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1. The development of techniques and professional machinery for lawns.

A selection of new equipment for irrigation, sowing, cutting, handling and transplanting grass for lawns is presented with specific examples and colour photographs.

Foreign Title :L'evoluzione delle tecniche e delle macchine professionali per il tappeto erboso.

Author(s) : Piccarolo, P.

Journal article : Mondo Macchina 1998 Vol.7 No.10 pp.24..32

2. The effect of filling forest tyres with water.

A theoretical analysis and series of calculations show that filling the tyres of forest vehicles with water does increase the traction of driven wheels and the stability of a machine. However, it also causes energy losses, increases the static and dynamic load on the soil, impairs the vibration...

Foreign Title :Zum Einfluss von Wasserfüllungen in Forstreifen.

Author(s) : Gerdsen, G.

Journal article : Forsttechnische Informationen 1997 No.No. 9 pp.103-106

3. The basis of the FPA testing of tractors (Part 2).

Part 2 describes the rest of the protocol for testing tractors in Germany. It covers the extent of the practical field tests, environmental acceptability, work safety and ergonomic aspects, and costs.

Foreign Title :Die Prüfgrundlage zur FPA-Prüfung - Tragschlepper (Teil 2).

Journal article : Forsttechnische Informationen 1997 No.No. 9 pp.106-114

4. Studies on techniques for automatic grafting of vegetables: III. Optimal design for removing growth points of rootstocks.

The effects of robot structural parameters on knife movement were analysed using computer simulation. The limitations of each parameter are analysed and can be used for the design of an automatic arm for removing the growth points on rootstocks.

Author(s) : Zhang TieZhong; Xu LiMing; Fang XianFa

Journal article : Journal of China Agricultural University 1997 Vol.2 No.6 pp.63-65 ref.1

5. Tomato production in open or closed rockwool culture systems with NFT or rockwool nutrient feedings.

Tomato cv. Trust was grown in an open rockwool system with standard rockwool nutrient feeding (conventional method), and in two closed rockwool systems with standard rockwool nutrient feeding or NFT nutrient feeding from January to August 1996. More than 10 kg of marketable fruits per plant (33 kg...

Author(s) : Papadopoulos, A. P.; Hao, X.; Tu, J. C.; Zheng, J.

Conference paper; Journal article : Acta Horticulturae 1999 No.No. 481 pp.89-96 ref.5

6. Comparison of some materials for protection of kiwifruit from winter frosts.

Single- and double-walled polypropylene tubes (60 or 120 cm tall), non-woven polyester fabric (400 g/m2, 1, 2 or 3 m in length) and barley straw (approx. 2 kg/vine) were evaluated for frost protection of kiwifruit vines in Udine, Italy in January and February 1999. Minimum temperatures on the 2...

Foreign Title :Confronto di alcuni materiali per la protezione dell'actinidia dal freddo invernale.

Author(s) : Contin, M.; Comuzzo, G.; Frezza, R.

Journal article : Notiziario ERSA 1999 Vol.12 No.3/4 pp.37-40 ref.5

7. Advantages gained by controlling root growth in a newly-developed hydroponic growing system.

A new hydroponic growing system named Aqua Nutrient Growing System is described. This system is based on the concept that a constant supply of water and a low constant supply of nutrients are sufficient to sustain plant growth. In the Aqua Nutrient Growing System, plants are grown in a confined...

Author(s) : Jones, J. B., Jr.

Conference paper; Journal article : Acta Horticulturae 1999 No.No. 481 pp.221-230 ref.11

8. Effects of bloom-thinning chemicals on peach fruit set.

Endothal, pelargonic acid (Thinex), YI-1066, sulfcarbamide (Wilthin), ammonium thiosulfate (ATS; Thinset), and Armothin (a surfactant), applied as single airblast sprays to peach trees at full bloom, inhibited fruit set, increased fruit diameter, were not injurious to fruit appearance, and were...

Author(s) : Byers, R. E.

Journal article : Journal of Tree Fruit Production 1999 Vol.2 No.2 pp.59-78 ref.20

9. Simultaneous research on the performance of motor trimmers and chain saws.

The characteristics and operating performance were studied of 3 portable brush/clearing saws (the Stihl FS-360, Shindaiwa RC-45 and Echo CLS 4600) in comparison with a chainsaw (Stihl 024S) for felling trees in a 23-year-old stand of beech/pedunculate oak [Fagus sylvatica/Quercus robur] with...

Foreign Title :Usporedno istraživanje rada motornih čistača i motorne lančane pile.

Author(s) : Knepr, J.

Journal article : Šumarski List 1999 Vol.123 No.3/4 pp.133-140 ref.12

10. Vocational forestry education in Finland.

A short account of educational institutions and facilities in Finland, focusing in particular on training available for the operation of forest harvesters and similar forestry machinery, which can include the use of simulators.

Foreign Title :L'istruzione professionale e le tecnologie nelle utilizzazione forestali: il caso della Finlandia.

Author(s) : Bartoluzzi, B.; Cavalli, R.

Journal article : Sherwood - Foreste ed Alberi Oggi 1999 Vol.5 No.4 pp.33-37 ref.7

11. Current situation and development prospects for the mechanization of tending fellings.

A review is made of the various types of machinery already available or being developed in Russia for the various kinds of tending fellings. These include: brush-cutters, brush-cutter/chippers, and crushing rollers, where the small material is left in the forest in weeding and cleaning operations;...

Author(s) : Zinin, V. F.; Prokhorov, L. N.

Journal article : Lesnoe Khozyaĭstvo 1999 No.No. 5 pp.41-43 ref.5

12. Frost protection: technical-economic analysis of different systems.

Costs for the installation and maintenance of 9 frost protection systems in French orchards are described. Systems include mist sprayers, micro-sprayers (which reduce water use by 30-40%), complex and simple heaters, paraffin wax candles, logs formed from a mixture of paraffin wax and sawdust,...

Foreign Title :Protection contre le gel: analyse technico-économique des différents systèmes.

Author(s) : Hutin, C.

Journal article : Fruit Belge 1999 Vol.67 No.481 pp.145-151

13. Evaluating novel misting control techniques for poinsettia propagation.

Poinsettia cuttings were propagated under static and dynamic misting control techniques. The static control was based on a fixed on/off misting interval of 5 s every 5 min. It was compared to 2 dynamic misting control techniques, one of which was based on evapotranspiration, the other on measuring...

Author(s) : Zolnier, S.; Gates, R. S.; Anderson, R. G.; Geneve, R. L.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Conference paper : ASAE/CSAE-SCGR Annual International Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 18-21 July, 1999. 1999 pp.16 pp. ref.25

14. Development of electric motor-driven monorail systems for agrochemical application in sloping greenhouses.

Three electric motor-driven monorail systems were developed for greenhouses on sloping land (most of the agricultural land in Shikoku, Japan is sloping). The 3 systems, which were a fully automatic type, a partially automatic type and a remote-control type, were mainly used in agrochemical...

Author(s) : Nagasaki, Y.; Nonaka, M.; Kawashima, H.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Conference paper : ASAE/CSAE-SCGR Annual International Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 18-21 July, 1999. 1999 pp.10 pp.

15. A demonstration test of protected cultivation of strawberries.

In trials in 1997-98, strawberries grown in a greenhouse yielded 1.59 t/667 m2 while the yield in small tunnels was 1.8 t, with plastic mulch 1.89 t, and with bare soil 1.91 t/667 m2. The value of the crop was markedly higher under greenhouse cultivation than with the other methods of cultivation...

Author(s) : Chen YongYin; Sun GuangMing

Journal article : China Fruits 1999 No.No. 3 pp.42-43

16. Machines for soil tending in orchards on mountain slopes.

Details are given of the design (illustrated) and specifications of a set of 3 mowing machines developed in Kabardino-Balkaria (North Caucasus) for the tending and maintenance of orchards on slopes. The KIS-1,5 mounted rotor-type mower cuts and comminutes the grass and green manure crops in...

Author(s) : Shomakhov, L. A.; Balkarov, R. A.; Shekikhachev, Yu. A.

Journal article : Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo 1999 No.No. 1 pp.7-9

17. Definition of an algorithm for vineyard pergola structures computation.

Previous methods for the analysis of the stress state of vineyard pergolas have been based on the hypothesis of a linear relationship between the displacements and the applied forces. The high values of the displacements of the wires of the net under the action of external loads meant that...

Foreign Title :Definizione di un algoritmo per il calcolo delle strutture a tendone per vigneto.

Author(s) : Cascone, G.; D'Emilio, A.

Journal article : Rivista di Ingegneria Agraria 1999 Vol.30 No.1 pp.1-11 ref.7

18. Aqueous foams for frost protection of plants: stability and protective properties.

Experimental and mathematical simulations were carried out along with field tests to find foaming solutions and application methods for foam layers that provide optimal plant protection. A new parameter, insulation endurance, was developed for evaluating the thermal protective properties of...

Author(s) : Krasovitski, B.; Kimmel, E.; Rozenfeld, M.; Amir, I.

Journal article : Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 1999 Vol.72 No.2 pp.177-185 ref.11

19. Evaluation of a sowing disc for maize.

Details are given of the layout of a laboratory used for studies on the sowing disc of the Russian SST-12B seed drill, in which the metal deflector for 'excess' seeds was replaced by a rubberised one. The shape, length and number of cells on the disc, the disc output, number of seeds sown per...

Author(s) : Repetov, A. N.; Surovtsev, A. G.

Journal article : Kukuruza i Sorgo 1999 No.No. 2 pp.17-19

20. Model comparisons of equilibrium moisture content of prunes in the temperature range of 15-45°C.

Moisture equilibrium data for adsorption and desorption of water from prunes (Prunus domestica) were investigated at temperatures in the range of 15-45°C and water activity ranging from 0.4 to 0.99. The experimental procedure used was a gravimetric dynamic method with continuous registration of...

Author(s) : Stencl, J.; Otten, L.; Gotthardova, J.; Homola, P.

Journal article : Journal of Stored Products Research 1999 Vol.35 No.1 pp.27-36 ref.25

21. Influence of covering material and shading on the spectral distribution of light in greenhouses.

The solar photon flux distribution was measured from 400 to 1100 nm under a twin-span glasshouse and under the same glasshouse with blanked roof, external shading net and internal aluminized shade-screen. Measurements were also carried out under a twin-span polyethylene greenhouse, a multi-span...

Author(s) : Kittas, C.; Baille, A.; Giaglaras, P.

Journal article : Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 1999 Vol.73 No.4 pp.341-351 ref.30

22. Design and performance testing of a micro-duster for date palm pollination.

A 12 V (d.c.), battery operated, pollen micro-duster was developed and tested. The duster had a total mass of 422 g and was composed of 3 major systems: (1) dusting system, (2) power and control system, and (3) extension and reach system. The duster delivered pure pollen at various throughputs...

Author(s) : Haffar, I.

Journal article : Applied Engineering in Agriculture 1999 Vol.15 No.4 pp.267-271 ref.21

23. Establishment of a closed hydroponic system in single-truss tomato by the reuse of concentrated drainage.

A closed hydroponic system was established for cultivation of single-truss tomatoes, in which the overflow drainage was collected, concentrated to EC 5.0 dS/m and re-supplied to the growing bed at the final stage of fruit ripening. Tomato plants were grown in a wet-sheet culture (WSC) bed, where a...

Author(s) : Okano, K.; Sakamoto, Y.; Watanabe, S.; Nakashima, T.

Journal article : Environment Control in Biology 1999 Vol.37 No.1 pp.63-71 ref.30

24. Closed cultural systems for azaleas. Comparison of glass fibre mat and polyester/polyamide mat.

Studies were made of the water uptake and retention characteristics of glass-fibre mats (Isola 45 and 80 g/m2) and polyamide/polyester mats (Colback 100, 125 and 175 g/m2) in greenhouse trials at the Proeftuin voor Bloemisterij, Belgium, in 1998, with a view to using them for pot azalea production. ...

Foreign Title :Gesloten teeltsysteem voor azalea's. Vergelijking glasvezelmat en polyester/polyamide-mat.

Author(s) : Jonniaux, P.

Journal article : Verbondsnieuws 1999 Vol.43 No.5 pp.26-27

25. A controlled water table irrigation system for hydroponic lettuce production.

The Controlled Water Table (CWT) irrigation system consists of a capillary mat placed on a level bench with one end of the mat suspended in a small trough of nutrient solution. The vertical distance between the surface of the water (water table) in the trough and the surface of the bench determines ...

Author(s) : Buxton, J. W.; Jia WenWei

Conference paper; Journal article : Acta Horticulturae 1999 No.No. 481 pp.281-287 ref.8