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1. Spectroscopy NIR and MIR toward predicting simultaneous phenolic contents and antioxidant in red propolis by multivariate analysis.

Conventional methods for determining phenolics and their bioactive properties are expensive, time-consuming, and laborious. This hinders the quality control of red propolis, recognized for having different types of phenolic constituents with different bioactive properties, for example, its...

Author(s) : Lima, A. B. S. de; Batista, A. S.; Santos, M. R. C.; Rocha, R. de S. da; Silva, M. V. da; Ferrão, S. P. B.; Almeida, V. V. S. de; Santos, L. S.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article; Conference paper : Food Chemistry 2022 Vol.367 ref.42

2. Correlation between protein secondary structure and mechanical performance for the ultra-tough dragline silk of Darwin's bark spider.

The spider major ampullate (MA) silk exhibits high tensile strength and extensibility and is typically a blend of MaSp1 and MaSp2 proteins with the latter comprising glycine-proline-glycine-glycine-X repeating motifs that promote extensibility and supercontraction. The MA silk from Darwin's bark...

Author(s) : Htut, K. Z.; Alicea-Serrano, A. M.; Singla, S.; Agnarsson, I.; Garb, J. E.; Kuntner, M.; Gregorič, M.; Haney, R. A.; Marhabaie, M.; Blackledge, T. A.; Dhinojwala, A.

Publisher : The Royal Society, London, UK

Journal article : Journal of the Royal Society Interface 2021 Vol.18 No.179 ref.many

3. Motility and viability of cemani rooster spermatozoa in egg yolk lactate ringer diluent at 4°c storage.

The purpose of this research is to know the effect on motility and viability semen storage of cemani chicken spermatozoa with ringer's lactate and egg yolk stored at temperature of 4° C. This research using Complete Randomized Design (CRD) with seven treatment groups for each storage period: TO=...

Foreign Title :Motilitas dan daya hidup spermatozoa ayam cemani dalam pengencer ringer laktat kuning telur pada penyimpanan suhu 4°c.

Author(s) : Pandia YogaMehendra; Bebas WaYan; Pemayun, T. G. O.

Publisher : Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan, Universitas Udayana, Denpasar, Indonesia

Journal article : Indonesia Medicus Veterinus 2021 Vol.10 No.1 pp.105-115 ref.18

4. Investigations on the membrane interaction of C-terminally amidated esculentin-2 hyba1 and 2 peptides against bacteria.

The membrane interaction and damage caused by C-terminally amidated esculentin-2 peptides identified from the frog skin is illustrated in the present study using Staphylococcus aureus and Vibrio cholerae. Double staining with fluorescent probes SYTOX and DAPI proved the concentration-dependent...

Author(s) : Kumar, T. V.; Asha, R.; Sanil George

Publisher : Routledge, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Animal Biotechnology 2021 Vol.32 No.2 pp.137-146 ref.21

5. Mir-27a regulates wnt3a and kitlg expression in Cashmere goats with different coat colors.

MicroRNAs(miRNAs) regulate and control gene expression at the post-transcriptional level by base pairing with its target gene 3'UTR, resulting in degradation of the target mRNA or inhibition of its translation. The previous high-throughput sequencing results indicated that miR-27a was involved in...

Author(s) : Wu SuFang; Li JianYu; Ma Tao; Li JianPing; Li YuMei; Jiang HuaiZhi; Zhang QiaoLing

Publisher : Routledge, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Animal Biotechnology 2021 Vol.32 No.2 pp.205-212 ref.28

6. Preliminary detection of magnetic particles in the oriental armyworm, Mythimna separata (Walker).

Objectives: Magnetic particles are important for some organisms to sense changes in the geomagnetic field. They are also one of the important geomagnetic orientation mechanisms used by insects during long distance nocturnal migration. In this study, the locations of magnetic particles in adult...

Author(s) : Xie DianJie; Wang WeiHong; Zhang Lei; Cheng YunXia; Pan WeiDong; Jiang XingFu

Publisher : Institute of Zoology, Beijing, China

Journal article : Chinese Journal of Applied Entomology 2021 Vol.58 No.1 pp.90-95 ref.39

7. Study on change of wool fineness with age of Alxa Bactrian camel.

In this study, SPSS17.0 software was used to analyze the wool fineness of 1079 Alxa Bactrian camels. The results showed that the wool fineness of male camel was significantly higher than that of female camel (P < 0.05). At the age of 2-7, the fluff fineness of male and female camel increased...

Author(s) : Bai JunYan; Wu, R. T. di; Dao LeMa; Bao Di; Zhang Qiang; Tian XingHua

Publisher : Zoological Society of Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan

Journal article : Pakistan Journal of Zoology 2021 Vol.53 No.4 pp.1599-1601 ref.6

8. Effect of spatial variation on defensive substances of Constrictotermes cyphergaster soldiers (Blattaria, Isoptera).

The composition of chemical weaponry of termite soldiers show interspecific and intraspecific variation. However, spatial effects on the qualitative and quantitative compositions of these substances in Neotropical termites are poorly known. Hexane extracts of heads and the defensive secretion of...

Author(s) : Mello, A. P. de; Moraes, M. M. de; Câmara, C. A. G. da; Vasconcellos, A.

Publisher : Springer, New York, USA

Journal article : Journal of Chemical Ecology 2021 Vol.47 No.6 pp.544-551 ref.54

9. A study on comfort properties of oak tasar silk waste and acrylic blended fabrics.

Oak Tasar is wild silk with natural golden brown colour and unique texture available in Himalayan region of India. A lot of fibre waste is generated during hand spinning of oak Tasar silk yarn which can be utilized by blending it with compatible fibre to incorporate the properties of both fibres in ...

Author(s) : Pallavi Lakhchaura; Manisha Gahlot

Publisher : Applied and Natural Science Foundation, Haridwar, India

Journal article : Journal of Applied and Natural Science 2021 Vol.13 No.2 pp.476-481 ref.13

10. Synthesis, characterization, and encapsulation of novel plant growth regulators (PGRs) in biopolymer matrices.

Novel plant growth regulators (PGRs) based on the derivatives of dehydroamino acids 2,3-dehydroaspartic acid dimethyl ester (PGR1), Z-isomer of the potassium salt of 2-amino-3-methoxycarbonylacrylic acid (PGR2) and 1-methyl-3-methylamino-maleimide (PGR3) have been synthesized and their...

Author(s) : Vlahoviček-Kahlina, K.; Jurić, S.; Marijan, M.; Mutaliyeva, B.; Khalus, S. V.; Prosyanik, A. V.; Vinceković, M.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021 Vol.22 No.4 ref.34

11. A review on applications of hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose and natural polymers for the development of modified release drug delivery systems.

This review summarizes applications of Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose along with Natural polymers for the development of modified release drug delivery systems. The HPMC was available in variety of grades which show different applications in drug delivery. The various grades of HPMC utilized for...

Author(s) : Rahul Khiste; Nilkanth Bhapkar; Nilesh Kulkarni

Publisher : Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, Raipur, India

Journal article : Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology 2021 Vol.14 No.2 pp.1163-1170 ref.57

12. Applying cavitation technique to optimize the synthesis of catfish epoxide oil, a biological compound with high chemical activity.

This study reported the synthesis of catfish epoxide oil with the assistance of the cavitation technique. The highest yield (94.11%) of epoxidation reaction of catfish fat with hydroperoxide, acetic acid, sulfuric acid catalyst achieved at 50 PSi, 45°C, the molar ratio of (H2O2/CH3COOH/double bonds ...

Author(s) : Hong Tran Thi; Tien Nguyen Minh; Quy-Diem Do; Nhan Cao Thanh; Tan Phan Minh

Publisher : Dr. Pratima Sharma, Jaipur, India

Journal article : Rasāyan Journal of Chemistry 2021 Vol.14 No.1 pp.194-203 ref.25

13. New antibacterial activities of brominated C18 and C20 fatty acids isolated from marine sponge Xestospongia testudinaria against shrimp pathogenic bacteria.

The two known brominated C18 and C20 fatty acids (methyl ester) possessing acetylenic bonds (1,2) have been obtained from ethyl acetate extract of Xestospongia testudinaria collected in Badi island, Spermonde Archipelago, Makassar, Indonesia. The C18 and C20 compounds were determined using NMR and...

Author(s) : Latifah, L. A.; Soekamto, N. H.; Tahir, A.

Publisher : Dr. Pratima Sharma, Jaipur, India

Journal article : Rasāyan Journal of Chemistry 2021 Vol.14 No.1 pp.460-465 ref.31

14. Effects of Guangxi Hepu pearl hydrolysate on proliferation activity and apoptosis of human hepatic stellate cells.

[Objective] The paper was to observe the effects of Guangxi Hepu pearl hydrolysate on proliferation and apoptosis of human hepatic stellate cells. [Method] The inhibition rate against the proliferation of human hepatic stellate cells was determined by MTT colorimetry after co-in-cubation with pearl ...

Author(s) : Peng Yue; Feng QuanSheng; Lin Jiang; Zhao TieJian; Liu Peng; Cen YanHui

Publisher : The Journal Board of Plant Diseases and Pests, Cranston, USA

Journal article : Plant Diseases and Pests 2021 Vol.12 No.3 pp.29-33 ref.9

15. Bee bread exhibits higher antimicrobial potential compared to bee pollen.

This study aimed at investigation of the antimicrobial potential of ethanolic extracts of bee bread (BB) and bee pollen (BP) and suspensions of these products in MHB (Mueller Hinton Broth). We covered 30 samples of BP and 19 samples of BB harvested in Polish apiaries. Slightly lower activity was...

Author(s) : Pełka, K.; Otłowska, O.; Worobo, R. W.; Szweda, P.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Antibiotics 2021 Vol.10 No.2 ref.54

16. Neuroprotective effects of NDEELNK from sea cucumber ovum against scopolamine-induced PC12 cell damage through enhancing energy metabolism and upregulation of the PKA/BDNF/NGF signaling pathway.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the neuroprotective function of sea cucumber ovum peptide-derived NDEELNK and explore the underlying molecular mechanisms. NDEELNK exerted the neuroprotective effect by improving the acetylcholine (ACh) level and reducing the acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity ...

Author(s) : Zhao Yue; Dong YiFei; Ge Qi; Cui PengBo; Sun Na; Lin SongYi

Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK

Journal article : Food and Function 2021 Vol.12 No.17 pp.7676-7687

17. Cellulose derivatives-snail slime films: new disposable eco-friendly materials for food packaging.

In recent decades, synthetic plastic polymers have been the most practical and economical solution for packaging applications due to their low cost, availability, excellent optical, mechanical and barrier properties and resistance against water. However, most of the plastics used for packaging are...

Author(s) : Filippo, M. F. di; Dolci, L. S.; Liccardo, L.; Bigi, A.; Bonvicini, F.; Gentilomi, G. A.; Passerini, N.; Panzavolta, S.; Albertini, B.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Food Hydrocolloids 2021 Vol.111

18. Phagocytosis of astaxanthin-loaded microparticles modulates TGFβ production and intracellular ROS levels in J774A.1 macrophages.

Radiation-induced fibrosis is a serious long-lasting side effect of radiation therapy. Central to this condition is the role of macrophages that, activated by radiation-induced reactive oxygen species and tissue cell damage, produce pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as transforming growth factor...

Author(s) : Binatti, E.; Zoccatelli, G.; Zanoni, F.; Donà, G.; Mainente, F.; Chignola, R.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Marine Drugs 2021 Vol.19 No.3 ref.31

19. Oversulfated dermatan sulfate and heparinoid in the starfish Lysastrosoma anthosticta: structures and anticoagulant activity.

Crude anionic polysaccharides extracted from the Pacific starfish Lysastrosoma anthosticta were separated by anion-exchange chromatography into fractions LA-F1 and LA-F2. The main fraction LA-F1 was solvolytically desulfated giving rise to preparation LA-F1-DS with a structure of dermatan core...

Author(s) : Ustyuzhanina, N. E.; Bilan, M. I.; Dmitrenok, A. S.; Tsvetkova, E. A.; Nifantiev, N. E.; Usov, A. I.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Carbohydrate Polymers 2021 Vol.261

20. Reversible inhibition of trypsin activity with soybean flour in hide bating process for leather quality improvement.

Trypsin is used to remove non-collagenous proteins from cattle hide in leather processing but prone to damage hide surface and reduce leather quality due to its rapid protein hydrolysis action on the hide surface and slow penetration through the whole hide. A novel trypsin bating method was...

Author(s) : Wang Huan; Lei Chao; Zeng YunHang; Song Ying; Zhang QiXian; Shi Bi

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Industrial Crops and Products 2021 Vol.161

21. Effect of propolis on glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Purpose: The purpose of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to investigate the efficacy of propolis on glycemic indices in type 2 diabetic patients. Design/methodology/approach: Web of science (ISI), Embase, Scopus and PubMed were systematically searched to find randomized controlled...

Author(s) : Mosallanezhad, Z.; Clark, C.; Bahreini, F.; Motamed, Z.; Mosallanezhad, A.; Hosseini, S. F.; Shaban-Khalaf, A.; Sohrabi, Z.

Publisher : Emerald Publishing, Bingley, UK

Journal article : Nutrition & Food Science 2021 Vol.51 No.7 pp.1124-1137 ref.40

22. Removal of phloridzin by chitosan-modified biochar prepared from apple branches.

Phloridzin is a phenolic acid associated with the genus Malus (Mill.) that causes apple replant disease. The removal of phloridzin is of great significance to alleviate this condition, and hence biochar was investigated for this purpose. The goal of this study was to improve the adsorption capacity ...

Author(s) : Ma ZhiTing; Du WenYan; Yan ZhuBing; Chen XueSen; Wang YanFang; Mao ZhiQuan

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Analytical Letters 2021 Vol.54 No.5 pp.903-918 ref.46

23. Effect of melittin on iNOS and NF-κB expression induced by IL-1βin C518 cells.

Melittin (Mel), a natural detergent, is a major component of bee venom. Mel exhibits favorable clinical effects on the treatment of rheumatoid osteoarthritis, myositis, lumbar muscle strain, and peripheral neurological disorders. Interleukin-1β (IL-1β) contributes to the progression of...

Author(s) : Tang FaQiang; Wu Hong; Zheng JianZhang; Guo HuiLing; Yan LaiPeng; Lin YunShuo; Xu ChunCai; Hu ShiPing

Publisher : Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan

Journal article : Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2021 Vol.34 No.1 pp.95-101 ref.35

24. Analysis of beeswax adulteration with paraffin using GC/MS, FTIR-ATR and Raman spectroscopy.

It is generally known that beeswax is falsified, and adulterated waxes are increasingly appearing in markets. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), Fourier transform infrared and Raman spectroscopy techniques were used to assess changes in the composition of n-alkanes, fatty acids,...

Author(s) : Špaldoňová, A.; Havelcová, M.; Lapčák, L.; Machovič, V.; Titěra, D.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Journal of Apicultural Research 2021 Vol.60 No.1 pp.73-83 ref.29

25. Meliponiculture: a backbone for poor people.

Author(s) : Rao, G. V. S.

Publisher : Special Insect Interest Group, Bengaluru, India

Journal article : Insect Environment 2021 Vol.24 No.1 pp.153-155 ref.5