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1. Seropositivity rates of zoonotic pathogens in small ruminants and associated public health risks at informal urban markets in Zambia.

Informal livestock markets are an important source of animal-derived proteins for growing urban populations in countries such as Zambia. In parallel, they can also constitute pathways of zoonotic pathogen transmission to humans. This risk is aggravated by limited disease monitoring and poor control ...

Author(s) : Lysholm, S.; Fischer, K.; Lindahl, J. F.; Munyeme, M.; Wensman, J. J.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Acta Tropica 2022 Vol.225 ref.many

2. Stunning bullfrogs by electronarcosis and thermonarcosis: hematological and plasma biochemical responses.

Stunning before slaughter should promote the induction and permanence of the animals in a state of unconsciousness to avoid or minimize stress. In bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) slaughter the most used stunning methods are thermonarcosis and electronarcosis. However, little is known about the...

Author(s) : Alves, A. X.; Brabo, M. F.; Campelo, D. A. V.; Silva, J. A. da; Paulino, R. R.; Costa, F. A. de A.; Reis, G. P. A.; Santos, N. N. dos; Veras, G. C.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Aquaculture 2022 Vol.548 No.Part 1 ref.86

3. Animal-friendly gas stunning of broilers taking the meat quality into account: part 1: basics and state of the art.

Foreign Title :Tiergerechte gasbetäubung von masthühnern unter Berücksichtigung der fleischqualitäit: teil l: grundlagen und Stand der Technik.

Author(s) : Machold, von U.

Publisher : Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Journal article : Fleischwirtschaft 2021 Vol.100 No.12 pp.100-104

4. Quality of pork rested before slaughter better in consistency, color, pH, water holding capacity and water content.

This study aims to determine the differences in the quality of pork that is rested and not rested before cutting. The parameters used to determine the comparison of meat quality include color test, odor test, consistency and texture test, pH determination test, water holdingcapacity test and...

Foreign Title :Kualitas daging babi yang diistirahatkan sebelum disembelih lebih baik dalam konsistensi, warna, pH, daya Ikat air dan kadar air.

Author(s) : Sosiawan, I. G. A. M.; Agustina, K. K.; Suada, I. K.

Publisher : Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan, Universitas Udayana, Denpasar, Indonesia

Journal article : Indonesia Medicus Veterinus 2021 Vol.10 No.4 pp.589-598 ref.21

5. Influence of rearing on pork quality.

More than a billion pigs are reared and slaughtered in the world every year, the vast majority of which are reared in intensive conditions. The composition and quality of pork are influenced by the breed, feeding system, breeding conditions and age and weight of pigs before slaughter. In intensive...

Foreign Title :Utjecaj uzgoja na kvalitetu mesa svinja.

Author(s) : Petranović, Z.; Cvrtila, Ž.; Mikuš, T.

Publisher : Zadružna Štampa, Zagreb, Croatia

Journal article : Meso 2021 Vol.23 No.2 pp.155-160 ref.33

6. Development status, problems and suggestions of live pig industry in Jiangxi Province.

Based on the statistical data of live pig stock and slaughter, pork production, scale breeding status, live pig prices and pig grain ration in Jiangxi Province from 2009 to 2018, we analyzed the main existing problems in live pig industry development in Jiangxi Province, a primary live pig...

Author(s) : Xie Min; Zhou YaoMin; Min JiaLing; Xu Jun; Li Jun

Publisher : Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanchang, China

Journal article : Acta Agriculturae Jiangxi 2021 Vol.33 No.2 pp.138-143 ref.14

7. Fish welfare: the use of CO2 to avoid fish suffering during preparation to processing.

Fish welfare has become a significant concern during the last decade. The issue of slaughter is getting the interest of many consumer organizations and fish growers, and suppliers. We need to take careful consideration to food fish slaughtering, and not only for an ethical reason. Numerous quality...

Author(s) : Ron, T. B.; Ofek, T.; Smirnov, M.

Publisher : Society of Israeli Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology (SIAMB), Ashrat, Israel

Journal article : Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh 2021 Vol.73 No.63851 ref.21

8. Computed tomography (CT) scan findings in calves with hydranencephaly.

Background: Hydranencephaly is the unilateral or bilateral loss of cerebral hemispheres and their replacement by a cerebrospinal fluid-filled sac that is caused by some teratogenic viruses. This disorder can be recognized before death occurs, using computed tomography (CT) scan. Pathological...

Author(s) : Raoofi, A.; Gorjidooz, M.; Rahimabadi, P. D.; Masoudifard, M.; Mardjanmehr, S. H.; Esmailinejad, M. R.

Publisher : Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Journal article : Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research 2021 Vol.22 No.2 pp.107-112 ref.32

9. The effects of feeding finishing pigs of two genders with a high fiber and high fat diet on muscle glycolytic potential at slaughter and meat quality.

A total of 160 pigs, in groups of 8 pigs of mixed genders, were fed four finishing feeding strategies with the aim to reduce muscle glycolytic potential and improve meat quality. Pigs were fed a control diet (C; fat = 5.0%, ADF = 3.0%, NDF = 8.8%), a high-fat and high-fiber diet (HFF; fat = 11.2%,...

Author(s) : Conte, S.; Pomar, C.; Paiano, D.; Duan Yan; Zhang PengFei; Lévesque, J.; Guay, F.; Devillers, N.; Faucitano, L.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Meat Science 2021 Vol.177

10. Partial least squares and machine learning for the prediction of intramuscular fat content of lamb loin.

Given the paucity of lamb carcase grading tools, there is a distinct need for the development of rapid, non-destructive grading tools for Australian lamb carcases, particularly fat content given its importance to meat and eating quality. The aim of the current study was to determine the potential...

Author(s) : Fowler, S. M.; Wheeler, D.; Morris, S.; Mortimer, S. I.; Hopkins, D. L.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Meat Science 2021 Vol.177

11. Monitoring animal welfare in abattoirs; identification and narrowing down of relevant slaughterhouse findings on the basis of an expert survey.

The aim of this publication is to prioritize and narrow down pathologic findings collected in abattoirs to a set of indicators particularly relevant for an animal welfare monitoring. Scientifically sound data from slaughter animals and meat inspection is especially valuable for the assessment of...

Foreign Title :Tierwohl am Schlachthof erfassen; eine expertenbefragung zur identifizierung und eingren zung von schlachthofbefunden.

Author(s) : Starosta, S. E.; Schmid, J. C.; Bergschmidt, A.

Publisher : Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Bonn, Germany

Journal article : Berichte über Landwirtschaft 2021 Vol.99 No.1 ref.49

12. Quality of death in the river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis).

Results on appropriate, inappropriate, and painful slaughtering methods of river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) are discussed. Undesirable consequences of poor desensitization and/or slaughtering procedures, causing pain and suffering to animals, are also approached. These considerations are relevant as ...

Author(s) : Mota-Rojas, D.; Ghezzi, M. D.; Napolitano, F.; Rosmini, M.; Guerrero-Legarreta, I.; Martínez-Burnes, J.; Lezama-García, K.; Miranda-Cortés, A.; Vega, L. T. de la; Mora-Medina, P.; Hernández-Ávalos, I.

Publisher : Malque Publishing, Mossoró, Brazil

Journal article : Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology 2021 Vol.9 No.2 ref.74

13. Defence and attack behaviour.

This chapter discusses the organization of behaviour in animals in the following aspects: defence and attack; defence and avoidance; agonistic reactivity; and defence reactions to humans by farm animals.

Author(s) : Broom, D. M.

Book chapter : Broom and Fraser’s domestic animal behaviour and welfare 2021 No.Ed.6 pp.103-107 ref.many

14. Bronchiolitis obliterans in dromedary camel (one-humped) in Aswan slaughter houses, Egypt.

Respiratory disorders in camels are very common and often cannot be easily identified in live animals until complicated. Thus, the only way to understand the pathology behind respiratory disorders and their prompt diagnosis is by examining lungs at slaughter. So, this study was designed to describe ...

Author(s) : Ahmed, M. A.

Publisher : Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Toukh, Egypt

Journal article : Benha Veterinary Medical Journal 2021 Vol.40 No.2 pp.72-74 ref.20

15. Cell endoplasmic reticulum stress response: new DFD meat biomarkers.

Foreign Title :Respuesta al estrés del retículo endoplásmico celular: nuevos biomarcadores de carnes DFD.

Author(s) : González-Blanco, L.; Diñeiro, Y.; García, M. J.; Sierra, V.; Coto-Montes, A.; Oliván, M.

Publisher : Asociación Interprofesional para el Desarrollo Agrario, Zaragoza, Spain

Conference paper : XIX Jornadas sobre Producción Animal, 1 y 2 de junio de 2021 (online) 2021 pp.249-249 ref.5

16. On-site veterinary and sanitary examination of emergency slaughtered poultry.

The paper reports the veterinary culling rates and emergency slaughter statistics at poultry factories; it also analyses the veterinary and sanitary quality of carcasses of culled poultry in comparison to that of a healthy population. This analysis identifies organoleptic, physical, chemical, and...

Author(s) : Seregin, I. G.; Nikitchenko, V. E.; Nikitchenko, D. V.; Snoz, G. V.; Kondrashkina, K. M.

Publisher : EDP Sciences S.A., Les Ulis, France

Journal article; Conference paper : BIO Web of Conferences 2021 Vol.36 ref.14

17. Impact of chilling rate on the evolution of volatile and non-volatile compounds in raw lamb meat during refrigeration.

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of chilling rate (1.44, 22.2, and 32.4°C/h) on the evolution of volatile and non-volatile compounds in raw lamb meat during refrigeration (1, 24, 72, and 120 h). Through orthogonal projection to latent structure-discriminant analysis, the...

Author(s) : Xiang Can; Li ShaoBo; Liu Huan; Liang Ce; Fang Fei; Zhang DeQuan; Wang ZhenYu

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Foods 2021 Vol.10 No.11 ref.62

18. The effect of sex and age on bone morphology and strength in the metacarpus and humerus in beef-cross-dairy cattle.

In cattle, limited data have been reported about the relationship between live weight, bone size, and strength and how this relationship can be altered by factors such as sex and age. The aim of this study was to describe the relationship of peripheral quantitative computed tomography...

Author(s) : Gibson, M.; Hickson, R.; Back, P.; Dittmer, K.; Schreurs, N.; Rogers, C.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Animals 2021 Vol.11 No.3 ref.30

19. Long-term immunocastration protocols successfully reduce testicles' size in Bísaro pigs.

This study aimed to find a suitable immunocastration protocol for male Bísaro pigs (BP) due to the breed and production system particularities. Twenty-five male BP were treated with Improvac® according to three protocols: using two (GrpE2 and L2) or three vaccinations (GrpL3) and starting at 9...

Author(s) : Paixão, G.; Fontela, S. B.; Marques, J.; Esteves, A.; Charneca, R.; Payan-Carreira, R.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Animals 2021 Vol.11 No.3 ref.38

20. Evaluation of coated biochar as an intestinal binding agent for skatole and indole in male intact finishing pigs.

The ban on piglet castration without anaesthesia poses a challenge for the meat industry since alternatives ensuring the production of flawless pork have to be established. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of biochar on skatole and indole concentration in faeces and plasma on a...

Author(s) : Schubert, D. C.; Chuppava, B.; Witte, F.; Terjung, N.; Visscher, C.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Animals 2021 Vol.11 No.3 ref.51

21. Features of the development of the muscles of Aberdeen-Angus breed steers depending on body build.

The purpose of this study is to establish the features of the development of muscles in Aberdeen-Angus bulls of different body build. For the experiment 14 steers were selected in each group from the offspring of 4 large steers and 3 small steers of the Aberdeen-Angus breed. The first group...

Author(s) : Smakuev, D. R.; Shevkhuzhev, A. F.; Pogodaev, V. A.

Publisher : Redaktsiya zhurnala Zootekhniya, Moscow, Russia

Journal article : Zootekhniya 2021 No.5 pp.22-27

22. Odor emissions from raw meat of Freshly Slaughtered Cattle during inspection.

Raw meat of Freshly Slaughtered Cattle (FSC) is characterized by a very weak odor defined as slightly sweet, which could interfere in off-odor assessment during post-mortem inspection by an official veterinarian. Despite this, no information is reported in the literature on the volatiles which are...

Author(s) : Conte, F.; Cincotta, F.; Condurso, C.; Verzera, A.; Panebianco, A.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Foods 2021 Vol.10 No.10 ref.35

23. Physiological and electroencephalographic changes in goats subjected to transportation, lairage, and slaughter.

This preliminary trial investigated the effect of transportation and lairage periods on physiological parameters of goats subjected to slaughter. Nine male Boer cross goats aged 8-12 months were transported for 6 h and kept at lairage for 3, 6, or 16 h (n = 3). Blood samples were collected at pre-...

Author(s) : Othman, A. H.; Goh, Y. M.; Mustapha, N. M.; Raghazli, R.; Kaka, U.; Imlan, J. C.; Abubakar, A. A.; Abdullah, R.

Publisher : Wiley, Tokyo, Japan

Journal article : Animal Science Journal 2021 Vol.92 No.e13610 ref.34

24. Humane slaughter of edible decapod crustaceans.

Vast numbers of crustaceans are produced by aquaculture and caught in fisheries to meet the increasing demand for seafood and freshwater crustaceans. Simultaneously, the public is increasingly concerned about current methods employed in their handling and killing. Recent evidence has shown that...

Author(s) : Conte, F.; Voslarova, E.; Vecerek, V.; Elwood, R. W.; Coluccio, P.; Pugliese, M.; Passantino, A.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Animals 2021 Vol.11 No.4 ref.84

25. Pain at the slaughterhouse in ruminants with a focus on the neurobiology of sensitisation.

We pose, based on a neurobiological examination, that events that occur around the time of slaughter have the potential to intensify the pain response, through the processes of sensitisation and enhanced transmission. Sensitisation, or an enhanced response to painful stimuli, is a well-discussed...

Author(s) : Mota-Rojas, D.; Napolitano, F.; Strappini, A.; Orihuela, A.; Ghezzi, M. D.; Hernández-Ávalos, I.; Mora-Medina, P.; Whittaker, A. L.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Animals 2021 Vol.11 No.4 ref.84