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1. Machines for sowing and planting in the tree nursery.

Machines for sowing and planting of woody plants are described. Effectivity of the used machines increases with the size of the cultivated area. Only uniform plantings with a high number of plants of good quality guarantee economical success. The trend towards specialized cultivation will continue...

Foreign Title :Maschinen für Aussaat und Pflanzung in der Baumschule.

Author(s) : Beitz, E.

Journal article : TASPO Gartenbaumagazin 1999 Vol.9 No.6 pp.49-53 ref.5

2. Promising types of sowing machinery.

A survey is made of the types of seed-drills produced in Russia, with special reference to the R & D work of VIM (the All-Russian Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization).

Author(s) : Ma, S. A.; Kopchinskiĭ, Ya. A.; Golivets, V. A.

Journal article : Traktory i Sel'skokhozyaĭstvennye Mashiny 1999 No.No. 12 pp.22-24

3. Terminology for soil-engaging components for conservation-tillage planters, drills and seeders.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Miscellaneous : ASAE standards 1999. Standards, engineering practices, data. 1999 No.Ed.46 pp.335-340 ref.2

5. No-tillage seeder.

Author(s) : Nishizaki, K.

Journal article : Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery 1999 Vol.61 No.1 pp.41-42

6. An experimental study on the influences of parameters of spade soil opener on working quality.

A spade soil opener for a punch planter was designed based on the working principles, and the range of construction and working parameters were determined. The effects of the parameters of the soil opener on working quality, which is reflected by length, width and distance of the holes in the soil...

Author(s) : Ma ChengLin; Li ChengHua; Yu HaiYe; Kromer, K. H.

Journal article : Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery 1999 Vol.30 No.2 pp.33-37 ref.4

7. Development of annunciator system for no-tillage drills.

An annunciator system for no-tillage drills, comprising complete digital circuits and photoelectric sensors, was developed. By adjusting the resistance-capacitance properties, the system can monitor the sowing of different seeds. The PC-based automatic test system is scalable, expandable, accurate...

Author(s) : Jin Hao; Gao HuanWen

Journal article : Journal of China Agricultural University 1999 Vol.4 No.4 pp.31-34 ref.3

8. Sugarbeet 2000.

This special issue describes different aspects of sugarbeet cultivation in Belgium in 2000, with special attention to the precision of seed drills, use of the software program Azobil (to determine optimal applications of N fertilizers), recommended cultivars, and plant protection (problems with ...

Foreign Title :Betteraves 2000.

Journal article : Betteravier (Bruxelles) 2000 Vol.34 No.358 pp.13-51

9. Direct drilling - assessment by farmers and by experts in the EU and Nebraska (USA).

Economic cycles are increasingly influenced by globalization. Staying competitive, while considering sustainable soil fertility and cropping capacity, requires comprehensive rationalization measures to decrease production costs. In spite of numerous positive effects on the soil ecosystem and on...

Foreign Title :Direktsaat. Beurteilung durch Landwirte und Experten in der EU und Nebraska.

Author(s) : Tebrügge, F.; Böhrnsen, A.

Journal article : Landtechnik 2000 Vol.55 No.1 pp.17-19 ref.3

10. Influence of head geometry on the distributive performance of air-assisted seed drills.

The systematic design of distributor heads for air-assisted drills has not been fully investigated because of its inherent complexities. Apart from the aerodynamics of the distributor, the mechanics of seed flow in air are governed by a number of factors, such as the properties of the seeds, the...

Author(s) : Kumar, V. J. F.; Durairaj, C. D.

Journal article : Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 2000 Vol.75 No.1 pp.81-95 ref.5

11. Parameters of a seed metering channel for a seed drill.

Author(s) : Shvedik, N.

Journal article : Visnik Agrarnoi Nauki 1996 No.No. 3 pp.58-62 ref.4

12. Kverneland rotating harrow, avant-guarde models.

Details are given of a new generation of rotating harrows released onto the market by Kverneland. The models are NG12, NG14, NG18 and GN25. The availability of a wide range of accessories allows adequate performance of the harrows to most situations. Accompanied by a seed drill, the Kverneland...

Foreign Title :Erpici rotanti Kverneland, modelli all'avanguardia.

Author(s) : Maresca, A.

Journal article : Macchine e Motori Agricoli 1998 Vol.56 No.2 pp.74-77

13. Energetic modelling of a machine - chosen questions.

Methods for determining the dissipation coupling coefficient in a model energy processor are described. The coefficient was determined for the variable speed transmission of a seed drill.

Foreign Title :Modelowanie energetyczne maszyny - wybrane zagadnienia.

Author(s) : Kaźmierczak, H.

Journal article : Biuletyn Informacyjny - Prace Przemysłowego Instytutu Maszyn Rolniczych 1998 Vol.43 No.1 pp.11-16 ref.8

14. Effective systems of soil management.

The role of the plough now and in the future in terms of seedbed preparation and stubble ploughing is considered together with the flexibility offered by a combination of machinery. New developments in machinery are described and illustrated. The origins, development, procedures involved and status ...

Foreign Title :Systèmes performants ménageant le sol.

Author(s) : Zweifel, U.

Journal article : Technique Agricole 1998 Vol.60 No.6 pp.8-11 ref.6

16. Determining the parameters of the deflector for a seed drill share distributing seed within the soil.

A study was made of the optimum design of the deflector for distributing the seed on the furrow bottom over the whole operating width of the share of the seed drill. An analysis is made of the movement of the seeds over the surface of the deflector, and on this basis the optimum parameters of the...

Author(s) : Nogtikov, A. A.; Glotov, A. L.; Golivets, V. A.

Journal article : Tekhnika v Sel'skom Khozyaĭstve 1998 No.No. 3 pp.33-34 ref.2

20. Terminology for soil-engaging components for conservation-tillage planters, drills and seeders.

Publisher : American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), St Joseph, USA

Miscellaneous : ASAE standards 1997. Standards, engineering practices, data. 1997 No.Ed. 44 pp.339-344 ref.2

21. Developing a universal seed drill.

The desiderata for a universal sowing technique are identified, and on this basis a universal seed drill was developed with rotor-vane sowing units. The drill is intended for row-sowing of ordinary seed (non-calibrated, non-sprouted) without the use of fillers; one version is for small seeds the...

Author(s) : Mukhin, S. P.

Journal article : Tekhnika v Sel'skom Khozyaĭstve 1997 No.No. 3 pp.22-24

22. Design and construction of equipment for the study of distribution by components of seed and fertilizer drills.

Foreign Title :Diseño y construccion de un banco de ensayo para conjuntos dosificadores de sembradoras y fertilizadoras.

Author(s) : Colombino, A. A.; Pollacino, J. C.

Journal article : Revista de la Facultad de Agronomía (Universidad de Buenos Aires) 1997 Vol.16 No.1/2 pp.69-72 ref.9

23. Evaluating the uniformity of the distribution of seeds and plants in the rows.

From a statistical analysis, two formulae are derived for calculating the uniformity of distribution of seeds or plants in rows. One formula should be used if the experimental data indicate an asymmetrical distribution curve, and the other if the distribution curve is symmetrical.

Author(s) : Nanaenko, A. K.; Kudryndin, A. V.

Journal article : Tekhnika v Sel'skom Khozyaĭstve 1997 No.No. 6 pp.22-23

24. Cost reductions through labour saving: unlimited potential?

The cost advantages of 2, 4, 6 and 8 row equipment for planting and harvesting potatoes under German conditions with different crop areas are examined. The two row system is a false economy since savings in fixed costs are greatly outweighed by increased variable costs. The 4 and 6 row systems are...

Foreign Title :Kostensenkung bei der Arbeitserledigung: Potential ohne Grenzen?

Author(s) : Schindler, M.

Journal article : Kartoffelbau 1999 Vol.50 No.4 pp.112-115 ref.7

25. Cultivation of cabbage plants - peat pots or Speedy.

Peat pot and Speedy cultivation systems of cabbage (Brassica oleracea) were compared under cultivation conditions typical for the Palatinate region of Germany. No significant differences were found under stress-free conditions. However, following a hail storm, most peat pot plants were destroyed...

Foreign Title :Anzucht von Kohlpflanzen - Matschtopf oder Speedy.

Author(s) : Maync, A.

Journal article : Gemüse (München) 1999 Vol.35 No.1 pp.20-21