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1. Mycobiota of the non-sterile herb medicines.

The species of fungi contaminating solid, soft and liquid non-sterile herbal medicines sold in Armenia was investigated. A total of 83 species of micromycetes (58 Hyphomycetes, 6 Ascomycetes and 8 Mucor species) were isolated. Fungi from soft medicines had a lower degree of spore formation compared ...

Author(s) : Zakarian, A. A.; Osipian, L. L.

Journal article : Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 1999 Vol.33 No.1 pp.36-43 ref.14

2. A study on the potential of metal corrosion by sulfate-reducing bacteria in animal buildings.

The potential of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) to cause metal corrosion in animal buildings was examined. An analysis was done on the bacterial colonization and the corrosion products on the surfaces of metals exposed to 3 animal buildings and one environmentally controlled building over a 2-year ...

Author(s) : Zhu, J.; Riskowski, G. L.; Mackie, R. I.

Journal article : Transactions of the ASAE 1999 Vol.42 No.3 pp.777-782 ref.14

3. A laboratory study on metal corrosion by ammonia gas.

The effects of aerial ammonia on metal corrosion were examined. Tests were conducted using 3 environmentally controlled chambers at 3 different ammonia levels (0, 100, and 200 ppm). Four types of metal products (uncoated 1010 carbon steel, galvanized steel, Galvalume, and pure zinc) were evaluated...

Author(s) : Zhu, J.; Riskowski, G. L.; Mackie, R. I.

Journal article : Transactions of the ASAE 1999 Vol.42 No.3 pp.783-787 ref.4

4. Contamination of Thüringer archives, depositories and magazines with fungi. Exposure at workplaces - prophylaxis - decontamination.

Risks to the health of employees caused by biological agents in archives, depositories and magazines (ADM) were investigated in Thüringer, Germany. Data was collected about workplaces, atmospheric concentrations of moulds, medically important microorganisms, followed by sanitation of...

Foreign Title :Schimmelpilzbefall in Thüringer Archiven, Depots und Magazinen. Exposition am Arbeitsplatz - Prophylaxe - Beseitigung.

Author(s) : Riege, F. G.; Wenzel, E.; Eversmann, F.

Journal article : Gefahrstoffe Reinhaltung der Luft 1999 Vol.59 No.4 pp.123-131 ref.28

5. Factors affecting growth of sulfate-reducing bacteria isolated from tropical soil.

Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) were isolated from soils around corroded pipelines and tanks. High numbers of the organisms occurred in areas closest to the corroded tanks and pipelines. Morphological types corresponding to rod, spirilloid, vibriod and coccoid were encountered. All the organisms...

Author(s) : Ilori, M. O.; Okonkwo, A. M.; Bamidele, M.

Journal article : Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. Section C, Biosciences 1999 Vol.54 No.7/8 pp.613-616 ref.13

6. Sanitation of wallboard colonized with Stachybotrys chartarum.

Sections (8 cm2) of unused, non-sterile gypsum wallboard (dry wall) were inoculated with varying densities (104-108/ml) of conidia from 14- to 21-day cultures of S. chartarum grown on cellulose agar. The sections were permitted to air dry and were placed into vessels with 86% or 92% RH and...

Author(s) : Price, D. L.; Ahearn, D. G.

Journal article : Current Microbiology 1999 Vol.39 No.1 pp.21-26 ref.9

7. Bacteria associated with disintegrating plastic films under simulated aquatic environments.

The changes in the bacterial populations associated with the biodeterioration of plastic films in simulated aquatic environments are described.

Author(s) : Leonas, K. K.; Gorden, R. W.

Journal article : Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 1996 Vol.56 No.6 pp.948-955 ref.12

8. Pollution-fueled "biodeterioration" threatens historic stone.

Author(s) : Young, P.

Journal article : Environmental Science & Technology 1996 Vol.30 No.5 pp.206A-208A ref.8

9. Fouling microflora of painted surfaces.

Author(s) : Okpokwasili, G. C.; Ituen, A.

Journal article : Material und Organismen 1996 Vol.30 No.2 pp.155-159 ref.19

10. Home dampness and respiratory health status in European children.

Data collected in the winter of 1993-94, in the framework of the PEACE study (Pollution Effects on Asthmatic Children in Europe), were used to study the association between home dampness and peak flow (PEF) variability, frequency of respiratory symptoms and relief medication use during the period...

Author(s) : Andriessen, J. W.; Brunekreef, B.; Roemer, W.

Journal article : Clinical and Experimental Allergy 1998 Vol.28 No.10 pp.1191-1200 ref.28

11. Volatile secondary metabolites as indicators for fungal growth indoors.

Extensive thermal insulation of buildings over the past few years has led to an indoor climate which can promote mould growth indoors. Spores of Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus versicolor, Alternaria alternata, Cladosporium herbarum and Penicillium expansum belong to the most important airborne...

Foreign Title :Flüchtige sekundäre Metaboliten als Indikator für eine intramurale Schimmelpilzbelastung.

Author(s) : Böck, R.; Schleibinger, H.; Rüden, H.

Journal article : Umweltmedizin in Forschung und Praxis 1998 Vol.3 No.6 pp.359-364 ref.17

12. The microbial degradation of silk: a laboratory investigation.

A few bacterial species, mostly gram-negatives, were found to attach themselves and grow on silk buried in soil. On the contrary, no fungi were isolated in such experiments. Growth was more abundant on raw silk (composed of sericin and fibroin) than on degummed silk (fibroin only) indicating that...

Author(s) : Seves, A.; Romanò, M.; Maifreni, T.; Sora, S.; Ciferri, O.

Journal article : International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 1998 Vol.42 No.4 pp.203-211 ref.26

13. Growth of Pseudomonas fluorescens on a polyester-polyurethane and the purification and characterization of a polyurethanase-protease enzyme.

A Pseudomonas fluorescens was found to degrade and utilize a polyester polyurethane as a sole carbon and energy source. Polyurethane utilization by P. fluorescens. followed simple Michaelis-Menten kinetics. The Ks and µmax values were 0.9 mg/ml and 1.61 doublings/h, respectively. The enzymes from ...

Author(s) : Howard, G. T.; Blake, R. C.

Journal article : International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 1998 Vol.42 No.4 pp.213-220 ref.18

14. Production of mycotoxins on artificially inoculated building materials.

Isolates of Stachybotrys chartarum, Aspergillus versicolor and Trichoderma sp. from water damaged Danish buildings were grown on old and new gypsum boards, wood pieces, chipboard, gypsum board with wallpaper and acoustic ceiling tiles. Production of sterigmatocystin and 5-methoxysterigmatocystin by ...

Author(s) : Nielsen, K. F.; Thrane, U.; Larsen, T. O.; Nielsen, P. A.; Gravesen, S.

Journal article : International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 1998 Vol.42 No.1 pp.9-16 ref.35

15. Production of trichothecene mycotoxins on water damaged gypsum boards in Danish buildings.

Water damaged gypsum boards heavily infested with Stachybotrys chartarum were found in a school and in a domestic residence in Copenhagen, Denmark. Samples collected in 1996 were extracted with dichloromethane and cleaned-up on Sep-Pak C18 modules. The trichothecenes were detected as the...

Author(s) : Nielsen, K. F.; Hansen, M. Ø.; Larsen, T. O.; Thrane, U.

Journal article : International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 1998 Vol.42 No.1 pp.1-7 ref.37

16. The mitochondrial toxin produced by Streptomyces griseus strains isolated from an indoor environment is valinomycin.

Actinomycete isolates from indoor air and dust in water-damaged schools and children's day care centres in Finland were tested for toxicity by using boar spermatozoa as an indicator. Toxicity was detected in extracts of 4 strains which caused a loss of sperm motility and the 50% effective...

Author(s) : Andersson, M. A.; Mikkola, R.; Kroppenstedt, R. M.; Rainey, F. A.; Peltola, J.; Helin, J.; Sivonen, K.; Salkinoja-Salonen, M. S.

Journal article : Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1998 Vol.64 No.12 pp.4767-4773 ref.23

17. Nitrogen mineralization, storage properties and optimal use of plant wastes in agricultural fields.

Studies were carried out during 1995-96 in Germany to investigate the effects of waste from cereals and potatoes used as manure on the N balance of soil. Results showed that net mineralization of N from plant waste increased with higher soil temperature. Potato waste (15 and 30 m3, equivalent to 40 ...

Foreign Title :Stickstoffumsatz, Lagerverhalten und optimale Verwertung von Schlempe auf landwirtschaftlichen Flächen.

Author(s) : Gutser, R.

Journal article : Branntweinwirtschaft 1998 Vol.138 pp.2-6 ref.10

18. Microbial contamination of the environment of housed calves.

Foreign Title :Mikrobiální kontaminace prostředí při ustájení telat v uzavřených objektech.

Author(s) : Fišer, A.; Svitavský, K.; Zeman, J.; Sokol, J.; Fajnorová, T.

Journal article : Veterinářství 1995 Vol.45 No.9 pp.401-403 ref.8

22. Identification of organic compounds extracted from black weathered surfaces of Saxonean sandstones, correlation with atmospheric input and rock inhabiting microflora.

The participation of organic compounds in weathering of Saxonean sandstones is investigated with preliminary studies focusing on the organic and elemental carbon contents and microbiological data obtained from the black weathered surfaces of historic buildings in Dresden, Germany. The origin of...

Author(s) : Machill, S.; Althaus, K.; Krumbein, W. E.; Steger, W. E.

Journal article : Organic Geochemistry 1997 Vol.27 No.1/2 pp.79-97 ref.3 pp

23. Fungi isolated from library materials: a review of the literature.

Studies on fungi colonizing library materials are reviewed. Filamentous fungi of 84 genera, represented by 234 species, were isolated during 1919-77, from such library materials as books, paper, parchment, feather, textiles, animal and vegetable glues, inks, wax seals, moving pictures, magnetic...

Author(s) : Zyska, B.

Journal article : International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 1997 Vol.40 No.1 pp.43-51 ref.58

24. Growth and volatile metabolite production of Aspergillus versicolor in house dust.

The ability of A. versicolor to grow and produce volatile metabolites, carbon dioxide and microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC) in house dust was investigated. Signs of metabolic activity were detected after 7 days at relative humidity (RH) of air of 84-86% and after 2 d at RH of 96-98%....

Author(s) : Pasanen, P.; Korpi, A.; Kalliokoski, P.; Pasanen, A. L.

Journal article : Environment International 1997 Vol.23 No.4 pp.425-432 ref.28

25. Comparative decay of heartwood and sapwood of red maple.

Heartwood and sapwood of red maple [Acer rubrum] showed little decay resistance when exposed to the brown-rot fungus, Oligoporus placenta, the white-rot fungus, Trametes versicolor[Coriolus versicolor], and the soft-rot fungus, Chaetomium globosum. Heartwood did, however, show a slight resistance...

Author(s) : Anagnost, S. E.; Smith, W. B.

Journal article : Wood and Fiber Science 1997 Vol.29 No.2 pp.189-194 ref.8