint replacement. 98 postmenopausal community-dwelling women with no...

Author(s) : LeBoff, M. S.; Kohlmeier, L.; Hurwitz, S.; Franklin, J.; Wright, J.; Glowacki, J.

Journal article : JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association 1999 Vol.281 No.16 pp.1505-1511 ref.38

23. Infection with Capnocytophaga canimorsus: a potentially fatal complication of bite wounds.

Foreign Title :Capnocytophaga canimorsus-infecties: een mogelijk dodelijke complicatie van bijtwonden.

Author(s) : Kramer, A. M. H.; Houwers, D. J.

Journal article : Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde 1999 Vol.124 No.4 pp.108-110 ref.19

24. Physical hazards of animal handlers.

Author(s) : Langley, R.

Journal article : Occupational Medicine: State of the Art Reviews 1999 Vol.14 No.2 pp.181-193 ref.56

25. Injury research and injury prevention in physical education.

Data are presented of 3346 injuries occurring during physical education at secondary schools in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Girls had 17% more injuries than boys, and 48% of all injuries occurred in the upper body parts (mainly hands and wrists). Basketball, football, volleyball and handball were...

Foreign Title :Unfallforschung und Unfallverhütung im Sportunterricht.

Author(s) : Siewers, M.; Baudach, T.

Journal article : Sportunterricht 1999 Vol.48 No.5 pp.188-194 ref.8