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6. Castration or dehorning of one's own stock: instruction course now required.

Swiss animal welfare legislation now (from 1 January, 2006) requires farmers to have attended a half-day instruction course in the welfare requirements of castrating or dehorning their own young stock (calves, lambs, goats). The three parts of the course are outlined: theory, practical test on the...

Foreign Title :Selber Kastrieren oder Enthornen: Kurs jetzt besuchen.

Author(s) : Howald, M.

Publisher : Forum Kleinwiederkäuer (Forum Petits Ruminants), Niederönz, Switzerland

Journal article : Forum Kleinwiederkäuer/Petits Ruminants 2005 No.No.12 pp.20

7. Environmental modifications for the reduction of heat stress in dairy cattle.

An account is given of the effects of heat stress on milk yield, and details are given of how to detect signs of heat stress and to measure its severity. Methods of managing heat stress are described, and these include the maximum use of shady areas, increasing ventilation, the use of fans and air...

Foreign Title :Modificações ambientais para reduzir o estresse calórico em gado de leite.

Author(s) : Pires, M. de F. Á.; Campos, A. T. de

Publisher : Embrapa Gado de Leite, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Bulletin : Comunicado Técnico - Embrapa Gado de Leite 2004 No.No.42 pp.5 pp. ref.4

8. Partitioned aquaculture systems.

Author(s) : Brune, D. E.; Schwartz, G.; Eversole, A. G.; Collier, J. A.; Schwedler, T. E.

Publisher : Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC),

Miscellaneous : SRAC Publications 2004 No.No. 4500 pp.8 pp.

9. Hybrid striped bass. Fingerling production in ponds.

Author(s) : Ludwig, G. M.

Publisher : Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC),

Miscellaneous : SRAC Publications 2004 No.No. 302 pp.8 pp.

10. Reports of the latest research from the 18th Meeting of the World Association for Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology.

Author(s) : Hayasaki, M.

Publisher : Buneido Publishing Company Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

Journal article : Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Japan 2002 Vol.55 No.5 pp.409-419

11. Will Germany remain an improved location in the future?

Some papers dealing with various aspects of food safety and origin, animal welfare and environmental issues, presented at the annual meeting of the German Association of Hormones in Animal Nutrition, held in Berlin on 15 May 2003, are summarized.

Foreign Title :AWT-Jahrestagung 2003 Veredlungsstandort Deutschland - auch morgen noch?

Publisher : Verlag Moritz Schäfer, Detmold, Germany

Journal article : Mühle + Mischfutter 2003 Vol.140 No.13 pp.390-394

12. Manufacturing procedures and related standards of kefir.

The inter-relations among the main microorganisms of kefir and their importance in fermentation are described. Factors affecting the quality of kefir are discussed. Three different procedures (traditional and modern) for making kefir are provided. The control systems and standards associated with...

Author(s) : Gao LiLi; Ge ChunMei; Han JunHua; Zhang BoLin

Publisher : National Dairy Information Center, Harbin, China

Journal article : China Dairy Industry 2003 Vol.31 No.3 pp.22-25 ref.14

13. Diversity enhances profitability and sustainability.

The author describes the activities of Mr Haricharan Das, a progressive fish farmer from Tripura state. Techniques employed by Mr Das include integration of poultry farming with aquaculture, use of pituitary gland extract in breeding, and innovative methods of pond fertilization such as use of...

Author(s) : Nandeesha, M. C.

Publisher : NACA (Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific),

Miscellaneous : NACA - Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific 2002 pp.3 pp.

15. Effect of anthelmintic treatment on the milk yield of cows.

Anthelmintic treatment did not always enhance milk yield, and it was impossible to predict the outcome of treatment. Under favourable conditions, an increase of 0.6 kg milk per cow daily could be achieved.

Foreign Title :Het effect van ontwormen van koeien op de melkproductie.

Author(s) : Ploeger, H. W.

Publisher : Uitgeverij Libre B.V., Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Journal article : Dier en Arts 2001 Vol.16 No.6/7 pp.222-224 ref.1

16. Husbandry and health management of grouper.

This practical guide is to aid farmers in grouper culture and is divided into seven sections. The first section presents the most important cultured grouper species in the Asia-Pacific region. The llustrations of the external and internal anatomy of the fish will guide farmers, especially in the...

Publisher : SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center),

Miscellaneous : NACA - Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific 2001 pp.102 pp.

17. Ventilation is more than replacing stale air.

Author(s) : Collins, J.

Journal article : World Poultry 1998 Vol.14 No.3 pp.28-29, 31

18. Health status of dairy herds in organic farming.

In a Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food-funded study, from 1995 to 1998, 10 organic dairy herds in England and Wales were monitored to determine the overall health status and record specific problems occurring on individual farms. Specifications of the farms, mastitis incidence, somatic...

Author(s) : Weller, R. F.; Bowling, P. J.

Journal article : Veterinary Record 2000 Vol.146 No.3 pp.80-81 ref.14

19. Effects of water replacement rate on growth and survival of the Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus fry.

The influence of frequency of water replacement on growth performance and survival of the Nile tilapia, O. niloticus, fry, mean weight 1.14 g, from the same broodstock reared in a static culture, was investigated in the laboratory in a 42-day trial. The 5 treatments consisted of: daily water...

Author(s) : Absalom, K. V.; Omenaihe, O.

Journal article : Journal of Aquatic Sciences 2000 Vol.15 pp.19-22 ref.19

20. Farming systems developed in the Mekong delta, Vietnam.

Soil and environmental characteristics of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and the characteristics of the social economy of the area are described. The economic growth of the area is considered. The farming systems include production of rice, often in systems including production of fish or prawns....

Author(s) : Matsui, S.

Publisher : Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan

Journal article : Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture 2000 Vol.44 No.3 pp.192-197

21. Factors affecting first lactation fat yield of three breed crosses.

First lactation records of 108 FJG [Friesian + Jersey + Gir], 47 JFG [Jersey + Friesian + Gir] and 63 BFG [Brown Swiss + Friesian + Gir] three-breed crosses of cattle, from in Maharashtra, India during 1977-93, were grouped into calving seasons: summer (S1, February-May), rainy (S2, June-September) ...

Author(s) : Pachpute, S. T.; Lawar, V. S.; Deokar, D. K.

Publisher : Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities, College of Agriculture, Pune, India

Journal article : Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 2000 Vol.25 No.1 pp.80-82 ref.5

22. Effect of selected characteristics on the sale price of feeder cattle in eastern Oklahoma: 1997 & 1999 summary.

Data from two studies of characteristics affecting the sale price of feeder cattle sold in auctions in eastern Oklahoma indicated distinct preferences for cattle that were large framed and heavily muscled. Intact bulls and heifers received prices significantly lower than comparable steer...

Author(s) : Smith, S. C.; Gill, D. R.; Evicks, T. R.; Prawl, J.

Publisher : Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA

Bulletin article : Animal Science Research Report - Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University 2000 No.No. P-980 pp.14-19 ref.5

23. Sustained growth promotion, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of steers treated with oestradiol-17β.

Bos indicus × Bos taurus crossbred steers grazing improved tropical pastures were divided into 3 groups: unimplanted controls (n = 17), implanted once with a long-acting formulation containing 45 mg oestradiol-17β (Compudose 400) (n = 16), or implanted 4 times at 105-day intervals with a shorter...

Author(s) : Hunter, R. A.; Magner, T.; Allingham, P. G.

Journal article : Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 2000 Vol.51 No.1 pp.133-138 ref.19

24. Limb injuries, immune response and growth performance of early-weaned pigs in different housing systems.

Three replicates of 20 pigs were weaned at 6.4 kg live weight into either: (a) deep-straw; (b) Straw-Flow; (c) large flatdeck; or (d) small flatdeck. A kenneled lying area was provided in (a) and (b). The floor in (c) and (d) was expanded metal. Stocking densities were 0.23 m2 per pig in (a), (b)...

Author(s) : Kelly, H. R. C.; Bruce, J. M.; Edwards, S. A.; English, P. R.; Fowler, V. R.

Journal article : Animal Science 2000 Vol.70 No.1 pp.73-83 ref.23

25. Thoroughbred bedding preferences, associated behaviour differences and their implications for equine welfare.

The preferences shown by eight Thoroughbred horses (6-16 years of age) for three commonly used bedding materials (paper, straw and shavings) were investigated. For each preference test two choices were presented in separate boxes joined by an unbedded corridor. Time spent in each compartment and...

Author(s) : Mills, D. S.; Eckley, S.; Cooper, J. J.

Journal article : Animal Science 2000 Vol.70 No.1 pp.95-106 ref.44