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1. Swings and roundabouts.

The preconditions for establishing a new children's playground within a local community are described. These include: establishing the link between the play strategy and the needs of the community; the identification of a safe and accessible location; consultation with children to encourage...

Author(s) : Tibbat, D.

Journal article : Leisure Manager 2000 Vol.18 No.1 pp.12-14

2. Playing with words.

In the comparison of the provision of children's play in the public and community sectors there are a number of terminological issues that need clarifying. Conceptualisations of strategy, play, and policy are presented to provide a framework for formalizing play provision. It is argued that a key...

Author(s) : Gandler, P.

Journal article : Leisure Manager 2000 Vol.18 No.1 pp.16-17

3. Resorts as retailers: expanding avenue or a wrong turn?

The trend of ski resorts developing retail centres as a means of increasing the amount visitors spend in their resort is described. This strategy is an effective one because it is non-seasonal, it can capitalize on the growing rental market for ski equipment, and provide employment all year round....

Author(s) : Devlin, I.

Journal article : Ski Area Management 1999 Vol.38 No.5 pp.61-62, 77

4. Modernization by leisure, culture and tourism - ELRA perspectives on leisure, culture and tourism policy for European communities.

Some perspectives for leisure, culture and tourism policy are developed, including modernization through: synergy; free time; mobilization of leisure; leisure culture and culture tourism; differentiation; new human values and economic goals; professionalization; through research and education;...

Author(s) : Nahrstedt, W.

Journal article : World Leisure & Recreation 1998 Vol.40 No.3 pp.3-6 ref.8

5. Money for art's sake.

The findings of a UK report into ways in which museums and galleries can generate extra revenue from their commercial activities are presented. It is noted that entrepreneurial and curatorial expertise sit as essential elements in a successful management team. Commercial imperatives and marketing...

Annual report; Conference paper; Journal article : Leisure Manager 2000 Vol.18 No.2 pp.17-19

6. Testing for rational expectations in the UK National Lottery.

Using data from the first 188 drawings of the UK National Lottery (November 1994-), bettors' expected returns from a single lottery ticket purchased were calculated. The frequency of rollover jackpots, and their effect on the number of tickets purchased, suggest that participants can, on average,...

Author(s) : Forrest, D.; Gulley, O. D.; Simmons, R.

Journal article : Applied Economics 2000 Vol.32 No.3 pp.315-326 ref.20

7. Membership directory.

Miscellaneous : PlayRights 1993 Vol.15 No.1 pp.31pp.

8. Television and the household.

Publisher : British Film Institute (BFI), London, UK

Miscellaneous : Television and the household. 1995 pp.152 pp.

9. Got my mojo workin' (badly).

The author looks at computer games with an 'entomological' theme, e.g. Bado Mojo, Battle Bugs, and Elro Goes Bugzerk.

Author(s) : Berenbaum, M.

Journal article : American Entomologist 1997 Vol.43 No.2 pp.69-70 ref.2

10. The value of play.

The article examines the different facets and the meaning and value of play or recreation throughout the lifespan, and highlights its importance to the physical, mental, social and emotional development of individuals of all ages. Specifically, it considers play or recreation as a form of...

Author(s) : Barnes, S.

Journal article : Australian Parks & Recreation 1997 Vol.33 No.2 pp.18-23

11. Physiological arousal and sensation-seeking in female fruit machine gamblers.

To examine changes in physiological arousal, as indexed by heart rate, during fruit machine gambling while controlling for the confounding effect of movement and as a function of winning and losing, and to examine relationships between sensation-seeking, self-reported arousal during gambling, heart ...

Author(s) : Coventry, K. R.; Constable, B.

Journal article : Addiction 1999 Vol.94 No.3 pp.425-430 ref.31

12. Social and cultural vulnerability to sexually transmitted infection: the work of exotic dancers.

This article examines the social and cultural factors that influence the vulnerability of female exotic dancers to sexually transmitted infections. Results are based on a qualitative, exploratory study using observations in 10 clubs and in-depth interviews with 30 dancers in southern Ontario,...

Author(s) : Maticka-Tyndale, E.; Lewis, J.; Clark, J. P.; Zubick, J.; Young, S.

Journal article : Canadian Journal of Public Health 1999 Vol.90 No.1 pp.19-22 ref.20

13. The myth of the 24-hour city.

An examination of Leeds (UK) as a '24-hour city' along the traditional lines of policy formation, implementation and evaluation is presented. Three stages in the creation of a 24-hour city concept for Leeds can be discerned, comprising: policies to encourage people to reside in the centre of Leeds; ...

Author(s) : Spink, J.; Bramham, P.

Publisher : Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne, UK

Book chapter : Policy and publics: leisure, culture and commerce. 1999 pp.139-151 ref.15

14. Policy and publics: leisure, culture and commerce.

A selection of papers given at the Leisure Studies Association's 1997 conference at Roehampton Institute. London, UK, are presented. A total of 8 papers explore the shifting boundaries between public policy, provision and patterns of consumption in leisure contexts. The papers are organized into...

Publisher : Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne, UK

Conference proceedings; Book : Policy and publics: leisure, culture and commerce. 1999 pp.vii + 159 pp.

15. Easy breathing: a project to promote smoke-free areas in public houses.

Following a background search into existing research, resources and projects on this subject, telephone questionnaire surveys were initiated with the landlord, tenant, or bar manager of 728 public houses in the Avon region UK during June and July 1995 (409 responses received). In addition, customer ...

Author(s) : Burton, C.

Journal article : Health Education Journal 1999 Vol.58 No.1 pp.48-55 ref.15

16. Competition assessment for retail outlets.

A consumer survey was conducted in a German city of 40 000 inhabitants to assess the competition at the local market for floricultural products and services. 294 out of 300 distributed questionnaires could be utilized. The consumer barometer provides information on consumer shopping behaviour and...

Author(s) : Orth, U.

Journal article : Zahradnictví (Horticultural Science) 1999 Vol.26 No.3 pp.107-115 ref.23

17. Community effects of the opening of the Niagara casino.

The impacts on the community of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada of the opening of a casino are examined. Using random-digit dialling, telephone interviews were conducted with adult residents of Niagara Falls in 1996 and 1997, and with adult residents of Ontario in 1995 and 1997 (n=1002). Aside from...

Author(s) : Room, R.; Turner, N. E.; Ialomiteanu, A.

Journal article : Addiction 1999 Vol.94 No.10 pp.1449-1466 ref.29

18. Pathological gambling: a critical review.

Current scientific knowledge about the definition, extent, nature, effects, and treatment of pathological gambling is described, as well as emerging technologies that may affect their treatment in the future. Chapter 2 considers the concept of gambling and describes contemporary patterns of...

Publisher : National Academy Press, Washington, USA

Book : Pathological gambling: a critical review. 1999 pp.ix + 340 pp.

19. The spread of casinos and their role in tourism development.

An examination is presented of the wide variety of casino ownership and regulatory regimes that have been introduced, especially since the mid-1980s, in light of their promises and their ability to contribute toward strategic tourism objectives. The first section looks at the recent experiences in...

Author(s) : Eadington, W. R.

Publisher : Routledge, London, UK

Book chapter : Contemporary issues in tourism development. 1999 pp.127-142

20. Field measurement of dermal soil loadings in occupational and recreational activities.

Dermal skin loading (adherence of soil to skin) is one of the factors used to estimate risks attributable to dermal absorption of soil-borne contaminants. This paper reports results of field measurements of soil loadings on individuals engaged in a variety of activities. A total of 99 individuals...

Author(s) : Holmes, K. K., Jr.; Shirai, J. H.; Richter, K. Y.; Kissel, J. C.

Journal article : Environmental Research, Section A 1999 Vol.80 No.2 pp.148-157 ref.17

21. Heritage and nationalism: gender and the performance of power.

A critique is offered of the gendered representations of heritage and their role in the creation of gendered spaces and places within cultural tourism. The chapter contextualises and engenders heritage by teasing out the multiplicity of interconnections between space, place and gender experienced...

Author(s) : Aitchison, C.

Publisher : Routledge, London, UK

Book chapter : Leisure/tourism geographies: practices and geographical knowledge. 1999 pp.59-73 ref.32

22. Design versus leisure: social implications of functionalist design in urban private gardens of the twentieth century.

This chapter explores a modernist construction of the garden that dominated much of 20th century garden design in contrast with its practice, and includes contemporary evidence. In adjusting or replanting a garden, there is a negotiation with available influences and contexts such as those...

Author(s) : Groening, G.; Schneider, U.

Publisher : Routledge, London, UK

Book chapter : Leisure/tourism geographies: practices and geographical knowledge. 1999 pp.149-163 ref.34

23. Women and the new gambling culture in Australia.

The results of two empirical studies of women gamblers in Australia are presented. One group of respondents were from non-English speaking backgrounds (sample size, date not specified), while the second (n=10) identified themselves as problem gamblers. The studies examine current social scientific...

Author(s) : Hallebone, E.

Conference paper; Journal article : Loisir et Société 1999 Vol.22 No.1 pp.101-126 ref.31

24. Insights and experiences from a youth project in a large shopping mall.

A project designed to increase young people's sense of belonging, which was undertaken in Westfield Shoppingtown, Miranda, Sutherland Shire, Australia, is described. The project trailed a number of activities including: portable skate ramp, three-on-three basketball, hip hop DJ school, a...

Author(s) : Robinson, N.

Journal article : Youth Studies Australia 1999 Vol.18 No.4 pp.22-25

25. The colour of money.

The perceived economic threat to the retail sector in the towns surrounding the new Bluewater shopping centre, Kent, UK is discussed. The scale of the centre, and the number and types of outlets that have taken up occupancy in the centre are discussed. The significance of the scheme, as the last...

Author(s) : Eade, C.

Journal article : Property Week 1999 Vol.64 No.10 pp.32-34