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1. Sustainability evaluation of non-toxic Jatropha curcas in rural marginal soil for obtaining biodiesel using life-cycle assessment.

Using information from an experimental planting of non-toxic Jatropha curcas (NTJC) with minimal water and fertilization resources on rural marginal soil the objective of this article is to determine the sustainability of this raw material for producing biodiesel and the possibilities for improving ...

Author(s) : Pérez, G.; Islas-Samperio, J. M.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Energies 2021 Vol.14 No.10 ref.76

2. Hay production of smooth bromegrass (Bromus inermis Leyss.) as influenced by various management practices in highlands.

The effects of sowing time and companion crop on hay yield, weed rate and some hay quality parameters of smooth bromegrass were determined in 2014 and 2015. Smooth bromegrass was sown in spring and summer period with or without wheat as a companion crop. The study was established according to the...

Author(s) : Tan, M.; Çoruh, I.

Publisher : Igdir University, Igdir, Turkey

Journal article : Journal of the Institute of Science and Technology 2021 Vol.11 No.2 pp.1625-1634 ref.35

3. Optimal hydropower generation of Maithon multi-purpose reservoir system.

The present study focuses on optimizing the hydropower generation capacity of a multi-purpose reservoir system considering various constraints, including reservoir water mass balance, minimization of sediment, maximum and minimum reservoir water storage, maximum and minimum reservoir water...

Author(s) : Priti Sagar; Parhi, P. K.; Birendra Bharti

Publisher : Wiley, Tokyo, Japan

Journal article : Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management 2021 Vol.26 No.2

4. Estimation of direct damage to maize seedlings by the corn leafhopper, Dalbulus maidis (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae), under different watering regimes.

The corn leafhopper Dalbulus maidis (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae), a specialist herbivore, is the cause of serious losses in maize yield for its capacity to transmit three important plant pathogens. They are also active phloem feeders, that insert stylets into the plant as they feed. Females place...

Author(s) : Virla, E. G.; Araoz, M. V. C.; Albarracin, E. L.

Publisher : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

Journal article : Bulletin of Entomological Research 2021 Vol.111 No.4 pp.438-444 ref.38

5. Effects of sugarcane wastewater utilization in concrete fabrication for irrigation channel coverage.

The quality of water can significantly affect concrete properties, including ultimate strength and efficiency. The present work provides a feasibility study of utilizing sugarcane wastewater in the fabrication of concrete for covering irrigation channels. Three other water types, including reverse...

Author(s) : Daryaee, M.; Bijanvand, S.

Publisher : Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran

Journal article : Journal of Irrigation Sciences and Engineering 2021 Vol.43 No.4 pp.15-22 ref.13

6. A short review of the methods for determining saturated hydraulic conductivity and a comparison of large and small-scale in-situ methods.

Saturated hydraulic conductivity (KS) can be determined with correlation or hydraulic methods. Hydraulic methods can be classified as laboratory and large-scale or small-scale in-situ methods. Auger-hole, inversed auger-hole and Guelph Permeameter are the most common small-scale in-situ methods....

Author(s) : Roudi, M.; Sharifipour, M.; Maleki, A.; Nasrollahi, A.

Publisher : Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran

Journal article : Journal of Irrigation Sciences and Engineering 2021 Vol.43 No.4 pp.105-116 ref.50

7. Hydrochemical assessment of groundwater for irrigation suitability in the alluvial aquifers of Dakshin Dinajpur district, West Bengal, India.

Hydrogeochemical assessment of 66 groundwater samples were carried out in the Dakshin Dinajpur district, West Bengal, India, to evaluate the groundwater for its irrigation suitability. Groundwater in the study area occurs in the alluvial aquifers and has an intense agricultural production. Hence,...

Author(s) : Barua, S.; Mukhopadhyay, B. P.; Bera, A.

Publisher : Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany

Journal article : Environmental Earth Sciences 2021 Vol.80 No.16

8. Hydrogeochemical and isotopic characteristics of water resources in Çubuk-Melikşah (Ankara/Turkey).

In this study, the chemical characteristics, isotopic compositions (δ 18O, δ 2H), geothermal properties, and suitability for irrigation of groundwater resources were explored in Çubuk-Melikşah (Ankara/Turkey). Water types present in the study area were mainly CaMgHCO3 and NaHCO3, with isotope...

Author(s) : Yasin, D.; Kargın, M.

Publisher : Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany

Journal article : Environmental Earth Sciences 2021 Vol.80 No.16 ref.many

9. Irrigation of corn in the circumstances of the sales price growth.

From the beginning of 2020 to the middle of 2021, the sales price of corn increased by 87%. Changing the sales price has caused the improvement of financial indicators, and reconsideration of traditional assumptions about unprofitability of corn irrigation. The aim of this paper is to determine the ...

Foreign Title :Navodnjavanje kukuruza u aktualnim uvjetima rasta prodajne cijene.

Author(s) : Hadelan, L.; Grgić, I.; Kovaćićek, T.; Mesić, Ž.

Publisher : Zadružna Štampa, Zagreb, Croatia

Journal article : Glasnik Zaštite Bilja 2021 Vol.44 No.4 pp.31-38 ref.15

10. Quantitative effects of changes in agricultural irrigation on potential evaporation.

Evaporation is a key element to the basin's water cycle. Agricultural irrigation has resulted in a significant variation of regional potential evaporation (Epen). The spatiotemporal variation of Epen and influencing factors in natural, agricultural, and desert areas in different developmental...

Author(s) : Han CongYing; Zhang BaoZhong; Han SongJun

Publisher : Wiley, Chichester, UK

Journal article : Hydrological Processes 2021 Vol.35 No.2

11. Biodegradable polyester coated mulch paper for controlled release of fertilizer.

Biobased and biodegradable polymers are a promising solution for agricultural plastics problems, especially for pollution and toxic residue from disposed non-degradable plastic mulch films. Application of biobased and biodegradable mulch films has been hindered by poor mechanical properties and...

Author(s) : Bi SiWen; Pan Hao; Barinelli, V.; Eriksen, B.; Ruiz, S.; Sobkowicz, M. J.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Cleaner Production 2021 Vol.294

12. Influence of drop irrigation duration with mineralized waters on soil fatigation in intensive fruit plantations.

The scientific and practical problems of deterioration of the soil fertility of apple tree plantations under drip irrigation with mineralized waters are discussed. A significant decrease in soil biodiversity was revealed, depending on the duration of cultivation of fruit plantations. A prerequisite ...

Author(s) : Fomenko, T.; Popova, V.

Publisher : EDP Sciences S.A., Les Ulis, France

Journal article; Conference paper : BIO Web of Conferences 2021 Vol.34 ref.16

13. Three level rule curve for optimum operation of a multipurpose reservoir using genetic algorithms.

Finding optimal policies for real-life reservoir systems operation (RSO) is a challenging task as the available analytical methods cannot handle the arbitrary functions of the problem. Most of the methods employed are numerical or iterative type and are computer dependent. Since the computer...

Author(s) : Seetharam, K. V.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Water Resources Management 2021 Vol.35 No.1 pp.353-368 ref.26

14. Drained soils as an analogue of a large-area lysimeter.

Surface-waterlogged soils drained by ceramic and plastic drainage are an analogue of large-area lysimetric installations, the drainage runoff in which is represented by gravitational waters similar to lysimetric waters. The drainage runoff module in spring and autumn and its dependence on the...

Author(s) : Kovalev, I. V.

Publisher : Allerton Press, Inc., New York, USA

Journal article : Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin 2021 Vol.76 No.3 pp.140-149 ref.19

15. Ridge irrigation reduced greenhouse gas emission in double-cropping rice field.

Ridge irrigation (RI) is a water-saving irrigation technique for paddy fields. To obtain a suitable mode of RI in increasing rice yield and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from paddy fields, taking conventional irrigation (CI) as a control, the effects of RI with different ridge widths on...

Author(s) : Zeng, Y.; Li, F.

Publisher : Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 2021 Vol.67 No.8 pp.1003-1016 ref.48

16. Remote sensing of the carbonate content in irrigated soils of the dry steppe zone in Volgograd Oblast.

Data on the spatial distribution of calcium carbonates (CaCO3) in the surface layer and in the profiles of irrigated soils at two key plots of the Svetloyarsk irrigation system in Volgograd oblast are presented. The key plots are located in different natural areas of the dry-steppe zone: the...

Author(s) : Khitrov, N. B.; Gorokhova, I. N.; Pankova, Ye. I.

Publisher : Pleiades Publishing, Moscow, Russia

Journal article : Eurasian Soil Science 2021 Vol.54 No.6 pp.827-842 ref.37

17. Supplemental irrigation to save water while growing cactus pear in semi-arid regions.

Climate change will compromise food access by causing water shortages for agricultural purposes. Supplemental irrigation (SI) was explored for its effect on crop water use, fruit yield, water use efficiency, water productivity, mean fruit mass and fruit size distribution of four cactus pear...

Author(s) : Zegbe, J. A.; Servín-Palestina, M.

Publisher : Wiley, Chichester, UK

Journal article : Irrigation and Drainage 2021 Vol.70 No.2 pp.269-280

18. Advances in cotton growth and development modelling and its applications in China.

Cotton is an important commodity crop, and its high-yield, high-quality and high-efficiency production have strategic significance for China. The cotton growth and development models (CGDM) simulate the dynamic interactions of physiological and structural processes with the environment, and predict ...

Author(s) : Hou TongYu; Hao TingLi; Wang HaiJiang; Zhang Ze; Lü Xin

Publisher : Scientia Agricultura Sinica, Beijing, China

Journal article : Scientia Agricultura Sinica 2021 Vol.54 No.6 pp.1112-1126 ref.105

19. Prediction of crop coefficients from fraction of ground cover and height: practical application to vegetable, field and fruit crops with focus on parameterization.

The A&P approach, developed by Allen and Pereira (2009), estimates single and basal crop coefficients (Kc and Kcb) from the observed fraction of ground cover (fc) and crop height (h). The practical application of the A&P for several crops was reviewed and tested in a companion paper...

Author(s) : Pereira, L. S.; Paredes, P.; Melton, F.; Johnson, L.; Mota, M.; Wang, T.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Agricultural Water Management 2021 Vol.252

20. Nutritional status and productivity of Anna apple trees in the year following autumn irrigation determent.

This study was conducted over two successive seasons in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 on 6-year-old Anna apple trees to determine the effects of autumn irrigation determent on fruit phenological development stages, flowering density, initial fruit set, fruit yield, fruit characteristics, and nutritional...

Author(s) : Abdel-Sattar, M.; Kotb, H. R. M.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Agricultural Water Management 2021 Vol.252

21. Simulation of nitrogen fertigation schedule for drip irrigated paddy.

A robust soil-water system is essential for achieving most of the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. Systems approach is essential to keep the soil-water system to derive sustainable benefits. Prevention is better than cure; hence accurate prediction of the likely results of our...

Author(s) : Sharmiladevi, R.; Ravikumar, V.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Agricultural Water Management 2021 Vol.252

22. Robust climate change adaptation pathways in agricultural water management.

Analysis of climate change impacts as well as conscious decision-making and long-term planning in complex water resources systems require use of innovative approaches under conditions of deep climate uncertainty. This research aims to design and evaluate robust adaptable plans under deep climate...

Author(s) : Babaeian, F.; Delavar, M.; Morid, S.; Srinivasan, R.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Agricultural Water Management 2021 Vol.252

23. Effects of earthworm casts on water and salt movement in typical Loess Plateau soils under brackish water irrigation.

Soil salinization severely degrades agricultural land and significantly impacts agricultural productivity. Earthworm casts, as a pollution-free improver, can effectively enhance the structure and properties of soil; however, their effects on water and salt movement in soil, under brackish water...

Author(s) : Li YanPei; Wang Jiao; Shao Ming'an

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Agricultural Water Management 2021 Vol.252

24. Effects of reduced nitrogen fertilization and urease inhibitor on the yield and nitrogen use efficiency of spring maize in irrigation areas of Liangzhou.

Taking maize variety Xianyu 335 as experimental material, the yield, yield components, nitrogen (N) use efficiency of maize and nitrate N in 0~100 cm soil layers at the harvest were studied under the treatments of control, conventional fertilization, reduced N fertilization, conventional...

Author(s) : Li ChunLing; Li GuoShan; Yu YiZhong; Mao WenMing; Ma LinShan

Publisher : Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China

Journal article : Agricultural Research in the Arid Areas 2021 Vol.39 No.2 pp.31-36 ref.28

25. Study on local head-loss of the drip irrigation tape equipped with integrated in-line emitters by considering cross-section deformation.

In order to study the effect of cross-section deformation on local head-loss in in-line drip irrigation tape, in this paper, six different wall thickness of drip irrigation tapes were selected, the relationship between cross-section deformation and the wall thickness and pressure were obtained by...

Author(s) : Wang YaLin; Ju XueLiang; Li Meng; Hu ZiHan; Zhao YongHong

Publisher : Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China

Journal article : Agricultural Research in the Arid Areas 2021 Vol.39 No.2 pp.86-94 ref.19