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1. Diseases of amphibians.

Foreign Title :Nemoci obojživelníků.

Author(s) : Knotek, Z.

Journal article : Veterinářství 1993 Vol.43 No.8 pp.281-283

2. Reflections of the inevitability of experiments on animals.

Foreign Title :Proč se nelze obejít bez pokusů na zvířatech?

Author(s) : Kunstýř, I.

Journal article : Veterinářství 1993 Vol.43 No.5 pp.173

5. Normal values in clinical diagnostics.

Foreign Title :Wartość referencyjna w diagnostyce klinicznej.

Author(s) : Krumrych, W.; Danek, J.

Journal article : Medycyna Weterynaryjna 1993 Vol.49 No.9 pp.421-422 ref.15

7. Risk evaluation.

Foreign Title :L'évaluation du risque.

Author(s) : Duprat, P.

Editorial : Pratique Médicale & Chirurgicale de l'Animal de Compagnie 1992 Vol.27 No.5 pp.617

9. The placebo effect.

Foreign Title :Placebo... effet placebo.

Author(s) : Péchereau, D.

Journal article : Pratique Médicale & Chirurgicale de l'Animal de Compagnie 1992 Vol.27 No.3 pp.197-198 ref.5

10. The role of research in avian medicine.

Author(s) : Carpenter, J. W.

Editorial : Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 1992 Vol.23 No.1 pp.1-4 ref.12

11. The smell of halothane?

Foreign Title :Haiseeko halotaani?

Author(s) : Vainio, O.

Journal article : Suomen Eläinlääkärilehti 1992 Vol.98 No.3 pp.139-142

12. The value of a negative diagnostic test.

Author(s) : McPartland, K. S.

Journal article : Veterinary Practice STAFF 1992 Vol.4 No.6 pp.30-32

13. Bone biopsy.

Foreign Title :La biopsia ossea.

Author(s) : Corlouer, J. P.; Darondel, J.; Patat, J. L.

Journal article : Summa 1992 Vol.9 No.4 pp.57-59

14. Veterinary pathology: the benefits and the cost.

Author(s) : Kelly, D. F.

Editorial : Journal of Small Animal Practice 1994 Vol.35 No.2 pp.65-67 ref.4

17. Methane formation in the rumen and its control. I.

Author(s) : Itabashi, H.

Journal article : Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Japan 1993 Vol.46 No.6 pp.509-512

18. Environmental changes and dangers as consequences of war.

Foreign Title :Promjene i opasnosti u okolišu kao posljedica rata.

Author(s) : Olujić, Z.; Kljakić, M.

Journal article : Veterinarska Stanica 1993 Vol.24 No.5 pp.275-281 ref.8

19. Binding proteins of somatomedin.

Foreign Title :Vazebné proteiny somatomedinu.

Author(s) : Slíva, D.

Journal article : Biopharm 1993 Vol.3 No.3/4 pp.117-122 ref.32

20. Apoptosis.

Foreign Title :L'apoptose.

Author(s) : Bret, L.; Delverdier, M.; Fournie, G. F.

Journal article : Revue de Médecine Vétérinaire 1993 Vol.144 No.7 pp.579-589 ref.67

21. Identification of horses with transponders,.

Foreign Title :Transponderidentifiering av hästar.

Author(s) : Lindholm, A.

Journal article : Svensk Veterinärtidning 1993 Vol.45 No.10 pp.447

22. Wild animal rescue diary. Cranes.

Author(s) : Morita, M.

Journal article : Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Japan 1993 Vol.46 No.1 pp.51-52

24. Selected problems on animal health economics.

Foreign Title :Wybrane zagadnienia z ekonomiki ochrony zdrowia zwierząt.

Author(s) : Klimentowski, S.; Kołodziej, P.

Journal article : Życie Weterynaryjne 1993 Vol.68 No.8 pp.177-180 ref.6