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1. Advances in understanding arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal effects on soil nutrient cycling.

Author(s) : Zhang HaiYang; Powell, J. R.

Publisher : Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited, Cambridge, UK

Book chapter : Understanding and improving crop root function 2021 pp.195-212 ref.many

2. Improving integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) by smallholders.

Author(s) : Vanlauwe, B.

Publisher : Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited, Cambridge, UK

Book chapter : The sustainable intensification of smallholder farming systems 2021 pp.175-186 ref.27

3. Modeling the compaction characteristics of fine-grained soils blended with tire-derived aggregates.

This study aims at modeling the compaction characteristics of fine-grained soils blended with sand-sized (0.075-4.75 mm) recycled tire-derived aggregates (TDAs). Model development and calibration were performed using a large and diverse database of 100 soil-TDA compaction tests (with the...

Author(s) : Soltani, A.; Azimi, M.; O'Kelly, B. C.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Sustainability 2021 Vol.13 No.14 ref.48

4. Nanoparticles in the soil-plant system: a review.

Nanoparticles are increasingly used in many industrial sectors due to their unique properties, yet their introduction in ecosystems is of concern for health and food security. In particular, the accumulation of nanoparticles in soils may disturb the soil and plant system, possibly inducing a risk...

Author(s) : Bilal Ahmed; Asfa Rizvi; Khursheed Ali; Lee Jintae; Almas Zaidi; Khan, M. S.; Javed Musarrat

Publisher : Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany

Journal article : Environmental Chemistry Letters 2021 Vol.19 No.2 pp.1545-1609 ref.many

5. Spatial and temporal assessment of cadmium and chromium contamination in soils in the Karditsa region (Central Greece).

In this work, we aimed at monitoring Cd and Cr levels in surface soils in the Karditsa region (Central Greece). Soil samples were obtained throughout 3 years (2010 to 2012) and analyzed for extractable (DTPA) and for "pseudo"-total concentrations (aqua regia) of Cd and Cr. The temporal variability, ...

Author(s) : Antoniadis, V.; Golia, E. E.

Publisher : Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany

Journal article; Conference paper : Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2021 Vol.28 No.4 pp.3820-3827 ref.many

6. Distribution and assessment of Cr, Pb, Ni and Cd in topsoil of the modern Yellow River delta, China.

Modern Yellow River Delta (MYRD) is a typical petrochemical and agricultural industrial area of China. To effectively assess the current status of the four heavy metals (Cr, Pb, Ni and Cd) of topsoil residues, soil samples (0 ~ 20 cm) (n = 104) in the MYRD were collected and analyzed. The results...

Author(s) : Yang HongJun; Sun JingKuan; Xia JiangBao; Fu ZhanYong; Cheng Shuai; Li Tian; Shao PengShuai; Dong KaiKai; Ma JinZhao; Feng Lu

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Wetlands 2021 Vol.41 No.2 ref.43

7. Spatial distribution of mercury accumulation in the surface soil of Japanese forests.

Mercury (Hg) is a pollutant that can affect human and ecosystem health. The transport and fate of Hg in the environment are dynamic and complex, but our understanding remains unclear for Japanese forest ecosystems. Here, we report the first country-wide survey of Hg concentrations in litter and...

Author(s) : Chikamasa, T.; Shibata, H.; Urakawa, R.; Fukuzawa, K.; Hirobe, M.; Inagaki, Y.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Journal of Forest Research 2021 Vol.26 No.2 pp.161-167 ref.34

8. Risk assessment for the presence of potentially toxic elements in the vicinity of a former lead smelter in Bahia, Brazil.

Environmental and human health risk analyses of contamination by toxic elements in soil are important tools to manage remediation initiatives or population resettling. In Brazil, a primary lead smelter operated in Bahia state from 1960 to 1993 generating several environment and health concerns....

Author(s) : Souza, L. Z. S.; Lima, L. R. P. de A.

Publisher : Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany

Journal article : Environmental Earth Sciences 2021 Vol.80 No.16 ref.33

9. Microplastic contaminants in the aqueous environment, fate, toxicity consequences, and remediation strategies.

Microplastic is a fragmented plastic part that emerges as a potential marine and terrestrial contaminant. The microplastic wastes in marine and soil environments cause severe problems in living systems. Microplastic wastes have been linked to various health problems, including reproductive harm and ...

Author(s) : Bhatt, P.; Pathak, V. M.; Bagheri, A. R.; Bilal, M.

Publisher : Elsevier Inc, Orlando, USA

Journal article : Environmental Research 2021 Vol.200

10. Bioremediation strategies with biochar for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)-contaminated soils.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are hazardous organic contaminants threatening human health and environmental safety due to their toxicity and carcinogenicity . Biochar (BC) is an eco-friendly carbonaceous material that can extensively be utilized for the remediation of PCBs-contaminated soils. In ...

Author(s) : Valizadeh, S.; Lee SangSoo; Baek Kitae; Choi YongJun; Jeon ByongHun; Rhee GwangHoon; Lin Andrew [Lin, A. K. Y.]; Park YoungKwon

Publisher : Elsevier Inc, Orlando, USA

Journal article : Environmental Research 2021 Vol.200

11. Integrated chemo-phyto-ecological process for the treatment of polymetal contamination in landfill sites and the consequent soil recovery.

Non-hazardous chemical waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) are typically disposed in landfill sites. Therefore, the soils in these sites are heavily contaminated by hazardous polymetallic substances, accompanied by biocenosis disruption. Analyses of a landfill soil in Moscow showed that the...

Author(s) : Nikulina, E.; Makarova, A.; Meshalkin, V.; Chelnokov, V.; Matasov, A.; Avdeenkova, T.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Process Safety and Environmental Protection 2021 Vol.152 pp.719-729

12. Fractions, contamination and health risk of cadmium in alpine soils on the Gongga mountain, eastern Tibetan plateau.

Anthropogenic cadmium (Cd) in alpine soils is mainly from long-range atmospheric transport. Because of the high toxicity and mobility, whether the accumulation of Cd in the soils threats to ecosystem safety remains unclear. The fractions of soil Cd along three altitudinal transects on Gongga...

Author(s) : Wang ZhiGuo; Bing HaiJian; Zhu He; Wu YanHong

Publisher : Springer, New York, USA

Journal article : Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 2021 Vol.106 No.1 pp.86-91 ref.28

13. Copper bioavailability, uptake, toxicity and tolerance in plants: a comprehensive review.

Copper (Cu) is an essential element for humans and plants when present in lesser amount, while in excessive amounts it exerts detrimental effects. There subsists a narrow difference amid the indispensable, positive and detrimental concentration of Cu in living system, which substantially alters...

Author(s) : Vinod Kumar; Shevita Pandita; Sidhu, G. P. S.; Anket Sharma; Kanika Khanna; Parminder Kaur; Bali, A. S.; Raj Setia

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Chemosphere 2021 Vol.262 ref.many

14. Bioremediation of petroleum-contaminated soil by semi-aerobic aged refuse biofilter: optimization and mechanism.

Petroleum-contaminated soil (PCS) is a global environmental issue. An effective remediation technique is urgently needed to address this problem. This study applied a semi-aerobic aged refuse biofilter (SAARB) to the decontamination and remediation of PCS. The effects of petroleum content,...

Author(s) : Chen WeiMing; Wang Fan; Zeng Lin; Li QiBin

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Cleaner Production 2021 Vol.294

15. Stability of nitrogen-containing polyfluoroalkyl substances in aerobic soils.

Zwitterionic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) used in aqueous film-forming foams (AFFFs) could face diverse environmental fates once released at military bases, airports, fire-training areas, and accidental release sites. Here, we studied for the first time the transformation potential...

Author(s) : Liu Min; Munoz, G.; Duy SungVo; Sauvé, S.; Liu JinXia

Publisher : American Chemical Society, Washington, USA

Journal article : Environmental Science & Technology 2021 Vol.55 No.8 pp.4698-4708

16. A kinetic approach for assessing the uptake of Ag from pristine and sulfidized Ag nanomaterials to plants.

Nanomaterials (NMs) are thermodynamically unstable by nature, and exposure of soil organisms to NMs in the terrestrial environment cannot be assumed constant. Thus, steady-state conditions may not apply to NMs, and bioaccumulation modeling for uptake should follow a dynamic approach. The...

Author(s) : Lahive, E.; Schultz, C. L.; Gestel, C. A. M. van; Robinson, A.; Horton, A. A.; Spurgeon, D. J.; Svendsen, C.; Busquets-Fité, M.; Matzke, M.; Etxabe, A. G.

Publisher : Wiley, Boston, USA

Journal article : Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2021 Vol.40 No.7 pp.1859-1870 ref.46

17. Research on the mechanisms of plant enrichment and detoxification of cadmium.

The heavy metal cadmium (Cd), as one of the major environmentally toxic pollutants, has serious impacts on the growth, development, and physiological functions of plants and animals, leading to deterioration of environmental quality and threats to human health. Research on how plants absorb and...

Author(s) : Yang GuiLi; Zheng MengMeng; Tan AiJuan; Liu YuTing; Feng Dan; Lv ShiMing

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Biology 2021 Vol.10 No.6 ref.178

18. Study on the mechanical properties of flax fiber-reinforced silty clay contaminated by zinc-ion solution.

Mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced soil after soaking in heavy metal ion solution have great influences on safety and stability of the reinforcement, herein the mechanical properties of optimum moisture content of different concentrations of zinc ions contaminated soil were studied through...

Author(s) : Ma Qiang; Xiang JunChen; Yang YiCong; Xiao HengLin; Wan Juan

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Environmental Technology 2021 Vol.42 No.7 pp.1071-1083 ref.36

19. The effects of biostimulation and bioaugmentation on crude oil biodegradation in two adjacent terrestrial oil spills of different age, in a hyper-arid region.

This study deals with two adjacent terrestrial oil spills, with similar properties, located in a hyper-arid region in Israel, one from 1975 and the other from 2014. It tests the effect of biostimulation on crude oil degradation in both spills and whether biostimulated sediments from the 1975 spill...

Author(s) : Banet, G.; Turaani, A. K.; Farber, R.; Armoza- Zvuloni, R.; Rotem, N.; Stavi, I.; Cahan, R.

Publisher : Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Journal of Environmental Management 2021 Vol.286

20. Phytoremediation of soil contaminated with nickel, cadmium and cobalt.

This pot experiment analyzed the use of Brassica napus, Elymus elongatus and Zea mays in the removal of Cd2+ Co2+ and Ni2+ from the soil. The utility of the plants under study for phytoremediation was analyzed based on the biomass of the aboveground parts and roots and the accumulation of metals,...

Author(s) : Boros-Lajszner, E.; Wyszkowska, J.; Kucharski, J.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : International Journal of Phytoremediation 2021 Vol.23 No.3 pp.252-262 ref.104

21. In vitro spore germination and phytoremediation of hg and Pb using gametophytes of Pityrogramma calomelanos.

Few pteridophytes have proven the capacity to accumulate and remediate heavy metals from contaminated soils. Pityrogramma calomelanos, a non-seasonal fast-growing, a cosmopolitan fern, is a good indicator of environmental conditions, was used in the present study. The life cycle of ferns alternates ...

Author(s) : Thekkeveedu, R. P.; Smitha Hegde

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : International Journal of Phytoremediation 2021 Vol.23 No.3 pp.307-315 ref.43

22. The application of biomodified fertilizers as a way to increase the effective fertility of orchard soils.

The crucial trend in the intensification of gardening is the use of agrochemicals, including the systematic application of mineral fertilizers, regulated by the production flow chart of fruit products. Technological pressure on the soil causes aggravating the ecological problem of loss of the...

Author(s) : Sergeeva, N.; Yaroshenko, O.

Publisher : EDP Sciences S.A., Les Ulis, France

Journal article; Conference paper : BIO Web of Conferences 2021 Vol.34 ref.17

23. Influence of drop irrigation duration with mineralized waters on soil fatigation in intensive fruit plantations.

The scientific and practical problems of deterioration of the soil fertility of apple tree plantations under drip irrigation with mineralized waters are discussed. A significant decrease in soil biodiversity was revealed, depending on the duration of cultivation of fruit plantations. A prerequisite ...

Author(s) : Fomenko, T.; Popova, V.

Publisher : EDP Sciences S.A., Les Ulis, France

Journal article; Conference paper : BIO Web of Conferences 2021 Vol.34 ref.16

24. Soil health is the basis of organic agriculture.

The biologization of agriculture is a topical issue both in Russia and in the world. The objective of the presented experiment was to confirm the positive effect biopreparations treatment of the fruit crops on the soil microbiota. As a result, in soil samples selected depend on the intensity of...

Author(s) : Tomashevich, N.; Bondarchuk, E.; Asaturova, A.

Publisher : EDP Sciences S.A., Les Ulis, France

Journal article; Conference paper : BIO Web of Conferences 2021 Vol.34 ref.17

25. Bioavailability of soil Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn from soil fractions.

Cationic micronutrients bioavailability depends on the chemical characteristics of soil fractions. Fourteen soils received individual doses of five micronutrients (Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, B) arranged in seven treatments set according a Baconian Matrix. The soils incubated with treatments during 15 days had ...

Author(s) : Fontes, R. L. F.; Ferreira, G. B.; Alvarez V. V. H.; Neves, J. C. L.; Faria, A. F.; Fontes, M. P. F.

Publisher : Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Londrina, Brazil

Journal article : Semina: Ciências Agrárias (Londrina) 2021 Vol.42 No.1 pp.19-42 ref.20