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7. Spread and impact of alien plants across Canadian landscapes.

Author(s) : Haber, E.

Publisher : Canadian Forest Service, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Book chapter : Alien invaders in Canada's waters, wetlands and forests 2002

8. Can independent forest management certification incorporate elements of landscape ecology?

Ways in which forest management certification agencies have addressed landscape ecology, and opportunities and limitations to future development of this aspect of certification, are discussed.

Author(s) : Pierce, A. R.; Ervin, J. B.

Journal article : Unasylva (English ed.) 1999 Vol.50 No.196 pp.49-56 ref.42

9. Social functions of forests - the public wealth of forestry.

Forest functions other than those of production are discussed in relation to forest economic theory, state and private ownership and market economics\social benefits.

Foreign Title :Pozaprodukcyjne funkcje lasu - dobra publiczne gospodarki leśnej.

Author(s) : Klocek, A.

Journal article : Sylwan 1998 Vol.142 No.11 pp.5-20 ref.37

10. When is a landscape natural?

The image of the primeval (pre-European) forest as a cultural landscape in North America is challenged, and a better understanding of man's historical relationship to the land suggested as an aid to land stewardship and restoration.

Author(s) : MacCleery, D. W.

Journal article : Forest History Today 1998 No.No. 1998 pp.39-41

11. Measuring the stability of ornamental trees.

Foreign Title :Come misurare la stabilità degli alberi ornamentali.

Author(s) : Antonaroli, R.

Journal article : Informatore Agrario 1998 Vol.54 No.34 pp.78-80

12. More than local impacts: aggregate quarrying in the national parks of England and Wales.

Aggregate quarrying plays an important role in the local economy of the UK's national parks, providing local jobs and expenditure on local services. There are also adverse local impacts from traffic, dust, noise and blasting. However, it is the status of the parks as crucial features of the...

Author(s) : Weston, J.; Glasson, J.; Wilson, E.; Chadwick, A.

Journal article : Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management 1999 Vol.1 No.2 pp.245-268 ref.35

13. The Pointe du Raz conservation and heritage project: a model for restoration.

A conservation and heritage project for the Pointe du Raz, one of the major promontories in Brittany, France is described. The headland receives approximately 1 million visitors/year, and by the early 1990s degradation to the site caused by erosion, uncontrolled parking, and outdated commercial...

Foreign Title :L'opération grand site de la pointe du Raz: une réhabilitation exemplaire.

Author(s) : Vourc'h, A.

Journal article : Cahiers Espaces 1999 No.No. 62 pp.59-64 ref.2

14. Welcoming the public in a natural environment on the Gironde coast: planned beaches.

A programme for the development of planned beaches along the coastline of the Gironde region, France is described. Initiated in 1980, the programme has resulted in the creation of 15 sites, and is considered with regard to the following: identification of sites; characteristics of a typical planned ...

Foreign Title :Accueil du public en milieu naturel sur le littoral girondin: les plans plages.

Author(s) : Métayer, S.

Journal article : Cahiers Espaces 1999 No.No. 62 pp.65-71 ref.4

15. Making tourism contribute to the management of natural sites.

The need to develop mechanisms by which visitors to a given area can generate and channel funds to help pay for the management of natural landscapes and countryside is considered in the context of tourism in France. Specific mechanisms are also described, with reference being made to the following: ...

Foreign Title :Faire participer le tourisme à la gestion des sites naturels.

Author(s) : Vourc'h, A.

Journal article : Cahiers Espaces 1999 No.No. 62 pp.90-96 ref.6

16. Human capital and rural development: what are the linkages?

Evidence concerning the role of human capacity to improve the well being of rural people, and by inference, the well being of rural places, is reviewed. The focus is on rural development in Canada. An economic analysis of the impact of the level of schooling on local economic development is...

Author(s) : Bollman, R. D.

Publisher : CAB International, Wallingford, UK

Book chapter : Reshaping the countryside: perceptions and processes of rural change. 1999 pp.207-225

17. Effect of visual recognition of Ficus benjamina and its photograph on changes of human brain electroencephalography and brain blood flow.

In order to investigate the effect of visual recognition of indoor plants on psychophysiology, human brain electroencephalography (EEG) and cerebral blood flow were measured while subjects were watching F. benjamina cv. Star Light (SL), F. benjamina (FB), or a photo of F. benjamina (PH) on the...

Author(s) : Son KiCheol; Lee JongSub; Song JongEun

Journal article : Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 1999 Vol.40 No.1 pp.134-138 ref.21

18. The date palm population (Phoenix dactylifera) of Abanilla.

In warmer areas of the Murcia region in Spain, date palms have been cultivated since the Middle Ages mainly for landscaping. The fruit has local economic importance. One of the areas of the region, Abanilla, has a higher population of female date palms than male ones, probably caused by selection...

Author(s) : Frutos, D.; Rodríguez, J.

Conference paper; Journal article : Acta Horticulturae 1999 No.No. 486 pp.189-193 ref.14

19. Effect of salinity on germination of Phoenix canariensis and Sabal palmetto (Arecaceae).

P. canariensis (Canary Islands date palm) and S. palmetto (palmetto palm) are two palm species used in landscaping in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions, very often in coastal areas where saline soils and waters are present. As very little is known about their salinity tolerance, a trial...

Author(s) : Martín Alemán, N.; León Hernández, A. M. de; Rodríguez Pérez, J. A.

Conference paper; Journal article : Acta Horticulturae 1999 No.No. 486 pp.209-213 ref.7

20. Horticultural notes on some flowering cherries and their role in the art and history of Japan.

Prunus jamazakura [P. serrulata var. spontanea] and P. lannesiana, the only 2 wild cherry species of importance in flowering cherry development in Japan, are described and the history of flowering cherries, particularly their role in art and poetry, is discussed.

Author(s) : Creech, J.

Journal article : New Plantsman 1999 Vol.6 No.2 pp.78-84 ref.13

21. A local resource?: a comparison of community forests in England and Germany.

A comparison of community forests in Germany and England found differences in land ownership and management. Conservation is currently the most important issue within the German community forests visited, while the most important issue within the 12 English Community Forests is tree planting....

Author(s) : Bralant, N.

Journal article : Quarterly Journal of Forestry 1999 Vol.93 No.1 pp.49-53 ref.4

22. Thermal based functional evaluation of urban park vegetation.

An evaluation of urban park vegetation in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, was conducted by integrating airborne multispectral scanning system (MSS) thermal band data collected in October 1995 with meteorological data. MSS data acquired in the morning and afternoon were utilized to assess the radiant...

Author(s) : Njoroge, J. B.; Nakamura, A.; Morimoto, Y.

Conference paper; Journal article : Journal of Environmental Sciences 1999 Vol.11 No.2 pp.252-256 ref.9

23. Use of banana (Musa acuminata cv. 'Grand Nain') somaclonal variants for ornamental purposes.

Mass propagation of bananas through in vitro techniques can lead to a high percentage of non-true-to-type (somaclonal variants) plants. Variation has been found for: plant height, leaf shape and colour, pseudostem morphology and colour, reproductive organ morphology and sucker emission rate. Some...

Author(s) : Siverio Grillo, G.; Grajal Martín, M. J.; Marrero Domínguez, A.

Conference paper; Journal article : Acta Horticulturae 1999 No.No. 486 pp.343-347 ref.9

24. Landscaping with heliconias, gingers, and their relatives.

In their creation of lush, tropical settings, landscape designers are lured by the long slender foliage of heliconias, gingers and their relatives, but their showy inflorescences are an added bonus. Defining space, creating boundaries, screening for privacy, controlling erosion, and hiding...

Author(s) : Criley, R. A.

Conference paper; Journal article : Acta Horticulturae 1999 No.No. 486 pp.247-253 ref.12

25. Landscape structure and diversity of fleshy-fruited species at forest edges.

This study investigates correlations between mean α-diversity of woody species (fleshy-fruited and non-fleshy-fruited) at forest edges and the attributes of the sites and of the adjacent landscape that might influence it. For a total of 45 forest edges in three areas in northern Switzerland species ...

Author(s) : Kollmann, J.; Schneider, B.

Journal article : Plant Ecology 1999 Vol.144 No.1 pp.37-48 ref.52