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1. New York statewide angler survey 2007, Report 2: Angler effort and expenditures.

Author(s) : Connelly, N. A.; Brown, T. L.

Publisher : New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Bureau of Fisheries, Albany, USA

Book : New York statewide angler survey 2007, Report 2: Angler effort and expenditures 2009 pp.104 pp.

3. Demand analysis projections for recreational visits to countryside woodlands in Great Britain.

Forests and woodlands have long been associated with tourism and recreation and there is a growing demand for improved planning tools to measure and maximize amenity value from policy intervention. Building on earlier studies, this study develops a trip generation function (TGF) to predict visit...

Author(s) : Hill, G. W.; Courtney, P. R.

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Forestry (Oxford) 2006 Vol.79 No.2 pp.185-200 ref.24

5. Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases.

The Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases (Third Edition) is devoted entirely to the diagnosis and control of approximately 80 diseases affecting grasses maintained for fine turfs on residential and commercial lawns, sod farms, golf courses, sports fields, bowling greens, cemeteries, and other areas....

Author(s) : Smiley, R. W.; Dernoeden, P. H.; Clarke, B. B.

Publisher : American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Book : Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases. 2005 No.Edn 3 pp.167 pp.

7. Voluntary work in a changing sport world.

Foreign Title :Het vrijwilligerswerk in een veranderende sportwereld.

Journal article : Sport (Brussels) 1999 Vol.41 No.1 pp.18-28

8. Winter games: Get the best from your pitch!

This paper looks at what can be done during the course of a playing season to preserve the playing surface at a minimum cost. It looks at measures for surface renovation; use of the pitch; the grass cover; and post season renovation. It is contended that the measures proposed are equally as...

Author(s) : Winter, P.

Journal article : International Turfgrass Bulletin 2000 No.No. 207 pp.24-27

9. 2001 Database of IGFA angling records until 2001

Publisher : IGFA, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Miscellaneous : 2001 Database of IGFA angling records until 2001 2001

10. Recreational fishing in Bohuslän. Socioeconomic aspects.

A study on angling in lakes, rivers and the sea in the county of Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden was carried out in 1998 on the basis of the author's own experiences and analysis of questionnaires returned by anglers. Around 5000 anglers made around 14 000 visits to designated fishing areas in ...

Foreign Title :Sportfisket i bohuslän - samhällsekonomiska aspekter.

Author(s) : Paulrud, A.

Publisher : Institutionen för Skogsekonomi (Department of Forest Economics), Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Umeå, Sweden

Bulletin : Arbetsrapport - Institutionen för Skogsekonomi, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet 2001 No.No. 300 pp.29 pp. ref.10

11. The development of television sport from the point of view of sport journalism.

The changing relationship between television and sport is described.

Foreign Title :Die Entwicklung des Fernsehsports aus der Sicht eines Sportjournalisten.

Author(s) : Scheu, H. R.

Journal article : Sportwissenschaft 1999 Vol.29 No.1 pp.9-21

12. The development of television sport in Germany.

Changes in the way sport is televised and its impact on research agendas are described.

Foreign Title :Zur Entwicklung des Fernsehsports in Deutschland.

Author(s) : Digel, H.; Burk, V.

Journal article : Sportwissenschaft 1999 Vol.29 No.1 pp.22-41 ref.28

13. "Delayed modernization" and development of mass sport in East Germany.

Using the framework of modernization theory, the effects of social processes on the transformation of the East German sports system is described. Future directions for researching East German sports are presented.

Foreign Title :"Nachholende Modernisierung" und Breitensport-Entwicklung im Osten.

Author(s) : Rohrberg, K.

Journal article : Sportwissenschaft 1999 Vol.29 No.1 pp.62-79 ref.4 pp of

14. Charismatic personalities in sport.

A number of themes are addressed including: the characteristics of a sports personality; the importance of the self-presentation processes of athletes; the role of the media in communicating these personalities; and whether charisma is developed inherent to the individual or whether it is a part of ...

Foreign Title :Charismatische Persönlichkeiten im Sport.

Author(s) : Gabler, H.

Journal article : Sportwissenschaft 1999 Vol.29 No.4 pp.412-426 ref.15

15. Attitude and motivation to participation in sport.

A survey of 809 university employees utilized the theory of planned behaviour to predict participation in sport. The results are reporting according to behavioural norms, attitudes, and gender differences.

Foreign Title :Einstellung und Motivation zur Sportteilnahme.

Author(s) : Wilhelm, A.

Journal article : Sportwissenschaft 1999 Vol.29 No.4 pp.427-439 ref.15

16. Sport the city.

The evolution of sports stadia, to meet the changing requirements of the sporting events that they are required to host, is described. The growing importance of stadia, both as a source of civic pride and as a means of generating income for the locality is noted. Future requirements will...

Author(s) : Sheard, R.

Journal article : Leisure Manager 1999 Vol.17 No.4 pp.18-20

17. A tour on inline skates - also with student groups?

Practical guidelines for the organisation of in-line skating tours for students are briefly outlined.

Foreign Title :Eine Tour auf inline-Skatern - auch mit Schülergruppen?

Author(s) : Gabriel, H.

Journal article : Sportunterricht 1999 Vol.48 No.3 pp.33-39 ref.15

18. Developments, goal prospects and research directions in sport for the aged.

Current thinking about promoting sports participation amongst the elderly is described. Future directions for research are discussed in conclusion.

Foreign Title :Entwicklungen, Zielperspektiven und Forschungsrichtungen im Seniorensport.

Author(s) : Baumann, H.

Journal article : Sportwissenschaft 1999 Vol.29 No.3 pp.273-287 ref.5 pp. of

19. Training in sport for the aged.

A definition of training in sport for the aged is provided. This definition incorporates the goals, intentions, contents and methods. The usefulness of current training regimes are explored.

Foreign Title :Training im Alterssport.

Author(s) : Mechling, H.

Journal article : Sportwissenschaft 1999 Vol.29 No.3 pp.288-297 ref.43

20. Factors influencing competence and possibilities of supporting competence at old age.

The various ageing processes, and their influences are summarized. The usefulness of sport and movement for rehabilitation and minimizing the physical effects of ageing are discussed in conclusion.

Foreign Title :Einflussfaktoren der Kompetenz und Möglichkeiten der Kompetenzförderung im Alter.

Author(s) : Kruse, A.; Rott, C.; Schmitt, E.

Journal article : Sportwissenschaft 1999 Vol.29 No.3 pp.298-310 ref.39

21. History of the World Games.

The creation of a multisport world event in 1980 by 12 sports federations not then represented in the Olympic movement is described. The expansion of this competition to embrace 24 sport federations and 39 sports or disciplines for the 2001 event is detailed.

Author(s) : Albarda, T.

Journal article : Olympic Review 1999 Vol.26 No.28 pp.67-69

22. World conference on education and sport for a culture of peace.

Selected papers presented at this conference are presented. Subjects covered include: how peace cannot be built overnight; the Olympic culture in favour peace; the fundamental principles of Olympism; sport and solidarity; sport and politics; and an appeal for a new culture of peace.

Author(s) : Stivachtis, K. M. et al.

Conference paper; Journal article : Olympic Review 1999 Vol.26 No.28 pp.32-55

23. The 24-hour track race. A strategic approach to this mystical event can assure consistent success.

A number of strategies for the successful completion of a 24-hour endurance race are presented. These strategies include: walking strategy, specific training, proper pacing, adequate eating and drinking, frequent stretching, an excellent crew, staying on the move, maintaining focus, paying...

Author(s) : Hagen, J.

Journal article : Marathon & Beyond 1999 Vol.3 No.2 pp.49-58

24. Martial arts.

Nine articles describe different aspects of martial arts. Karate, judo, kick boxing, Thai boxing, kendo, wushu, taekwondo, kyundo, tai-chi, capoeira and aikido are briefly described, and their suitability for children is discussed.

Foreign Title :Kampfsport.

Author(s) : Bignasca, N.; Fischer, M.; Schläpfer, E.; Rentsch, B.; Wüthrich, P.; Ciccozzi, G.

Journal article : Mobile - Die Fachzeitschrift für Sport 1999 No.No. 2 pp.10-27

25. Ethics of prescribing drugs to enhance sporting performance.

A series of important considerations before prescribing drugs to athletes are presented, including the banned drugs list; exposure conditions, and professional competence. In addition, an understanding of the athlete's autonomy should be borne out.

Author(s) : Kennedy, M. C.; Kennedy, J. R.

Journal article : Medical Journal of Australia 1999 Vol.171 No.4 pp.204-205 ref.19