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1. Studies on the quantitative and qualitative characters of cocoons and silk from methoprene and fenoxycarb treated Bombyx mori (L) larvae.

Juvenile hormone analogues (JHA s) are known to prolong larval life in insects, and these have been tried for the improvement of silk production in the silkworm, Bombyx mori (L). In the cocoons and silk from 5th instar B. mori treated with selected doses of methoprene and fenoxycarb, quantitative...

Author(s) : Mamatha, D. M.; Cohly, H. P. P.; Raju, A. H. H.; Rao, M. R.

Publisher : Academic Journals, Nairobi, Kenya

Journal article : African Journal of Biotechnology 2006 Vol.5 No.15 pp.1422-1426

2. Mediterranean and Black Sea organisms and algae from mariculture as sources of antitumor drugs.

Mussels and tunicates cultivated in the Mediterranean and Black Sea are the sources of antitumour drugs. Three compounds isolated from these animals (ET-743, aplidin and bryostatin-1) are on the II-III stages of clinical trials. The carotenoid fucoxantin that is present in edible brown algae,...

Author(s) : Apryshko, G. N.; Ivanov, V. N.; Milchakova, N. A.; Nekhoroshev, M. V.

Publisher : R. E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyviv, Ukraine

Journal article : Experimental Oncology 2005 Vol.27 No.2 pp.94-95 ref.13

3. Silk sericin and its applications: a review.

This paper describes silk, which comprises fibroin and sericin. Sericin contributes approximately 20-30% of the total cocoon weight. Different methods of isolation of sericin from silk thread are known. The solubility, molecular weight and gelling properties of sericin depend on the method of...

Author(s) : Padamwar, M. N.; Pawar, A. P.

Publisher : National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, New Delhi, India

Journal article : Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research 2004 Vol.63 No.4 pp.Unpaginated

4. The molecular structure of spider dragline silk: folding and orientation of the protein backbone.

The design principles of spider dragline silk, nature's high-performance fibre, are still largely unknown, in particular for the noncrystalline glycine-rich domains, which form the bulk of the material. Here, we apply two-dimensional solid-state NMR to determine the distribution of the backbone...

Author(s) : Beek, J. D. van; Hess, S.; Vollrath, F.; Meier, B. H.

Publisher : National Academy of Sciences, Washington, USA

Journal article : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2002 Vol.99 No.16 pp.10266-10271 ref.49

5. The main feature of mohair fibres at the Angora goats effective imported from France.

Foreign Title :Principale însușiri ale fibrelor de mohair la efectivul de caprine Angora importate din Franța.

Author(s) : Dărăban, S.; Mireșan, V.; Spădaru, F.; Cighi, V.

Publisher : Universitatea de Scedilla˜tiințe Agricole scedilla˜i Medicină Veterinară a Banatului Timiscedilla˜oara, Timiscedilla˜oara, Romania

Journal article : Lucrăi Scedilla˜tiințifice - Zootehnie și Biotehnologii, Universitatea de Scedilla˜tiințe Agricole scedilla˜i Medicină Veterinară a Banatului Timiscedilla˜oara 2001 No.No.34 pp.231-235 ref.8

6. Reintroduction of the blue magnifying glass symbol as a quality marker for pig and calf meat.

Foreign Title :Relancering af den blå lup. Svine- og kalvekød er nu tilgængeligt.

Journal article : Dansk Veterinærtidsskrift 1998 Vol.81 No.21 pp.804-805

7. Problems with carcass quality in chickens (I).

Factors which can affect dressed carcass quality in chickens are discussed with reference to nutrition, transport and slaughter, processing and storage. Skin problems that can arise during the feeding period include contact dermatitis, grazes and scratches, and cellulitis; other problems include...

Foreign Title :Problemas en la calidad de la canal de pollo (I).

Author(s) : Cepero Briz, R.

Journal article : Mundo Ganadero 1999 Vol.10 No.115 pp.56-58, 60-62, 64

8. Phagocytic activity of ethyl alcohol fraction of deer antler in murine peritoneal macrophage.

The mechanism of phagocytic activity of the ethyl alcohol fraction of Cervus nippon (CN-E) was investigated in vivo. The administration of CN-E (100 mg/kg, p.o.) enhanced lucigenin chemiluminescence and the engulfment of fluorescein-conjugated Escherichia coli particles in murine peritoneal...

Author(s) : Suh JeongSook; Eun JaeSoon; So JuneNo; Seo JeongTaeg; Jhon GilJa

Journal article : Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 1999 Vol.22 No.9 pp.932-935 ref.33

9. Fat from furbearing animals - a valuable raw material.

Results of experiments carried out in Russia investigating the physicochemical properties of fats obtained from Marmota sp., Mustela sp., Alopex sp. and Procyon sp. are briefly reported. The suitability of these fats for use in ointments is also considered.

Author(s) : Durova, V. V.; Kozlovskaya, K. N.; Shevchenko, A. A.; Fetisov, V. A.

Journal article : Krolikovodstvo i Zverovodstvo 1999 No.No. 6 pp.17-18

10. Estimation of chemical carcass composition from 8th rib characteristics with Belgian Blue double-muscled bulls.

Characteristics from the 8th rib cut: chemical composition, tissue composition after dissection, specific gravity (SG) and m. longissimus thoracis (LT) composition, collected on 17 Belgian Blue double-muscled finishing bulls were used to generate equations for predicting chemical carcass...

Author(s) : Campeneere, S. de; Fiems, L. O.; Voorde, G. van de; Vanacker, J. M.; Boucqué, C. V.; Demeyer, D. I.

Journal article : Meat Science 1999 Vol.51 No.1 pp.27-33 ref.20

11. Fractional isolation and structural characterization of lignins from oil palm trunk and empty fruit bunch fibers.

The lignins from dewaxed oil palm [Elaeis guineensis] stem and empty fruit bunch (EFB) fibres were fractionated into 95% ethanol soluble, cold and hot water soluble, and 1% NaOH soluble lignins, respectively. The chemical and structural composition of the lignin preparations was determined by using ...

Author(s) : Sun, R. C.; Fang, J. M.; Tomkinson, J.

Journal article : Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology 1999 Vol.19 No.4 pp.335-356 ref.28

12. Quality assurance.

Author(s) : Simpson, B. M.

Conference paper; Journal article : Occasional Publication - British Society of Animal Science 1999 No.No. 23 pp.31-32

14. Production of sheepmeat of good quality from wool production systems: a proposition for integrated management.

The potential for combined production of wool and sheepmeat on sheep farms in Uruguay is described. Data (1993-95) showed that animals aged 7-11 months with a body weight of 17-20 kg produced 2-3 kg of good quality wool.

Foreign Title :Producción de carne ovina de calidad a partir de sitemas laneros: una propuesta de desarrollo integrado.

Author(s) : Azzarini, M.

Conference paper; Journal article : Revista Argentina de Producción Animal 1999 Vol.19 No.1 pp.27-36 ref.8

15. A rapid bioassay for detection of adulterated beeswax.

Proboscis extension was used to test the ability of honey bees (Apis mellifera) to detect beeswax adulterated with carnauba wax (Copernicia cerifera [Copernicia prunifera]). Insects were exposed to either 100% beeswax (honeycomb) (e.g., no carnauba wax), 100% melted beeswax (e.g., as commercial...

Author(s) : Aquino, I. S.; Abramson, C. I.; Payton, M. E.

Journal article : Journal of Entomological Science 1999 Vol.34 No.3 pp.265-272 ref.13

16. Correlation between K, Mn, Fe, Cu and Zn in natural honeys from Eucalyptus sources.

Thirty-five natural honey samples from three apicultural regions of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, were collected from honeybee hives under various climatic conditions over a two-year period. The beehives were located in the districts of Bom Jesus do Amparo, Barão de Cocais and São Gonçalo do...

Author(s) : Mattos, S. V. M.; Bastos, E. M.; Dayrell, I. O.; Nelson, D. L.

Journal article : Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology 1998 Vol.41 No.2 pp.170-178 ref.15

17. Effects inducing changes in hydroxymethylfurfural content in honey.

The effects of temperature and storage time on hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content in honey samples was investigated. HMF contents were relatively low at 50°C. HMF content increased with rising temperatures. At 63°C there was a statistically significant increase in HMF content, although levels did...

Foreign Title :Vlivy působící na změny obsahu hydroxymethylfurfuralu v medu.

Author(s) : Kubiš, I.; Ingr, I.

Journal article : Czech Journal of Animal Science 1998 Vol.43 No.8 pp.379-383 ref.11

18. Antibiotic production by Streptomyces hygroscopicus D1.5: cultural effect.

In an attempt to identify new potent antibiotic producers from soil, Streptomyces hygroscopicus D1.5 was isolated and was found antagonistic to both bacteria and fungi. It could utilise arginine as a nitrogen source and glycerol as a carbon source at 0.75 g/litre and 11.5 g/litre, respectively for...

Author(s) : Bhattacharyya, B. K.; Pal, S. C.; Sen, S. K.

Journal article : Revista de Microbiologia 1998 Vol.29 No.3 pp.167-169 ref.12

19. Microstructural evaluation of heat annealed edible whey protein and beeswax emulsion films.

Edible emulsion films were heat annealed using radiant energy such that the lipid phased melted and then cooled over a 10 second period. Heat annealing emulsion films for 5 seconds significantly changed the internal microstructural appearance of films containing beeswax. At all beeswax levels,...

Author(s) : Shellhammer, T. H.; Krochta, J. M.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Conference paper : ASAE Annual International Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA, 12-16 July, 1998. 1998 pp.12 pp. ref.15

20. Production of superoxide dismutase by Aspergillus oryzae A-29 with solid state fermentation.

A powerful superoxide dismutase (SOD) producing Aspergillus oryzae A-29 has been isolated from the soil of Taiwan. This mould was applied in the production of SOD by means of solid state fermentation using wheat bran as media. The activity of the dried media was as high as 1,368.2 U/g. The enzyme...

Author(s) : Wu FangJen; Lin ChingFwu

Journal article : Journal of the Chinese Agricultural Chemical Society 1998 Vol.36 No.2 pp.173-180 ref.27

21. Studies on the constituents of Brazilian propolis.

Two new cinnamic acid derivatives and 22 known compounds, including 5 flavonoids, 3 phenolic compounds, 6 caffeoylquinic acids and 8 cinnamic acid derivatives, were isolated from Brazilian propolis. The new compounds were elucidated as (E)-3-(2,2-dimethyl-3,4-dihydro-3-hydroxy-8-prenyl-2H-1-benzo...

Author(s) : Tazawa, S.; Warashina, T.; Noro, T.; Miyase, T.

Journal article : Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 1998 Vol.46 No.9 pp.1477-1479 ref.19

22. Phenotypic characteristics of populations of initial forms for commercial hybridization of silkworm (Bombyx mori L).

From 1996-1997 the phenotypic characteristics were determined for 6 populations of B. mori, 3 of which were Japanese and 3 which were Chinese, involved in schemes of commercial hybridization. All of the populations were found to have relatively high values for the following traits: hatchability...

Author(s) : Ignatova, L.; Petkov, N.; Nacheva, Y.

Journal article : Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 1998 Vol.35 No.6 pp.87-91 ref.12

23. Thermal properties of the Atlantic blue crab (Callinectes sapidus).

The thermal conductivity and specific heat of raw, whole blue crabs were determined. Thermal conductivity was determined by direct measurement using a line heat source probe method, an empirical relationship based on proximate composition, and a relationship based upon moisture content. Specific...

Author(s) : Clark, B. P.; Hale, S. A.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Conference paper : ASAE Annual International Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA, 12-16 July, 1998. 1998 pp.9 pp. ref.12

24. Mature Merino ewe performance in an ultrafine fibre diameter selected and a control flock.

Data recorded in 1988-95 on ultrafine and control flocks (1407 and 249 ewes respectively) were analysed. In the 2 flocks, fibre diameter averaged 17.7 and 20.0 µm (P<0.001). In adult ultrafine ewes, mean fibre diameter decreased by 0.16 µm per year relative to that in the control flock. In the...

Author(s) : Wuliji, T.; Dodds, K. G.; Andrews, R. N.; Turner, P. R.

Conference paper; Journal article : Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 1998 Vol.58 pp.284-287 ref.20