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1. Providing hope: influences of volunteer tourism on program youth.

Global South youth are considered members of a host community and are receivers of volunteer tourism development programs. However, their perceptions have rarely been included in volunteer tourism studies. Influences of volunteer tourism on youth lives tends to be from the "gap year" or young adult ...

Author(s) : Olsen, L. M.; Andereck, K.; Vogt, C.

Publisher : Routledge, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Journal of Sustainable Tourism 2021 Vol.29 No.8 pp.1403-1421 ref.89

2. Farmers' participation in operational groups to foster innovation in the agricultural sector: an Italian case study.

Recently, the interpretation of the innovation process has changed significantly. Its linear model has evolved to a dynamic and ongoing participatory approach where cooperation, oriented to generate co-ownership, is the essence to co-produce knowledge among multiple actors. Farmers' direct...

Author(s) : Molina, N.; Brunori, G.; Favilli, E.; Grando, S.; Proietti, P.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Sustainability 2021 Vol.13 No.10 ref.87

3. Applying neo-endogenous development theory to delivering sustainable local nature conservation.

The environmental planning agenda is shaped by a range of top-down policies and directives, both nationally and internationally. Simultaneously, several local, often community-led, initiatives seek to enhance their local environments. This article seeks to understand both synergies and dissonance...

Author(s) : Marango, S.; Bosworth, G.; Curry, N.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Sociologia Ruralis 2021 Vol.61 No.1 pp.116-140

4. Whose narrative is it anyway? Narratives of social innovation in rural areas - a comparative analysis of community-led initiatives in Scotland and Spain.

Social innovation is a process in which local communities build social and cultural capital to address challenges and social needs. The diffusion of social innovation requires compelling narratives that encourage people to join them. Using qualitative techniques and a multiple case study...

Author(s) : Vercher, N.; Barlagne, C.; Hewitt, R.; Nijnik, M.; Esparcia, J.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Sociologia Ruralis 2021 Vol.61 No.1 pp.163-189 ref.1

5. Coordination of village plans and municipal rural and health policies - can low-hanging fruit be picked?

This paper analyses how, and the extent to which, village plans and municipal rural and health policies have been coordinated in three Danish rural case locations. We applied a qualitative design through a document analysis of plans and policies as well as interviews in villages - with municipal...

Author(s) : Thuesen, A. A.; Andersen, P. T.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Sociologia Ruralis 2021 Vol.61 No.1 pp.190-211

6. Community-based tourism in a degrowth perspective.

This chapter highlights that despite the large body of existing literature on community-based tourism there is a lack of research adopting a degrowth perspective, as well as those conditions in which degrowth can happen in the case of community-based tourism. Based on the negligence of past...

Author(s) : Cañada, E.

Book chapter : Issues and cases of degrowth in tourism 2021 pp.42-63 ref.44

7. Degrowing the commoditization process in community-based tourism and local entrepreneurship.

This chapter presents an empirical analysis of the tourist destination of Bandung in Indonesia to discuss some of the theoretical constructs of commoditization in community-based tourism and to explore how local resources are made available as an alternative to the dominant doctrines of...

Author(s) : Podlaszewska, A.

Book chapter : Issues and cases of degrowth in tourism 2021 pp.64-85 ref.many

8. Social mobilisation, community engagement and the power of elites in rural development.

This paper presents an analysis of social mobilisation and community engagement in contexts where traditional relations of power are elite-based and exclusionary. Informed by contemporary critiques of community development, it takes the Pakistan-based Rural Support Programme Network's (RSPN)...

Author(s) : Khan, S.; Short, P.

Publisher : Routledge, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Development in Practice 2021 Vol.31 No.2 pp.238-247 ref.17

9. Lao tourism and poverty alleviation: community-based tourism and the private sector [co-authored with Stephen schipani].

Many less developed countries, supported by international organizations and aid agencies, continue to promote tourism as a tool for development and poverty alleviation. This chapter focuses on one country, the Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR), where such policies are prominent, to examine how ...

Author(s) : Harrison, D.

Book chapter : Tourism, tradition and culture: a reflection on their role in development 2021 pp.132-161 ref.many

10. A case study on impacts of community participation in tourism planning and destination management in Kerala, India.

This case study in Kerala, India explores the positive impacts of community participation on economic, socio-cultural and environmental factors through responsible tourism initiatives in Kumarakom destination. This research evaluates the effectiveness, fundamental elements and conceptual foundation ...

Author(s) : George, A. T.; Jiang Min; Delacy, T.

Book chapter : Tourism planning and development in South Asia 2021 pp.5-22 ref.many

11. Participatory pricing: an innovative tool for agriculture?

"Pay what you want!" (PWYW) - this was the principle the British rock band Radiohead used to offer their album "In Rainbows", newly released in 2007, for download on their website for two months. It was astonishing to see that Radiohead were able to generate benefit from this offer. In contrast to...

Foreign Title :Partizipative Preissetzung: Ein innovatives Tool für die Landwirtschaft?

Author(s) : Bitsch, L.; Hanf, J. H.; Hildenbrand, A.; Rüdiger, J.

Publisher : Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Bonn, Germany

Journal article : Berichte über Landwirtschaft 2021 Vol.99 No.1 ref.58

12. Festival value in multicultural contexts: city festivals in South Africa.

Worldwide, the number and variety of cultural festivals have grown dramatically. Many areas see festivals as an important way to attract tourists, and their spending, to a region, resulting in a positive economic impact. While they offer important opportunities for artistic producers and audiences, ...

Author(s) : Snowball, J. D.; Antrobus, G. G.

Publisher : Sage Publications Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : Tourism Economics 2021 Vol.27 No.6 pp.1256-1275 ref.32

13. Assessing the effectiveness of a community-based livestock insurance program.

Financial mechanisms to mitigate the costs of negative human-carnivore interactions are frequently promoted to support human coexistence with carnivores. Yet, evidence to support their performance in different settings is scarce. We evaluated a community-based livestock insurance program...

Author(s) : Alexander, J. S.; Agvaantseren, B.; Gongor, E.; Mijiddorj, T. N.; Piaopiao, T.; Redpath, S.; Young, J.; Mishra, C.

Publisher : Springer, New York, USA

Journal article : Environmental Management 2021 Vol.68 No.1 pp.87-99 ref.many

14. Toward citizen dialogue-led environmental governance: an exploratory case study in post-Fukushima Japan.

This paper reports on an exploratory case study to help facilitate a culture of dialogue in Japan. There is an emphasis on proposing methods for polyphonic dialogue among citizens, and between citizens and experts, to effectively manage the environment. This paper argues that a culture of dialogue...

Author(s) : Nakamura, H.; Ueno, F.; Higashihara, H.; Hayashi, M.; Sugita, S.; Fukui, H.

Publisher : Springer, New York, USA

Journal article : Environmental Management 2021 Vol.67 No.5 pp.868-885 ref.many

15. Effective community engagement during the environmental assessment of a mining project in the Canadian arctic.

The Back River Project is an approved gold mine in Nunavut, Canada owned by Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. Sabina developed a comprehensive community engagement program during the environmental assessment phase of the Project to share information, receive and address local feedback and concerns,...

Author(s) : Prno, J.; Kaiyogana, J.; Pickard, M.

Publisher : Springer, New York, USA

Journal article : Environmental Management 2021 Vol.67 No.5 pp.1000-1015 ref.many

16. Can ecotourism contribute to ecosystem? Evidence from local residents' ecological behaviors.

Ecotourism has long been considered as a means of ecological conservation. However, local residents' disturbances to ecosystem were often ignored and inadequately studied. This paper examined whether and how local residents' participation in ecotourism affected their ecological behaviors by using...

Author(s) : Ren LinJing; Li Jie; Li Cong; Dang PeiYing

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Science of the Total Environment 2021 Vol.757

17. Participation in biodiversity research projects: what's in it for me?

This paper describes the benefits of participating citizens in biodiversity research projects. It is assessed whether people: gain knowledge about science and the environment; gain or improve scientific skills; increase their self-efficacy for science and the environment (self-efficacy is the...

Author(s) : Peter, M.; Diekötter, T.; Höffler, T.; Kremer, K.

Publisher : British Ecological Society, London, UK

Miscellaneous : Participation in biodiversity research projects: What's in it for me? 2021 pp.1 pp.

18. Farmers' willingness to participate in forest management for carbon sequestration on the sloping land conservation program in China.

Forest Management for Carbon Sequestration (FMCS) on the Sloping Land Conservation Program (SLCP) helps to promote afforestation, improve the economic wellbeing of small farmers, and helps them to cope with climate change. Based on the theory of planned behavior (TPB), this paper examines farmers'...

Author(s) : Yang, F.; Jiang, Y.; Paudel, K. P.

Publisher : Commonwealth Forestry Association, Craven Arms, UK

Journal article : International Forestry Review 2021 Vol.23 No.2 pp.244-261 ref.74

19. The plurality of wilderness beliefs and their mediating role in shaping attitudes towards wilderness.

In light of current trends of land abandonment across Europe, the rewilding of abandoned land is increasingly discussed as a future land management option. Since many of the regions affected by rewilding developments will be located in vicinity to densely populated areas, it is imperative to better ...

Author(s) : Zoderer, B. M.; Tasser, E.

Publisher : Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Journal of Environmental Management 2021 Vol.277 ref.many

20. Selling together: the benefits of cooperatives to women honey producers in Ethiopia.

Smallholder farmers in developing countries encounter multiple barriers in access to inputs and technology, which prevent them from reaping the benefits from market participation. Women farmers face additional constraints due to gender norms that further limit their engagement in productive...

Author(s) : Serra, R.; Davidson, K. A.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Agricultural Economics 2021 Vol.72 No.1 pp.202-223

21. Community participation in watershed management: analysis of the status and factors affecting community engagement in the upper gibe basin, South West Ethiopia.

A lack of appreciation of community participation is one of the factors constraining the sustainability of the watershed management program in Ethiopia. A household survey of 304 household heads, focus group discussions and key informant interviews were used to collect data. Descriptive and...

Author(s) : Fekadu Mengistu; Engdawork Assefa

Publisher : Routledge, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 2021 Vol.64 No.2 pp.252-288 ref.107

22. No forest, no dispute: the rights-based approach to creating an enabling environment for participatory forest management based on a case from Madhupur Sal Forest, Bangladesh.

This study explored whether and how the duty-bearer applied a rights-based approach (RBA) in the context of long-running disputes in Madhupur Sal Forest, Bangladesh to transform conflicts into solutions for collective management of forest resources. Using a case study design, we applied a timeline...

Author(s) : Kabir, K. H.; Knierim, A.; Ataharul Chowdhury

Publisher : Routledge, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 2021 Vol.64 No.1 pp.22-46 ref.68

23. Rural destination revitalization in China: applying evolutionary economic geography in tourism governance.

Tourism is considered a way to mitigate adjustments in the regional industrial structure. Three cases in this study illustrate the importance of initial conditions and how stakeholder collaboration can mitigate these deficiencies. We proposed a new model for rural destinations in different phases,...

Author(s) : Deng AiMin; Lu JunYang; Zhao ZhengYuan

Publisher : Routledge, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research 2021 Vol.26 No.2 pp.215-230 ref.59

24. Food access in crisis: food security and COVID-19.

Disparities in food access and the resulting inequities in food security are persistent problems in cities across the United States. The nation's capital is no exception. The District of Columbia's 's geography of food insecurity reveals a history of uneven food access that has only been amplified...

Author(s) : O'Hara, S.; Toussaint, E. C.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Ecological Economics 2021 Vol.180

25. Improving the implementation of water and resource recovery in Canada.

Globally there is a need to rethink water use and wastewater disposal. One view is to consider wastewater as a resource via treatment for fit-for-purpose water and resource recovery (WRR). To understand what has worked in Canada according to those directly involved in WRR, we used interviews with...

Author(s) : Nixdorff, H.; Noga, J.; Amsalu, D.; Springett, J.; Ashbolt, N.

Publisher : IWA Publishing, London, UK

Journal article : Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination 2021 Vol.11 No.3 pp.453-463 ref.43