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2. Radiation measurement in sugarcane.

Solar radiation monitoring sensors useful for sugarcane crops are described. Limitations and possible sources of error for each type of sensor are discussed.

Author(s) : Jain, P. C.

Journal article : Indian Sugar 1999 Vol.48 No.12 pp.967-970 ref.6

3. Proceedings of the workshop on optimisation of pyrolysis processes for fluid fuel production. Analogies with petroleum.

An introduction, an overview and 10 other papers are presented from this workshop on biomass pyrolysis that was held at Os/Bergen, 26-27 November 1998.

Conference proceedings : Organic Geochemistry 1999 Vol.30 No.12 pp.1477-1587 ref.many

4. Computing electrical demands for farms.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Miscellaneous : ASAE standards 1999. Standards, engineering practices, data. 1999 No.Ed.46 pp.466-467 ref.2

5. Soil cone penetrometer.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Miscellaneous : ASAE standards 1999. Standards, engineering practices, data. 1999 No.Ed.46 pp.834-835 ref.1

6. Procedures for using and reporting data obtained with the soil cone penetrometer.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Miscellaneous : ASAE standards 1999. Standards, engineering practices, data. 1999 No.Ed.46 pp.991-993 ref.13

7. Air pressure fuzzy controller for pneumatic dust collecting device.

A new control system based on fuzzy control technology was designed, for a sawdust collecting device. The fan speed of an air blower could be automatically adjusted with the working load to retain a constant pressure. In this way, working efficiency of the device could be maximized and energy could ...

Author(s) : Zuo JianHua

Journal article : China Wood Industry 1999 Vol.13 No.3 pp.34-36 ref.3

8. [Italian] Regulations for the construction of deep water wells.

Foreign Title :Vorschriften zum Bau von Tiefbrunnen.

Author(s) : Unterholzner, H.

Journal article : Obstbau Weinbau 1999 Vol.36 No.11 pp.321-322

9. Biosensors: past, present and future.

This paper briefly describes the development, principles and applications of glucose biosensors. Problems associated with current electroanalytical methods are also discussed.

Author(s) : Hill, H. A. O.; Davis, J. J.

Journal article : Biochemical Society Transactions 1999 Vol.27 No.2 pp.331-335 ref.18

11. IEA Bioenergy Gasification Task: tar protocols for biomass gasification.

This special issues includes 9 papers on the subject of sampling and analysis protocols for determining tars produced during gasification of biomass either with a moving bed or a fluidized bed system. Two protocols were drafted following a meeting in 1998 of the IEA Bioenergy gasification Task, the ...

Miscellaneous : Biomass and Bioenergy 2000 Vol.18 No.1 pp.91 pp. ref.many

13. Single rope techniques in tropical rain forest trees: going down safe and sound.

This short article presents the authors views on safety precautions when using single rope techniques while sampling in tropical rain forests.

Author(s) : Steege, H. ter

Journal article : Biotropica 1998 Vol.30 No.3 pp.496-497 ref.4

14. Innovative wedge axe in making split firewood.

Foreign Title :Uusi kiilakirves pilkkeiden teossa.

Author(s) : Mutikainen, A.

Publisher : Työtehoseura Ry, Helsinki, Finland

Miscellaneous : Työtehoseuran Metsätiedote 1998 No.No. 588 pp.4 pp. ref.6

15. A handy piston core sampler for sediments in shallow water.

Author(s) : Nanba, K.; Iida, T.; Fukuyo, Y.; Matsuoka, K.

Journal article : Fisheries Science 1998 Vol.64 No.6 pp.985-986 ref.6

17. Hydraulically-filled geomembrane bags for land reclamation.

A method of constructing a berm in water using geomembrane bags filled with dredged marine soil or sand, instead of expensive rockfill, is described. The design and construction methodology for this structure is presented. Other potential applications of this construction method are discussed.

Author(s) : Bridle, R. J.; Barr, B. I. G.; John, S.

Journal article : Geosynthetics International 1998 Vol.5 No.4 pp.435-442

18. Keep hydraulic lubricant in condition.

The effects of quality and composition of hydraulic lubricant on the functioning of hydraulic equipment are described, as well as recommended management of hydraulic systems.

Foreign Title :Houd hydrauliekolie in conditie.

Author(s) : Meijer, D. G.

Journal article : Landbouwmechanisatie 1998 Vol.49 No.12 pp.20-21

19. Use of portable plasmatrons in repair work.

Specifications are presented of four Russian Alplaz plasmatron instruments used for metal cutting, and the design details of a plasma burner are illustrated.

Author(s) : Nilov, N. I.

Journal article : Mekhanizatsiya i Ėlektrifikatsiya Sel'skogo Khozyaĭstva 1998 No.No. 3 pp.26-27

20. Proceedings of the second international symposium on sensors in horticulture, Tune Landboskole, Greve, Denmark, 21-26 August, 1995.

This symposium covered: sensors for quality (4 papers on plants, 4 on vision and 2 on acoustics); sensors for speaking plant approach and climate (4 papers); sensors for water contents and substrates (4 papers); sensors for water status of plants (3 papers); and 9 poster presentations.

Conference proceedings : Acta Horticulturae 1998 No.No. 421 pp.287 pp.

23. Measurement methods of soil surface hardness.

A comparison of several soil penetrometers is presented including penetrometer illustrations and graphically presented results.

Author(s) : Nishimura, Y.

Journal article : Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery 1998 Vol.60 No.5 pp.130-133 ref.5

25. Steam boiler safety.

Foreign Title :Zur Sicherheit von Dampfkesseln.

Author(s) : Bättig, H.

Journal article : Schweizerische Milchzeitung 1998 Vol.124 No.40 pp.7