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1. Effect of advanced chelate compounds-based mineral supplement in laying hen diet on the performance, egg quality, yolk mineral content, fatty acid composition, and oxidative status.

The study aimed to determine the efficiency of advanced chelate compounds-based trace minerals (OTM) in laying hens. Laying hens (240, 32 weeks old) were assigned to one of the following five groups: NOTM (no added trace minerals), CONTM (standard mineral salts), and three experimental groups in...

Author(s) : Ghasemi, H. A.; Hajkhodadadi, I.; Hafizi, M.; Fakharzadeh, S.; Abbasi, M.; Kalanaky, S.; Nazaran, M. H.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Food Chemistry 2022 Vol.366 ref.40

2. Sensitivity analysis of fine dust spreading from litter in poultry houses.

Poultry houses are one of the major sources of agricultural particulate matter (PM) emissions into the environment. Litter properties, poultry activities, and indoor climate of poultry houses are the main parameters that influence the dust emission, but precise quantitative effects and their...

Author(s) : Derakhshani, S. M.; Ogink, N. W. M.; Bos, B. A. P.; Groot Koerkamp, P. W. G.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Biosystems Engineering 2021 Vol.208 pp.272-286 ref.46

3. Community-based performance indicators for monitoring and evaluating livestock interventions.

The research aimed at identifying livestock performance indicators used by farmers in Malipati community, Zimbabwe, and use them in developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for livestock interventions. Mixed methods research was used in the study. A questionnaire was administered to...

Author(s) : Gobvu, V.; Ncube, S.; Caron, A.; Mugabe, P. H.

Publisher : Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany

Journal article : Tropical Animal Health and Production 2021 Vol.53 No.387 pp.(3 July 2021) ref.42

4. Performance, egg characteristics, hematological and serum biochemical profiles of laying hens fed varying levels of cerium chloride and oxide.

The effects of feeding varying levels of cerium chloride and oxide on the performance, egg qualities, hematological and serum biochemical parameters of 240 laying hens at 24 weeks of age were studied. The cerium chloride (CeCl) and cerium oxide (CeO) experimental diets were allotted to 120 pullets...

Author(s) : Olarotimi, O. J.

Publisher : Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran

Journal article : Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science 2021 Vol.11 No.1 pp.169-178 ref.31

5. Accumulation of short-, medium-, and long- chain chlorinated paraffins in tissues of laying hens after dietary exposure.

Reliable human health risk assessment associated with chlorinated paraffins (CPs) exposure is limited by the lack of data on the fate of this complex family of contaminants. To gain knowledge on the accumulation and distribution of CPs in biota after ingestion, laying hens were dietary exposed to...

Author(s) : Mézière, M.; Marchand, P.; Larvor, F.; Baéza, E.; Bizec, B. le; Dervilly, G.; Cariou, R.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Food Chemistry 2021 Vol.351

6. Welfare parameters and keel bone damage in laying hens reared in different production systems.

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of housing system and the age of hens on welfare parameters and the prevalence of keel bone damage in laying hens. In this study two housing systems were evaluated: aviary system and enriched cages. From each system and age, we used 50 randomly...

Author(s) : Spiridonovic, S.; Stojèiæ, M. Đ.; Peric, L.; Pajic, M.; Kneževic, S.

Publisher : Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade, Serbia

Journal article : Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2021 Vol.37 No.2 pp.109-116 ref.30

7. The enrichment of eggs with docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid through supplementation of the laying hen diet.

The enrichment and transformation of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) enriched phospholipids for eggs deserve attention. The aim of the present study was to elucidate the comparative effects of DHA and EPA enriched phospholipids and triacylglycerols on egg fortification by ...

Author(s) : Zhao YingCai; Shi HaoHao; Wang ChengCheng; Yang JinYue; Xue ChangHu; Jiang XiaoMing; Chen GuiDong; Zhang TianTian; Wang YuMing

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Food Chemistry 2021 Vol.346

8. Mantiqueira: innovating and disrupting in the egg business.

Consumers' shifting tastes have made sustainable growth for firms in the food industry increasingly difficult. Scholars and industry practitioners constantly try to develop business strategies to deal with disruptions in modern food markets. This case uses Brazilian company Mantiqueira as an...

Author(s) : Neves, M. F.; Gray, A. W.; Lourenço, C. E.; Scott, F. A.

Publisher : International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, College Station, USA

Journal article : International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 2021 Vol.24 No.1 pp.138-161 ref.26

9. Separate weighing of male and female broiler breeders by electronic platform weigher using camera technologies.

The body weight of breeding broiler chickens (broiler breeders) is an important control variable used to optimize the amount, quality and fertility of the eggs being laid. In modern breeding barns, the population of animals generally supports a female:male ratio of 10:1, wherein males and females...

Author(s) : Liu Dong; Vranken, E.; Berg, G. van den; Carpentier, L.; Peña Fernández, A.; He DongJian; Norton, T.

Publisher : Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 2021 Vol.182

10. Machine learning algorithms for lamb survival.

Lamb survival is influenced by the culmination of a sequence of often interrelated events including genetics, physiology, behaviour and nutrition, with the environment providing an overarching complication. Machine learning algorithms offer great flexibility with regard to problems of complex...

Author(s) : Odevci, B. B.; Emsen, E.; Aydin, M. N.

Publisher : Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 2021 Vol.182

11. A synopsis of recent work on the amino acid nutrition of layers.

This review, a summation of work presented at the Virtual 2020 Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting, addresses changes in laying hen performance and techniques to manage hens that require fine-tuning amino acid minimums. A look at past literature on amino acid responses in layers is...

Author(s) : Kidd, M. T.; Loar, R. E., II

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Applied Poultry Research 2021 Vol.30 No.1 ref.48

12. Alternatives to formulate laying hen diets beyond the traditional least-cost model.

Owing to the high cost of feed for poultry, there is continuous pressure to formulate 'least-cost' diets that meet nutritional requirements. However, the main aim of any commercial enterprise is usually to maximize profits with the resources or inputs available, and the conventional or historic...

Author(s) : Moss, A. F.; Parkinson, G.; Crowley, T. M.; Pesti, G. M.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Applied Poultry Research 2021 Vol.30 No.1 ref.16

13. Examining the catching, carrying, and crating process during depopulation of end-of-lay hens.

Laying hen flocks undergo depopulation at end of lay, a difficult process that has been associated with injuries and is considered stressful to hens and human collectors. To date, most assessments of depopulations have been conducted within cage housing systems, layers, or noncage broilers, thus...

Author(s) : Gerpe, C.; Stratmann, A.; Bruckmaier, R.; Toscano, M. J.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Applied Poultry Research 2021 Vol.30 No.1 ref.many

14. Studies on productive and egg quality traits of Uttara chicken breed.

A study was conducted to assess the productive and reproductive performance along with egg quality traits of 275 chicks of comb and crown ecotype which were obtained in six hatches at Instructional Poultry Farm of Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar. The eggs...

Author(s) : Ansari, V. A.; Anil Kumar; Dar, A. H.; Brijesh Singh; Shive Kumar; Singh, S. K.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Biological Rhythm Research 2021 Vol.52 No.5 pp.702-709 ref.24

15. No evidence that selection for egg production persistency causes loss of bone quality in laying hens.

The physiological adaptations that have evolved for egg laying make hens susceptible to bone fractures and keel bone damage. In modern laying hen breeds, longer periods of egg laying could result in a greater risk of poor bone quality, and selection for increased egg production has frequently been...

Author(s) : Dunn, I. C.; Koning, D. J. de; McCormack, H. A.; Fleming, R. H.; Wilson, P. W.; Andersson, B.; Schmutz, M.; Benavides, C.; Dominguez-Gasca, N.; Sanchez-Rodriguez, E.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A. B.

Publisher : BioMed Central Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : Genetics, Selection, Evolution 2021 Vol.53 No.11 ref.52

16. Corticosterone in feathers: inter- and intraindividual variation in pullets and the importance of the feather type.

Measuring corticosterone concentrations in feathers of poultry may be suitable to determine birds' exposure to stress. It is thinkable, that in laying hens such information could be helpful as an animal welfare indicator to evaluate adverse husbandry conditions and to predict the risk of developing ...

Author(s) : Häffelin, K. E.; Kaufmann, F.; Lindenwald, R.; Döhring, S.; Spindler, B.; Preisinger, R.; Rautenschlein, S.; Kemper, N.; Andersson, R.

Publisher : Elsevier, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Veterinary and Animal Science 2021 Vol.11 ref.many

17. Complete genome sequence of Campylobacter hepaticus strain UF2019SK1, isolated from a commercial layer flock in the United States.

The thermophilic Campylobacter species Campylobacter hepaticus is the causative agent of spotty liver disease (SLD) in chickens. This announcement describes the complete genome sequence of C. hepaticus strain UF2019SK1, isolated from the liver of a commercial layer chicken with SLD in the United...

Author(s) : Arukha, A.; Denagamage, T. N.; Butcher, G.; Kariyawasama, S.

Publisher : American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Washington, D.C., USA

Journal article : Microbiology Resource Announcements 2021 Vol.10 No.12 ref.13

18. Avian sperm increase in vitro the release of exosomes from SST-enriched organoids.

In birds, oviductal cells play a crucial role in the storage of sperm via cell-to-cell communication including extracellular vesicles (EV). We developed a culture of oviductal organoids enriched in sperm storage tubules (SSTorg) to demonstrate the release of EV. SSTorg were cultured for 24 h and...

Author(s) : Cordeiro, L.; Riou, C.; Uzbekov, R.; Gérard, N.

Publisher : BioScientifica Ltd, Bristol, UK

Journal article : Reproduction 2021 Vol.161 No.4 pp.375-384

19. Biosecurity measures and their determinants in commercial layer chicken farms in high density provinces of Iran in 2019: a cross-sectional study.

Background and Objectives: The commercial layer chicken farming is one of the most important sectors of the poultry industry. This study was conducted to evaluate the status of biosecurity of commercial layer chicken farms in 9 Iranian provinces with the highest layer chicken population. Methods:...

Author(s) : Rabiee, M. H.; Akbarin, H.; Bokaie, S.; Mehrabadi, M. H. F.; Sadrzadeh, A.; Tehrani, F.

Publisher : Iranian Epidemiological Association, Tehran, Iran

Journal article : Iranian Journal of Epidemiology 2021 Vol.17 No.1 pp.fa83-fa92 ref.22

20. Astaxanthin Z-isomer-rich diets enhance egg yolk pigmentation in laying hens compared to that in all-E-isomer-rich diets.

The effects of feeding diets containing astaxanthin with different Z-isomer ratios to laying hens on egg qualities, such as astaxanthin concentration in egg yolk and yolk color, were investigated. As the astaxanthin source, a natural microorganism Paracoccus carotinifaciens was used. Astaxanthin...

Author(s) : Honda, M.; Kawashima, Y.; Hirasawa, K.; Uemura, T.; Sun, J.; Hayashi, Y.

Publisher : Wiley, Tokyo, Japan

Journal article : Animal Science Journal 2021 Vol.92 No.e13512 ref.45

21. Relation between feed particle size distribution and plumage condition in laying hens on commercial farms.

In this cross-sectional study, 103 complete feed samples from laying hen herds affected by plumage damage as an indirect measure for severe feather pecking (affected herds; AH, n = 37) and control herds without plumage damage (control herd; CH, n = 66) of commercial German farms were examined by...

Author(s) : Schreiter, R.; Damme, K.; Freick, M.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Animals 2021 Vol.11 No.3 ref.58

22. Using machine learning to estimate the heterogeneous effects of livestock transfers.

We evaluate a program in Guatemala offering training and transfers of a local chicken variety using a randomized phase-in design with imperfect compliance. We do not find strong evidence for or against positive average intent-to-treat effects on household-level outcomes, including indicators of...

Author(s) : Mullally, C.; Rivas, M.; McArthur, T.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : American Journal of Agricultural Economics 2021 Vol.103 No.3 pp.1058-1081

23. Dietary supplementation effects of the levels of neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf extracts as phytogenic feed additive on the growth performance in broiler chicks.

The effects that Neem leaf extract on overall growth, feed conversion ratio (FCR), dressed weight and organs weight of broiler chickens to justify its inclusion in the diet of growing broiler chickens. 120 day old chicks divided into four treatment groups T1, T2, T3 and T4 of thirty (30) birds each ...

Author(s) : Sarkar, S.; Tarafder, M.; Rahman, M. H.; Khandaker, M.; Ahammad, G. S.; Sarker, D. K.; Karmakar, B. C.; Islam, B.

Publisher : Ebu Press Ltd, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Journal article : Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 2021 Vol.7 No.1 pp.64-68 ref.13

24. Performance of different commercial layer strains in Bangladesh.

To know the production performances of different commercial layer strains in Bangladesh, total 18,420 birds of ISA Brown, 14,790 birds of Novogen-Brown and 27,400 birds of Shavar-579 Brown were studied from 30 commercial layer farms (10 farms for each strain), which were randomly selected from the...

Author(s) : Hasan, M. K.; Rahman, M. A.; Mamun, H.; Hossain, M. N.; Mia, M. M.

Publisher : Ebu Press Ltd, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Journal article : Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 2021 Vol.7 No.1 pp.33-39 ref.19

25. The effect of replacing fish meal with Sago larvae meal (SLM) on egg production and quality of laying hens.

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of substitution of fishmeal by Sago larvae meal (SLM) on the egg production and quality of laying hens. There were 5 treatments of fermented sago larvae replacing fish meal at 0, 15, 20, 25, and 40% of the diet, with each treatment replicated...

Author(s) : Adli, D. N.

Publisher : CIPAV Foundation, Cali, Colombia

Journal article : Livestock Research for Rural Development 2021 Vol.33 No.7 ref.17