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1. Experimental centrocestiasis: worm burden, morphology and fecundity of Centrocestus formosanus (Trematoda: Heterophyidae) in dexamethasone immunosuppressed mice.

Centrocestus formosanus is an intestinal foodborne trematode with medical and veterinary importance that remains with the pathological and immunological aspects of the infection in definitive host poorly studied. In the present study, we evaluated the effects of pharmacological immunosuppression by ...

Author(s) : Pinto, H. A.; Mati, V. L. T.; Melo, A. L. de

Publisher : Elsevier Ireland Ltd, Shannon, Irish Republic

Journal article : Parasitology International 2015 Vol.64 No.5 pp.236-239 ref.30

2. Stock discrimination of South African sardine (Sardinops sagax) using a digenean parasite biological tag.

Spatial and temporal variation in infection of South African sardine, Sardinops sagax, by a metacercarial parasite was examined to test the hypothesis that the South African sardine population comprises multiple stocks. Samples of adult S. sagax were collected monthly from four commercial fishery...

Author(s) : Weston, L. F.; Reed, C. C.; Hendricks, M.; Winker, H.; Lingen, C. D. van der

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Fisheries Research 2015 Vol.164 pp.120-129

3. Ecology and seasonal variation of parasites in wild Aequidens tetramerus, a Cichlidae from the Amazon.

This study is the first investigation on seasonal dynamics of parasites component community of the Aequidens tetramerus from an Amazon River tributary, in Northern Brazil. A total of 239,2407 parasites were recovered from 92 hosts examined from February to October 2011. Such parasites included ...

Author(s) : Tavares-Dias, M.; Oliveira, M. S. B.; Gonçalves, R. A.; Silva, L. M. A.

Publisher : Versita, Warsaw, Poland

Journal article : Acta Parasitologica 2014 Vol.59 No.1 pp.158-164 ref.36

4. Parasite community of Cichla kelberi (Perciformes, Cichlidae) in the Três Marias Reservoir, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

A total of 112 specimens of yellow peacock bass, Cichla kelberi, were collected in the Três Marias Reservoir, upper São Francisco River, State of Minas Gerais, between 2004 and 2005. Twelve species of parasites were collected: two species of ectoparasites (the monogenetic Gussevia sp. and the...

Author(s) : Santos-Clapp, M. D.; Brasil-Sato, M. C.

Publisher : Colégio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinária, São Paulo, Brazil

Journal article : Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Parasitology 2014 Vol.23 No.3 pp.367-374 ref.many

5. Diplostomum von Nordmann, 1832 (Digenea: Diplostomidae) in the sub-Arctic: descriptions of the larval stages of six species discovered recently in Iceland.

Frequent infections with Diplostomum spp. (Digenea: Diplostomidae) were found in the freshwater snail Radix peregra (Müller) and three fish species, the salmonids Salmo trutta fario L., Salvelinus alpinus (L.) and the gasterosteid Gasterosteus aculeatus L., collected in four lakes in south-western...

Author(s) : Faltýnková, A.; Georgieva, S.; Kostadinova, A.; Blasco-Costa, I.; Scholz, T.; Skírnisson, K.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Systematic Parasitology 2014 Vol.89 No.3 pp.195-213 ref.25

6. Occurrence of Black spot disease in Labeo rohita (Hamilton) fry in carp fish hatchery Lahore, Pakistan.

Two hundred fry of Labeo rohita were obtained from Central Fish Seed Hatchery Lahore. The mean total length of fry was 20.47 mm. The fry were examined to be infected with metacercaria of a digenetic fluke Posthodiplostomum cuticola. The infection resulted in the formation of black spots on the skin ...

Author(s) : Zafar Iqbal; Shukerova, S. A.; Minhas, I. K.

Publisher : SENRA Academic Publishers, Burnaby, Canada

Journal article : Canadian Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences 2014 Vol.8 No.1 pp.2727-2731 ref.30

7. The occurence of black spot disease in Astyanax aff. fasciatus (Characiformes: Characidae) in the Guaíba Lake basin, RS, Brazil.

Black spot disease is common in freshwater fish and is usually caused by the metacercaria stage of digenetic trematodes, normally from the Diplostomidae family. The present study evaluated the prevalence and intensity of this disease in Astyanax aff. fasciatus (Teleostei: Characiformes) in the...

Author(s) : Flores-Lopes, F.

Publisher : Instituto Internacional de Ecologia, São Carlos, Brazil

Journal article : Brazilian Journal of Biology 2014 Vol.74 No.3, Suppl. 1 pp.S127-S134 ref.35

8. Molecular analysis and biodiversity of metazoan parasites of the yellow tail lambari, Astyanax aff. bimaculatus (Teleostei, Characidae), in lower San Francisco, northeastern Brazil.

The difficulty in identifying some species of Lambaris comes from very similar phenotypic feature that often result from hybridization. The parasites can be indicative of various aspects of the biology of their hosts, including phylogeny, because some groups of parasites may have host specificity....

Foreign Title :Análise molecular e biodiversidade de metazoários parasitas do lambari-de-rabo-amarelo, Astyanax aff. bimaculatus (Teleostei; Characidae), no baixo São Francisco, nordeste do Brasil.

Author(s) : Vasconcelos, A. C. P. de; Lopes, A. C. M.; Santos, J. M. S. dos; Jeraldo, V. de L. S.; Melo, C. M. de; Madi, R. R.

Publisher : Asociación Peruana de Helmintología e Invertebrados Afines (APHIA), Lima, Peru

Journal article : Neotropical Helminthology 2013 Vol.7 No.1 pp.41-49 ref.23

9. The ghost of parasites past: eggs of the blood fluke Cardicola chaetodontis (Aporocotylidae) trapped in the heart and gills of butterflyfishes (Perciformes: Chaetodontidae) of the Great Barrier Reef.

We explored the distribution of Cardicola chaetodontis in chaetodontid fishes from the Great Barrier Reef. We found just four infections of adult worms in 238 individuals of 26 chaetodontid species. By contrast, eggs were present in hearts of 75 fishes (31.5%) and 19 of 26 chaetodontid species (all ...

Author(s) : Yong, R. Q. Y.; Cutmore, S. C.; Miller, T. L.; Adlard, R. D.; Cribb, T. H.

Publisher : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

Journal article : Parasitology 2013 Vol.140 No.9 pp.1186-1194 ref.35

10. Parasites of an Asian fish, the Chinese sleeper Perccottus glenii, in the Włocławek Reservoir on the lower Vistula River, Poland: in search of the key species in the host expansion process.

We investigated the parasite fauna of the Chinese (Amur) sleeper Perccottus glenii Dybowski, 1877 (Perciformes: Odontobutidae) in the Włocławek Reservoir on the lower Vistula River in Poland over 4 yr (2006-2010). Chinese sleeper was unintentionally introduced from eastern Asia to the European part ...

Author(s) : Mierzejewska, K.; Kvach, Y.; Woźniak, M.; Kosowska, A.; Dziekońska-Rynko, J.

Publisher : Allen Press Inc, Lawrence, USA

Journal article : Comparative Parasitology 2012 Vol.79 No.1 pp.23-29 ref.40

11. The structure and distribution of parasite assemblages of roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) along the Odra River against the background of environmental factors.

The main objective of the study was to trace the multi-directional effect of environmental factors, both natural and anthropogenic, on the distribution and structure of the roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) parasite assemblages along the Odra River. The analysed factors were divided in two groups. The...

Author(s) : Popiołek, M.

Publisher : Natura Optima dux Foundation, Warszawa, Poland

Book : The structure and distribution of parasite assemblages of roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) along the Odra River against the background of environmental factors 2012 pp.295 pp. ref.many

12. Life cycles, molecular phylogeny and historical biogeography of the 'pygmaeus' microphallids (Digenea: Microphallidae): widespread parasites of marine and coastal birds in the Holarctic.

The 'pygmaeus' microphallids (MPG) are a closely related group of 6 digenean (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda) Microphallus species that share a derived 2-host life cycle in which metacercariae develop inside daughter sporocysts in the intermediate host (intertidal and subtidal gastropods, mostly of the ...

Author(s) : Galaktionov, K. V.; Blasco-Costa, I.; Olson, P. D.

Publisher : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

Journal article : Parasitology 2012 Vol.139 No.10 pp.1346-1360 ref.many

13. Ecomonitoring of climate impact on Tilapia niloticus performance and development of different histopathological changes.

Monitoring water quality was so important to assess and mange the risk associated with climate change impact and consequent stress. Assessing seasonal impact on aquaculture water quality parameters and fish performance (final body weight and organosomatic indices) was estimated in 10 earthen ponds...

Author(s) : Ahmed, Z. A. M.; Mohammed, F. F.; Abdel-Rahman, A.

Publisher : IDOSI Publications, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Journal article : Global Veterinaria 2012 Vol.8 No.3 pp.209-221 ref.51

14. In vitro and in vivo efficacy of anthelmintic compounds against blood fluke (Cardicola forsteri).

Blood fluke, Cardicola forsteri, infects Southern Bluefin Tuna, particularly during ranching. Efficacy of four anthelmintics was tested against this parasite. There was an agreement between in vitro and in vivo results. Praziquantel was the only effective anthelmintic. It was the most potent...

Author(s) : Hardy-Smith, P.; Ellis, D.; Humphrey, J.; Evans, M.; Evans, D.; Rough, K.; Valdenegro, V.; Nowak, B.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Aquaculture 2012 Vol.334/337 pp.39-44

15. New species of Cardicola (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) from heart of Atlantic croaker, Micropogonias undulatus (Perciformes: Sciaenidae), of the South Atlantic Bight.

Cardicola parvus n. sp. (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) infects the heart of Atlantic croaker, Micropogonias undulatus (Linnaeus, 1766) (Perciformes: Sciaenidae), in the South Atlantic Bight off Cow Island (34°38′49″N, 76°33′41″W, type locality) and Figure Eight Island (34°15′48″N, 77°44′27″W), North...

Author(s) : Bullard, S. A.; Baker, T.; Buron, I. de

Publisher : American Society of Parasitologists, Lawrence, USA

Journal article : Journal of Parasitology 2012 Vol.98 No.2 pp.328-332

16. Aphanomyces astaci.

Publisher : World Organisation for Animal Health, Paris, France

Miscellaneous : World Animal Health Information Database - Version: 1.4. 2011

17. Cardicola laruei Short, 1953 (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) from heart of seatrout, Cynoscion spp., (Perciformes: Sciaenidae) in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean: taxonomic redescription, first observations of egg and miracidium, and comments on geographic distribution and host specificity.

The heart and gill of 125 spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus (Cuvier, 1830), (Perciformes: Sciaenidae) from 5 Gulf of Mexico localities (Mississippi Sound [n=18] [30°23′21″N; 88°51′44″W], Apalachicola Bay [n=17] [29°40′18″N; 85°00′09″W], Suwannee Sound and Wacasassa Bay [n=22] [29°7′55″N;...

Author(s) : McVay, M. J.; Bakenhaster, M. D.; Bullard, S. A.

Publisher : Allen Press Inc, Lawrence, USA

Journal article : Comparative Parasitology 2011 Vol.78 No.2 pp.291-305 ref.48

18. Survey of parasites in threatened stocks of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in Oregon by examination of wet tissues and histology.

We are conducting studies on the impacts of parasites on Oregon coastal coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kistuch). An essential first step is documenting the geographic distribution of infections, which may be accomplished by using different methods for parasite detection. Thus, the objectives of the...

Author(s) : Ferguson, J. A.; St-Hilaire, S.; Peterson, T. S.; Rodnick, K. J.; Kent, M. L.

Publisher : American Society of Parasitologists, Lawrence, USA

Journal article : Journal of Parasitology 2011 Vol.97 No.6 pp.1085-1098

21. Echinostome-induced mortality varies across amphibian species in the field.

Echinostomes are receiving increased attention because of their emerging parasite status in landscapes associated with human development and their ability to infect and kill many North American larval amphibians. While laboratory experiments have shown that echinostomes can cause extensive...

Author(s) : Holland, M. P.

Publisher : American Society of Parasitologists, Lawrence, USA

Journal article : Journal of Parasitology 2010 Vol.96 No.5 pp.851-855

25. Avipox.

Miscellaneous : Virus Taxonomy 2009