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1. Light years ahead.

Anticipating the political changes that are likely to be brought about as a result of the elections for Mayor and an Assembly for London, UK, this paper calls for a more centralised approach to the city's street lighting. It is argued that street lighting plays a vital role in issues such as...

Author(s) : Phoenix, G.; Gardner, C.

Journal article : Leisure Manager 2000 Vol.18 No.2 pp.20-22

2. Reports of the proceedings of the spring conference.

The proceedings of the spring conference of the Rural Planning Association held on 2 April 1999 and entitled 'Spatial structure of mutually-beneficial relationships between urban and rural regions' are reported. Papers dealt with land use and management, water use and other aspects of urban and...

Author(s) : Takeuchi, K.; Mitsuhashi, N.; Yokohari, M.; Azuma, M.; Aoyagi, M.; Shogenji, S.

Conference paper; Journal article : Journal of Rural Planning Association 1999 Vol.18 No.2 pp.138-179

3. Leisure property as an indicator of the changing vitality and viability of town centres: a case study.

The nature, role and significance of leisure and cultural production and its related consumption is addressed by considering the evolving nature of the town centre as market place, in terms of the identities and cultures of both traders and consumers. As a consequence, the paper also addresses the...

Author(s) : Rowley, M.; Ravenscroft, N.

Publisher : Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne, UK

Book chapter : Policy and publics: leisure, culture and commerce. 1999 pp.121-138 ref.39

4. The myth of the 24-hour city.

An examination of Leeds (UK) as a '24-hour city' along the traditional lines of policy formation, implementation and evaluation is presented. Three stages in the creation of a 24-hour city concept for Leeds can be discerned, comprising: policies to encourage people to reside in the centre of Leeds; ...

Author(s) : Spink, J.; Bramham, P.

Publisher : Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne, UK

Book chapter : Policy and publics: leisure, culture and commerce. 1999 pp.139-151 ref.15

5. Policy and publics: leisure, culture and commerce.

A selection of papers given at the Leisure Studies Association's 1997 conference at Roehampton Institute. London, UK, are presented. A total of 8 papers explore the shifting boundaries between public policy, provision and patterns of consumption in leisure contexts. The papers are organized into...

Publisher : Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne, UK

Conference proceedings; Book : Policy and publics: leisure, culture and commerce. 1999 pp.vii + 159 pp.

7. On the function, background and characteristics of city agriculture.

The issue of city agriculture in China is addressed. The way in which city agriculture operates and the services it offers are discussed.

Author(s) : Fang ZhiQuan

Journal article : Research of Agricultural Modernization 1999 Vol.20 No.5 pp.281-285 ref.14

8. Farming the built environment.

New interest is now being generated in cities as sites for food production. In this context, people are focusing on what the soils in and around urban centres can produce. Over the longer term, however, the sustainability of cities will not be improved by urban agriculture alone. The fertility of...

Author(s) : Graham, E.

Publisher : International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa, Canada

Book chapter : For hunger-proof cities: sustainable urban food systems. 1999 pp.150-154 ref.16

9. Urban settlement program and land dispute resolution: the state of Israel versus the Negev Bedouin.

Geo-political changes and the drive to higher standards of living induce growing numbers of nomad populations to give-up their special way of life. The Bedouin of the Israeli Negev are no exception. Gradually, they settled down in scattered, unauthorized clusters of tents and shacks in the open...

Author(s) : Krakover, S.

Journal article : GeoJournal 1999 Vol.47 No.4 pp.551-561 ref.24

10. Wood in urban design.

Wood structures in the urban landscape of Slovenia are discussed.

Foreign Title :Les v mestnem oblikovanju.

Author(s) : Strojan, T. Z.

Journal article : Les (Ljubljana) 1999 Vol.51 No.4 pp.91-93 ref.11

11. Botanical garden and biodiversity protection and utilization in cities.

Protection of biodiversity in Chinese urban areas is discussed. It is suggested that biodiversity should be conserved in urban botanical gardens.

Author(s) : He, S.; Xia Bin; Qian JunQiu

Journal article : Journal of Plant Resources and Environment 1999 Vol.8 No.4 pp.47-51 ref.6

12. Neighborhood impacts of Atlanta's Olympic Games.

Decisions made by business and public leaders in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, as they prepared to host the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games are reviewed. The preparations for the staging of the Games resulted in the relocation of many public housing residents and in frustration among low-income...

Author(s) : Newman, H. K.

Journal article : Community Development Journal 1999 Vol.34 No.2 pp.151-159 ref.21

13. Urban revitalization: the use of festive time strategies.

Two initiatives (both UK) which seek to promote a new urbanity that is carnivalesque and festive are described. In the first example, under the rubric of the nighttime economy or twenty four hour city concept, a diversity of evening and late night entertainment venues are drawn together to convey a ...

Author(s) : Hughes, G.

Journal article : Leisure Studies 1999 Vol.18 No.2 pp.119-135 ref.34

14. Housing and the new Nigerian environment: a review of the housing and environmental conditions in the urban and rural areas.

The paper reviews the housing and environmental conditions in the urban and rural areas of Nigeria. It points out that the houses in the urban areas are always overcrowded and lack well planned facilities in the environment such as roads, recreational land, gardens and trees. Also some studies...

Author(s) : Mogbo, T.

Publisher : Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), London, UK

Book : Housing and the new Nigerian environment: a review of the housing and environmental conditions in the urban and rural areas. 1998 pp.13 pp. ref.16

15. Bridging the divide: rural-urban interactions and livelihood strategies.

The paper reviews the ways in which urban and rural livelihoods are intertwined, drawing on many examples from around the world in developing countries. It highlights how positive rural-urban interactions and equitable development can be fostered by backward and forward linkages between...

Author(s) : Tacoli, C.

Publisher : International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London, UK

Miscellaneous : Gatekeeper Series - IIED/UCL London Environmental Economics Centre Development 1998 No.No. 77 pp.20 pp. ref.27

16. Dublin's Temple Bar - A case study of culture-led regeneration.

A case study of the regeneration of the Temple Bar district of Dublin, Irish Republic, is presented to evaluate the arguments for and against culture-led regeneration. The roles of the Irish State Bus Company (CIE), the National Trust for Ireland (An Taisce), the Temple Bar Development Council, the ...

Author(s) : McCarthy, J.

Journal article : European Planning Studies 1998 Vol.6 No.3 pp.271-281 ref.39

17. Waterfront regeneration: recent practice in Dundee.

This article considers the history of waterfront development in Dundee, to provide a context for the new City Quay comprising a major factory retail element, a hotel, health and fitness centre, and bars and restaurants as part of a mixed use scheme. It is suggested that these proposals run contrary ...

Author(s) : McCarthy, J.

Journal article : European Planning Studies 1998 Vol.6 No.6 pp.731-736 ref.16

18. Urban impact on natural environment in Aligarh city.

Data from a survey is presented, based on intensive fieldwork during 1993-94, with the aim of identifying, measuring and interpreting the impact of urbanization on the northern Indian city of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Subsections deal with methodology, urbanization trends, urban expansion and land...

Author(s) : Khan, M. I. S.; Munir, A.

Journal article : Asian Profile 1998 Vol.26 No.5 pp.385-398 ref.10

19. WHO focus on primary school physical environment and health.

An examination is presented of a development programme, the Global School Health Initiative, established by the World Health Organization. It is noted that although the physical environment in schools is now seen as one of the major elements of health promotion, relatively little work has so far...

Journal article : PAI, Poverty Alleviation Initiatives 1998 Vol.8 No.3 pp.12-15

20. Cabbages in concrete.

A brief article is presented on the increase in vegetable growing and small-scale chicken raising since liberalization of laws in Kampala, Uganda. Issues discussed include: how the growth in small urban farming has benefited numerous groups of people, through both subsistence and as income; reasons ...

Author(s) : Kalebbo, G. D.

Journal article : Orbit 1998 No.No. 70 pp.16-17

21. Risky business.

The prospects for the UK leisure property sector are described. It is shown that despite the reluctance of some investors to get involved, the leisure market continues to expand. Evidence is presented which suggests that this could lead to market saturation, with the lack of suitable land being the ...

Author(s) : Caplan, N.

Journal article : Property Week 1998 Vol.63 No.12 pp.24-25

22. Regenerating urban heritage for tourism.

The article analyses the management of recently regenerated urban areas which have become tourist destinations. Through the use of three case studies, Salford Quays, Manchester and Gloucester Docks (both UK) and Granville Island, Vancouver (Canada), the organizational structures, general management ...

Author(s) : Gibson, C.; Hardman, D.

Journal article : Managing Leisure 1998 Vol.3 No.1 pp.37-54 ref.37

23. From Hill Station (Freetown) to Downtown Conakry (First Ward): comparing French and British approaches to segregation in colonial cities at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Noting that by the late 19th century settlement in the African colonies had acquired a reputation of ill health, the paper examines the French and British responses to end this. The two countries resorted to close but dissimilar policies that aimed at either protecting the lives of Europeans alone...

Author(s) : Goerg, O.

Journal article : Canadian Journal of African Studies 1998 Vol.32 No.1 pp.1-31 ref.25

24. Rural settlement structure and African development.

Drawing on the perspectives of geography and anthropology, 11 discursive papers are presented which provide a thorough examination of the role played by settlement patterns and processes in rural development in Africa. In particular, the papers evaluate the way people arrange themselves in rural...

Author(s) : Silberfein, M.

Publisher : Westview Press, Oxford, UK

Book : Rural settlement structure and African development. 1998 pp.xii + 338 pp.

25. Use of cement plastered bamboo-mat as a fence of rural houses.

The paper considers the feasibility of bamboo-mat plastered with cement mortar as the fence of low-cost rural houses of developing countries like Bangladesh. Two fences skeletoned with 13×10 mm cross-sectional bamboo-splits were fabricated and one of which was cross-framed by wooden strip of...

Author(s) : Abedin, M. Z.; Rashid, M. A.; Niraula, D.

Journal article : Bangladesh Journal of Training and Development 1998 Vol.11 No.1/2 pp.171-176 ref.9