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1. 1 history and foundations of applied ecology and conservation.

This chapter contains questions about the history of applied ecology and conservation along with others concerned with some basic principles.

Author(s) : Rees, P. A.

Book chapter : Key questions in applied ecology and conservation: a study and revision guide 2021 pp.1-18

2. Global environmental change and biodiversity loss.

This chapter contains questions about global warming, other aspects of environmental change and global biodiversity loss. The questions are arranged by topic and divided into three levels: foundation, intermediate and advanced.

Author(s) : Rees, P. A.

Book chapter : Key questions in applied ecology and conservation: a study and revision guide 2021 pp.127-144

3. Environmental assessment, monitoring and modelling.

This chapter contains questions about the equipment and methods used to conduct environmental assessments, monitor biodiversity and model ecological systems.

Author(s) : Rees, P. A.

Book chapter : Key questions in applied ecology and conservation: a study and revision guide 2021 pp.161-179

4. Anther smuts on Butterworts (Pinguicula spp.).

Microbotryum pinguiculae has recently been reported from Wales as new to Britain on Pinguicula vulgaris, and we present details of locations and infection rates, and also report a first record for Scotland. We expand previous molecular phylogenetic analyses to include a specimen from Wales, and...

Author(s) : Smith, P. A.; Lutz, M.; Chater, A. O.; Woods, R. G.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Field Mycology 2021 Vol.22 No.1 pp.5-11 ref.19

5. Adaptive management of sustainable tourism in Antarctica: a rhetoric or working progress?

Growth and diversification of tourism activities in Antarctica have not been matched by proactive strategies for planning or management. Recognizing that the adaptive management approach has been effectively implemented in managing tourism in protected areas, we examine to what extent this approach ...

Author(s) : Cajiao, D.; Benayas, J.; Tejedo, P.; Leung YuFai

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Sustainability 2021 Vol.13 No.14 ref.140

6. Special Issue.

Protected Areas (PAs) perform essential biological and landscape diversity conservation functions. They also serve as nature labs and experimental grounds for various sorts of monitoring research around the world. An object for environmental co-operation between neighbouring countries is an...

Publisher : Fund for Support and Development of Protected Areas, Saransk, Russia

Journal issue : Nature Conservation Research 2021 Vol.6 No.Suppl. 1 pp.1-136 ref.14

7. Habitat heterogeneity induced by pyrogenic organic matter in wildfire-perturbed soils mediates bacterial community assembly processes.

Although pyrogenic organic matter (PyOM) generated during wildfires plays a critical role in post-fire ecosystem recovery, the specific mechanisms by which PyOM controls soil microbial community assembly after wildfire perturbation remain largely uncharacterized. Herein we characterized the effect...

Author(s) : Zhang LuJun; Ma Bin; Tang CaiXian; Yu HaoDan; Lv XiaoFei; Rodrigues, J. L. M.; Dahlgren, R. A.; Xu JianMing

Publisher : Nature Publishing Group, London, UK

Journal article : ISME Journal 2021 Vol.15 No.7 pp.1943-1955 ref.58

8. Fungal biodiversity and metabolic potential of selected fluvisols from the Vistula River valley in Lubelskie, Poland.

Analyses of the soil mycobiome, though limited, are needed to understand interactions in the ecosystem. We have attempted to assess structural and functional differentiation of fluvisol mycobiomes located in the Natura 2000 area in Vistula River valet in Lubelskie, Poland. The metabolic potential...

Author(s) : Furtak, K.; Grządziel, J.; Gałązka, A.; Gawryjołek, K.; Niedźwiecki, J.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Applied Soil Ecology 2021 Vol.160

9. Modeling impacts of broad-scale plantation forestry on ecosystem services in the past 60 years and for the future.

Although forestry plantations dominate landscapes in many parts of the world, effects of plantation forestry on various ecosystem services (ESs) remain unknown. Here, we modeled 10 forest ESs as functions of forest type (natural forest vs. plantation), stand age, and environmental covariates to...

Author(s) : Yamaura, Y.; Yamada, Y.; Matsuura, T.; Tamai, K.; Taki, H.; Sato, T.; Hashimoto, S.; Murakami, W.; Toda, K.; Saito, H.; Nanko, K.; Ito, E.; Takayama, N.; Tsuzuki, N.; Takahashi, M.; Yamaki, K.; Sano, M.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Ecosystem Services 2021 Vol.49

10. Microbial communities in full-scale wastewater treatment systems exhibit deterministic assembly processes and functional dependency over time.

Microbial communities constitute the core component of biological wastewater treatment processes. We conducted a meta-analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene of temporal samples obtained from diverse full-scale activated sludge and anaerobic digestion systems treating municipal and industrial...

Author(s) : Yu JinJin; Tang SiangNee; Lee, P. K. H.

Publisher : American Chemical Society, Washington, USA

Journal article : Environmental Science & Technology 2021 Vol.55 No.8 pp.5312-5323

11. Ecosystem restoration: challenges and opportunities for India.

Ninety-six million hectares of degraded land, unprecedented loss of biodiversity, and extreme climatic events are the key ecological challenges for India. Offering livelihood opportunities to millions of workers who migrated to their villages and recovery from economic crisis due to covid-19...

Author(s) : Kripal Singh; Singh, R. P.; Tewari, S. K.

Publisher : Wiley, Boston, USA

Journal article : Restoration Ecology 2021 Vol.29 No.3

12. Two-step sampling can produce triphasic species-area relationship.

Aims: It is important to explore the underlying mechanisms that cause triphasic species-area relationship (triphasic SAR) across different scales in order to understand the spatial patterns of biodiversity. Methods: Instead of theory establishment or field data derivation, I adopted a data...

Author(s) : Pan XuBin

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Plant Ecology 2021 Vol.14 No.4 pp.673-678

13. First record of white rot on Ipomoea batatas caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in China.

Collapsed vines of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) plants were observed in Jining fields in September 2019. In some cases, the whole plant had been killed due to the infection of crown. The size of sclerotia formed on infected tissues ranged from 0.6 to 1.5 cm in diameter. A number of sclerotia were ...

Author(s) : Xiong Jing; Xie Lu; Ojaghian, S.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 2021 Vol.54 No.7/8 pp.354-358 ref.12

14. Traits and impacts of introduced species: a quantitative review of meta-analyses.

Despite significant growth in the information on introduced species (NIS), agreement on their comparative fitness and effects on native (NAT) communities is heterogeneous. Hypotheses aimed at explaining their fitness and impacts are as often supported as challenged. In order to investigate whether...

Author(s) : Boltovskoy, D.; Correa, N. M.; Burlakova, L. E.; Karatayev, A. Y.; Thuesen, E. V.; Sylvester, F.; Paolucci, E. M.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Hydrobiologia 2021 Vol.848 No.9 pp.2225-2258 ref.many

15. Social interaction, and not group size, predicts parasite burden in mammals.

Although parasitism is often considered a cost of sociality, the evidence is mixed, possibly because sociality is multivariate. Here we contrast the dependence of parasitism costs on major social variables such as group size and social structure, as measured by network metrics. We conduct two...

Author(s) : Lucatelli, J.; Mariano Neto, E.; Japyassú, H. F.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Evolutionary Ecology 2021 Vol.35 No.1 pp.115-130 ref.many

16. The ecosystem service value of maintaining and expanding terrestrial protected areas in China.

Maintaining and expanding protected areas (PAs) can benefit humans and the rest of nature, but also has direct management and opportunity costs. Assessing this trade-off can benefit from valuing ecosystem services (ESs). The gross value of a subset of ESs provided by China's existing terrestrial...

Author(s) : Chen HaoJie

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Science of the Total Environment 2021 Vol.781

17. A new method for indicator species analysis in the framework of multivariate analysis of variance.

Question: In vegetation science, the compositional dissimilarity among two or more groups of plots is usually tested with dissimilarity-based multivariate analysis of variance (db-MANOVA), whereas the compositional characterization of the different groups is performed by means of indicator species...

Author(s) : Ricotta, C.; Pavoine, S.; Cerabolini, B. E. L.; Pillar, V. D.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Vegetation Science 2021 Vol.32 No.2 ref.29

18. Applying neo-endogenous development theory to delivering sustainable local nature conservation.

The environmental planning agenda is shaped by a range of top-down policies and directives, both nationally and internationally. Simultaneously, several local, often community-led, initiatives seek to enhance their local environments. This article seeks to understand both synergies and dissonance...

Author(s) : Marango, S.; Bosworth, G.; Curry, N.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Sociologia Ruralis 2021 Vol.61 No.1 pp.116-140

19. Reflections on the Dasgupta review on the economics of biodiversity.

The Dasgupta Review provides a rich overview of the economics of biodiversity, paints a bleak picture of the current state of biodiversity, and is a call to arms for action in anticipation of the CBD COP 15. The Review takes a global perspective aimed at the high level of international and national ...

Author(s) : Groom, B.; Turk, Z.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Environmental and Resource Economics 2021 Vol.79 No.1 pp.1-23 ref.many

20. Mass developments of Euglena sanguinea Ehrenberg in South Africa.

Blooms of Euglena sanguinea Ehrenberg were observed at two different locations in South Africa, Mpumalanga province during 2016 and Limpopo province during 2020. Besides being responsible for a blood-red discolouration of the water, the species is also toxic, causing fish mortalities. Samples from...

Author(s) : Vuuren, S. J. van; Levanets, A.

Publisher : NISC - Taylor & Francis, Grahamstown, South Africa

Journal article : African Journal of Aquatic Science 2021 Vol.46 No.1 pp.110-122 ref.114

21. Arthonia buelliae sp. nov. (Arthoniaceae, Arthoniales, Ascomycota) and other noteworthy lichenicolous fungi from the primorye territory of Russia.

Arthonia buelliae, a gall-inducing lichenicolous ascomycete from Russia growing on Buellia stellulata, is described as new to science. The species is characterized by immersed ascomata, I+ blue then reddish-brown and K/I+ blue hymenia, 8-spored, I-, K/I- asci and (1-)2-3-trans-septate or rarely...

Author(s) : Zhurbenko, M. P.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Phytotaxa 2021 Vol.483 No.2 pp.183-189 ref.32

22. First report of Peronospora saturejae-hortensis in Iran.

In November 2018 severe downy mildew infection was observed on summer savory plants in Kermanshah Province, Iran. Leaves on infected plants displayed chlorosis-browning on the upper surfaces and abundant dark gray-brown sporulation of the asexual morph on the lower surfaces. Based on the...

Author(s) : Khateri, H.; Moarrefzadeh, N.; Jamali, S.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Australasian Plant Disease Notes 2021 Vol.16 No.1 pp.(06 February 2021) ref.19

23. Hop stunt viroid detection in hops (Humulus lupulus) in Australia.

Hop stunt viroid (HSVd), a significant pathogen of some hop cultivars, was detected for the first time in hops in Australia. Plants were tested for graft-transmissible pathogens prior to their use in research trials. Upon observing symptoms indicative of potential viroid infection, RNA was...

Author(s) : Chambers, G. A.; K. Dodds; Donovan, N. J.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Australasian Plant Disease Notes 2021 Vol.16 No.3 pp.(17 February 2021) ref.18

24. Damping-off caused by Pythium aphanidermatum on sugar beet in Egypt.

Damping-off, root rot and necrotic lesions were observed on sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) seedlings in the Kafrelsheikh Governorate, in the northern part of the Nile River delta, Egypt. Pythium aphanidermatum was identified as the causal agent using the morphology of the asexual and sexual morphs and...

Author(s) : Mahmoud, M. A. A.; Omar, A. F.; Mohamed, A. A. A.; Gouda, M. I.; Emeran, A. A.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Australasian Plant Disease Notes 2021 Vol.16 No.25 pp.(13 September 2021) ref.5

25. Weaving indigenous knowledge systems and Western sciences in terrestrial research, monitoring and management in Canada: a protocol for a systematicmap.

Human activities and development have contributed to declines in biodiversity across the globe. Understanding and addressing biodiversity loss will require the mobilization of diverse knowledge systems. While calls for interdisciplinary practices in environmental research date back decades, there...

Author(s) : Henri, D. A.; Provencher, J. F.; Bowles, E.; Taylor, J. J.; Steel, J.; Chelick, C.; Popp, J. N.; Cooke, S. J.; Rytwinski, T.; McGregor, D.; Ford, A. T.; Alexander, S. M.

Publisher : British Ecological Society, London, UK

Journal article : Ecological Solutions and Evidence 2021 Vol.2 No.e12057 ref.many