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5. The response of cattle and sheep to Euphorbia polygalifolia. The invasion of pasture of a potentially toxic species.

An account is given of the consequences of an increase in the growth of potentially toxic Euphorbia polygalifolia flowers on pastures in the Cantabrian mountain area in northern Spain and of efforts of controlling their growth by the use of biological agents. It is concluded that cattle may be...

Foreign Title :Respuesta del vacuno y el ovino a Euphorbia polygalifolia invasión de pastos de montaña por una especie potencialmente tóxica.

Author(s) : Hervás, G.; Mora, M. J.; Busqué, J.; Mantecón, A. R.; Frutos, P.

Publisher : ASIS Veterinaria s.l., Zaragoza, Spain

Journal article : Albéitar 2006 No.No.92 pp.36-38

7. Evaluation using hoof wall strain gauges of a therapeutic shoe and a hoof cast with a heel wedge as potential supportive therapy for horses with laminitis.

Objective - To evaluate using strain gauges, a hoof cast with heel wedge, and a therapeutic shoe with unsupported toe for their effectiveness in redistribution of load from the dorsal hoof wall. Study Design - In vitro biomechanical study. Sample Population - Twenty forelimb specimens. Methods -...

Author(s) : Hansen, N.; Buchner, H. H. F.; Haller, J.; Windischbauer, G.

Publisher : Blackwell Publishing, Boston, USA

Journal article : Veterinary Surgery 2005 Vol.34 No.6 pp.630-636 ref.27

8. Diagnosis and control of common toxicosis in rabbit.

The causal factors, symptoms and characteristics of pathogenic variations of common toxicosis in rabbits were tabulated. The toxicosis is mainly resulted from organic phosphorus, zinc phosphide, antu, warfarin, cyanides, nitrites, poisonous plants, cotton seed cakes, rottened sweet potatoes and...

Author(s) : Dong ChengGang

Publisher : Editorial Department of Chinese Journal of Rabbit Farming, Jiangsu, China

Journal article : Chinese Journal of Rabbit Farming 2005 No.No.4 pp.6-8

9. Nitrite intoxication in pigs.

Nitrite intoxication is known to be a cause of methemoglobinemia in several species. This article describes three cases of acute mortality caused by massive ingestion of nitrite by pigs raised on commercial farms. Bacterial contamination of drinking water with subsequent nitrite formation was...

Author(s) : Vyt, P.; Maes, D.; Vrielinck, J.; Castryck, F.

Publisher : Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, State University of Ghent, Merelbeke, Belgium

Journal article : Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 2005 Vol.74 No.5 pp.359-363 ref.20

10. Study on efficiency of ultrasound-guided transvaginal follicular aspiration (TVFA) in beef cattle.

Fifteen crossbred beef cattle (Murrage grey × Brohman) were used to examine the efficiency of ultrasound-guided transvaginal follicular aspiration (TVFA). The quantity and quality of ultrasound-guided TVFA were affected by the age of cattle. The young beef cattle were better than delivered beef...

Author(s) : Su Lei; He XieChao; Pei YiJin; Chen YongChang; Ji WeiZhi

Publisher : Guoji Shudian (Institute of Scientific and Technological Information of China, China Publications Centre), Beijing, China

Journal article : Chinese Journal of Animal Science 2004 Vol.40 No.12 pp.20-22 ref.6

11. Are condensed tannins a possibility for control of gastrointestinal nematodes?

The possibility of controlling gastrointestinal nematodes in lambs through feeding on plants containing condensed tannins, is discussed as an alternative to the use of anthelmintics. The effects of tannins in ruminants are discussed, and it is noted that sheep and goats grazed on plants containing...

Foreign Title :Kondensierte tannine - eine möglichkeit zur kontrolle von Magen-Darm-Würmern?

Author(s) : Heckendorn, F.

Publisher : Forum Kleinwiederkäuer (Forum Petits Ruminants), Niederönz, Switzerland

Journal article : Forum Kleinwiederkäuer/Petits Ruminants 2005 No.No.1/2 pp.11-16

12. Aquatic weed management. Herbicide safety, technology and application techniques.

Author(s) : Avery, J. L.

Publisher : Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC),

Miscellaneous : SRAC Publications 2003 No.No. 3601 pp.8 pp.

13. Results of feeding experiments carried out on dairy cows according to Polish norms in the evaluation by French 88 feeding system.

The traditional Polish and the French INRA 1988 feeding systems were evaluated based on the results of 7 experiments conducted on dairy cows in the Institute of Animal Nutrition, Agricultural University in Lublin between 1983-1995. The diets were balanced in terms of the protein-energy proportion....

Foreign Title :Wyniki doświadczen żywieniowych przeprowadzonych na krowach mlecznych według norm polskich w ocenie systemu francuskiego INRA 88.

Author(s) : Matras, J.; Wojtasik, J.; Klebaniuk, R.

Publisher : Wydawnictw Akademii Rolniczej, Lublin, Poland

Journal article : Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio EE Zootechnica 2003 Vol.21 No.2 pp.247-251 ref.12

15. Harmful plants in meadow associations of Serbia.

Forty-eight meadow and pasture associations in Serbia, Yugoslavia derived from 6 vegetation classes were evaluated for the presence of harmful species. The plants that cause toxicity to domestic animals, induce mechanical damage to other plants and livestock, and contaminate livestock products were ...

Foreign Title :Štetne biljke u liv adskim zajednicama Srbije.

Author(s) : Mrfat-Vukelić, S.; Tomić, Z.; Dajić, Z.; Lazarević, D.; Pudlo, V.

Publisher : Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Journal article : Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2003 Vol.19 No.3/4 pp.71-75 ref.8

17. Endophyte alkaloids and livestock toxicities.

Alkaloids produced by endophytes (caused by Neotyphodium spp.) in grassland often include ergoalkaloids and indole-diterpenoid alkaloids. Characteristics, toxicity symptoms and analysis methods are described. Ergovaline (the main compound of ergoalkaloids) is an agonist to serotonin receptor and...

Author(s) : Inoue, T.

Publisher : Japanese Society of Grassland Science, Tochigi, Japan

Journal article : Grassland Science 2003 Vol.49 No.5 pp.528-535 ref.68

18. Aquaculture food safety - residues.

Author(s) : Santerre, C. R.; Lewis, G. W.

Publisher : Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC),

Miscellaneous : SRAC Publications 2003 pp.32 pp.

19. Effect of malathion on apoptosis of murine L929 fibroblasts: a possible mechanism for toxicity in low dose exposure.

While acute organophosphorous compound poisoning due to inhibition of acetylcholinesterase is a well-established clinical entity, the existence of chronic poisoning due to exposure to low levels of organophosphorous compounds (below the threshold required for cholinergic clinical symptoms) is a...

Author(s) : Masoud, L.; Vijayasarathy, C.; Fernandez-Cabezudo, M.; Petroianu, G.; Saleh, A. M.

Publisher : Elsevier Science Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Toxicology 2003 Vol.185 No.1/2 pp.89-102

20. The mechanism for tributyltin-induced imposex in mollusca.

The possible mechanisms for the effect of tributyltin in causing deformation of sexual organs in molluscs were discussed. The mechanisms covered included the control of neuroendocrine factors, interference with sex hormone biosynthesis with special reference to steroids and the control of aromatase ...

Author(s) : Han YaLi; Zhou XiaoPeng; Li XingNuan

Publisher : Editorial Committee of Journal of Shanghai Fisheries University, Shanghai, China

Journal article : Journal of Shanghai Fisheries University 2003 Vol.12 No.2 pp.174-178 ref.29

22. Toxicities of agricultural pesticides to selected aquatic organisms.

Author(s) : Morgan, E. R.; Brunson, M. W.

Publisher : Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC),

Miscellaneous : SRAC Publications 2002 No.No. 4600 pp.28 pp.

23. Responsible use of anibiotics in shrimp farming.

This brief article outlines the principles for using antibiotics in shrimp farming, including when an antibiotic should be used, how to choose an antibiotic and how to use it.

Author(s) : Grä; slund, S.; Karlsson, K.; Wongtavatchai, J.

Publisher : NACA (Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific),

Miscellaneous : NACA - Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific 2002 pp.1 pp.

24. Determination of levamisole in livestock products using high performance liquid chromatography.

A method is described for the determination of the anthelmintic levamisole in muscle, liver, kidney and fat of cattle, swine and poultry using high performance liquid chromatography with photodiode array detection. Levamisole was extracted from an alkaline sample with ethyl acetate and...

Author(s) : Sakamoto, M.; Takeba, K.; Fujinuma, K.; Jimbo, K.; Miyazaki, T.

Publisher : Food Hygienics Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Journal article : Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi = Journal of the Food Hygienics Society of Japan 2002 Vol.43 No.1 pp.6-9 ref.7