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1. Response to edaphoclimatic conditions and crop management of the bacterial microbiome of Musa acuminata rhizosphere profiled by 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing.

Bacterial rhizospheric microbiomes of Musa acuminata cultivated in farms close to the west and east Mexican coasts and with different climate, soils, and crop management practices were characterized by 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing. Results showed that rhizospheric microbiome composition...

Author(s) : Torre-González, F. J. de la; Fernández-Castillo, E.; Azaharez-Llorente, D.; Lara, J.; Avendaño, E.; Castañeda, A.; Gómez, S.; Gaxiola, J.; Asaff-Torres, A.; Verdín, J.

Publisher : American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Washington, D.C., USA

Journal article : Microbiology Resource Announcements 2021 Vol.10 No.10 ref.11

2. Chemical fractionation and mobility of nickel in soils in relation to parent materials.

Information on the various nickel (Ni) fractions and mobility in soils in relation to parent materials is critical in understanding the contribution of parent materials to nickel bioavailability and mobilization within the ecosystem. Sixty soil samples were collected from 0 to 20, 20 to 40 and 40...

Author(s) : Okoli, N.; Uzoho, B.; Ahukaemere, C.; Egboka, N.; Irokwe, I.

Publisher : Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 2021 Vol.67 No.8 pp.1075-1092 ref.60

3. Field calibrations of a Diviner 2000 capacitive soil water content probe on a shallow groundwater site and the application in a weighable groundwater lysimeter.

The determination of the volumetric soil water content θv by means of capacitive profile probes is often applied to investigate the soil water storage change ΔS that serves as basis for decisions in agricultural water management. The soil properties have a big effect on the accuracy of the θv...

Author(s) : Dietrich, O.; Steidl, J.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Agricultural Water Management 2021 Vol.252

4. Age constraints of the middle pleistocene till and loess sequence in northeast Missouri, USA, based on pedostratigraphy within a polygenetic paleosol.

Pre-Illinoian (pre-MIS 6) tills in northern Missouri, USA mark the southernmost advances of the early Laurentide Ice Sheet (LIS), so their ages likely correspond to its largest ice volumes. Present age constraints for the two youngest tills in this sequence (Macon and Columbia) are consistent with...

Author(s) : Rovey, C. W., II; Siemens, M.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Catena 2021 Vol.203

5. Pedogenic clay formation from allochthonous parent materials in a periglacial alpine critical zone.

This project investigated the origin of clay minerals in regolith present above quartzite bedrock in the alpine zone of the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA. Geochemical and mineralogical analysis indicates that these clays formed through chemical weathering of two allochthonous parent materials....

Author(s) : Munroe, J. S.; Ryan, P. C.; Proctor, A.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Catena 2021 Vol.203

6. Pedogenetic and geographic features of granuzems.

At present, the genesis, nomenclature, and classification of granuzems remain debatable, which is explained by scarce data on these soils. In this paper, data on granuzems described in the forest-tundra of the Norilsk depression, in the valleys of the Tukalanda, Akkit, and Khantaika rivers (68°30'...

Author(s) : Yershov, Yu. I.

Publisher : Pleiades Publishing, Moscow, Russia

Journal article : Eurasian Soil Science 2021 Vol.54 No.5 pp.653-664 ref.40

7. Soils of ancient agricultural terraces of the Eastern Caucasus.

The morphological and chemical properties and biological activity of soils on ancient agricultural terraces in the middle-high mountains of the Eastern Caucasus are considered. The studied terraces were constructed on sandstone, limestone, clay shale, and colluvium of clay and sandstone. The...

Author(s) : Borisov, A. V.; Kashirskaya, N. N.; El'tsov, M. V.; Pinskoy, V. N.; Plekhanova, L. N.; Idrisov, I. A.

Publisher : Pleiades Publishing, Moscow, Russia

Journal article : Eurasian Soil Science 2021 Vol.54 No.5 pp.665-679 ref.39

8. Theoretical and methodological approaches to compiling the Red Data Soil Book of Kirov oblast.

The importance of the Red Data Book of Soils compilation is substantiated. The idea is based on some fundamental principles interpreted for the regional level: phenomenological, of the equivalence of components, the priority of virgin soil objects, representativeness, rarity of soil cover...

Author(s) : Prokashev, A. M.; Matushkin, A. S.

Publisher : Pleiades Publishing, Moscow, Russia

Journal article : Eurasian Soil Science 2021 Vol.54 No.5 pp.816-826 ref.38

9. Estimation of sediment thickness by solving Poisson's equation with bedrock outcrops as boundary conditions.

Sediment thickness and bedrock topography are vital for the terrestrial hydrosphere. In this study, we estimated sediment thickness by using information from digital elevation models, geological maps, and public databases. We discuss two different approaches: First, the horizontal distances to the...

Author(s) : Kitterød, N. O.; Leblois, É.

Publisher : IWA Publishing, Colchester, UK

Journal article : Hydrology Research 2021 Vol.52 No.3 pp.597-619 ref.many

10. Ground magnetic surveying and susceptibility mapping across weathered basalt dikes reveal soil creep and pedoturbation.

Ground magnetic survey profiles across a soil-covered and weathered mafic dike in sedimentary host rock not only permit to delineate the strike, width and burial depth of the intrusive basalt sheet, but also reflect the subsurface deformation of its clayey weathering products. We illustrate this...

Author(s) : Dobeneck, T. von; Müller, M.; Bosbach, B.; Klügel, A.

Publisher : Frontiers Media S.A., Lausanne, Switzerland

Journal article : Frontiers in Earth Science 2021 Vol.9 No.January ref.25

11. Litterfall guided soil nutrient return in Eucalyptus based agroforestry system.

Here, the arrangement of litterfall and nutrient return to the soil by the seven-year-old plantations of Eucalyptus under different spacings established on sodic wastelands in northern India was determined. The litterfall was sorted into leaf wood and miscellaneous. Further, the seasonal variation...

Author(s) : Kumar, T.; Kumari, B.; Arya, S.; Jayaswal, D.; Kaushik, P.

Publisher : National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, CSIR, New Delhi, India

Journal article : Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge 2021 Vol.20 No.2 pp.544-549 ref.22

12. Indicators of pedogenic processes in red clayey soils of the Cape Martyan Reserve, South Crimea.

Specific red clayey soils on the eluvium of limestone, which are traditionally associated with Mediterranean terra rossa, have been described in the Cape Martyan Reserve in south Crimea. Though such soils are well studied, there are several open questions related to the genesis of the red-colored...

Author(s) : Agadzhanova, N. V.; Izosimova, Yu. G.; Kostenko, I. V.; Krasilnikov, P. V.

Publisher : Pleiades Publishing, Moscow, Russia

Journal article : Eurasian Soil Science 2021 Vol.54 No.1 pp.1-12 ref.44

13. Geochemical features of cryogenic and Al-Fe-humus soils of mountainous taiga in Northern Mongolia.

Geochemical features of permafrost-affected (Folic Protic Leptic Cryosols, Histic Protic Leptic Cryosols) and Al-Fe-humus soils (Folic Leptic Entic Podzols, Histic Leptic Entic Podzols) have been studied. These soils are widespread in taiga forests of Khentei, Eastern Sayan, and Khangai mountains....

Author(s) : Krasnoshchekov, Yu. N.

Publisher : Pleiades Publishing, Moscow, Russia

Journal article : Eurasian Soil Science 2021 Vol.54 No.1 pp.25-37 ref.41

14. Complementary utilization of nutrients between Phragmites australis and Phalaris arundinacea based on accumulative dynamics of soil nutrient during litter decomposition.

The objective of this study was to explore the maintenance mechanism for the coexistence of Phragmites australis and Phalaris arundinacea by studying the accumulation dynamics of soil nutrients during the whole decomposition of the two species of litter. To do this, the complementary utilization of ...

Author(s) : Liu YongMao; Fu WeiGuo; Li PingPing; Ten BoQun

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 2021 Vol.52 No.14 pp.1622-1630 ref.24

15. Modeling root exudate accumulation gradients to estimate net exudation rates by peatland soil depth.

Root exudates accumulate as a radial gradient around the root, yet little is known about variability at the individual root level. Vertical gradients in soil properties are hypothesized to cause greater accumulation of exudates in deeper soil through hindering diffusion, increasing sorption, and...

Author(s) : Proctor, C.; He YuHong

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Plants 2021 Vol.10 No.1 ref.102

16. Peculiar relationships among morphology, burrowing performance and sand type in two fossorial microteiid lizards.

Associations among ecology, morphology and locomotor performance have been intensively investigated in several vertebrate lineages. Knowledge on how phenotypes evolve in natural environments likely benefits from identification of circumstances that might expand current ecomorphological equations....

Author(s) : Barros, F. C. de; Grizante, M. B.; Zampieri, F. A. M.; Kohlsdorf, T.

Publisher : Elsevier GmbH, Munich, Germany

Journal article : Zoology 2021 Vol.144

17. Geophysically based analysis of breakthrough curves and ion exchange processes in soil.

Breakthrough curves (BTCs) are a valuable tool for qualitative and quantitative examination of transport patterns in porous media. Although breakthrough (BT) experiments are simple, they often require extensive sampling and multi-component chemical analysis. In this work, we examine spectral...

Author(s) : Moshe, S. B.; Kessouri, P.; Erlich, D.; Furman, A.

Publisher : Copernicus Gesellschaft mbH, Gottingen, Germany

Journal article : Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2021 Vol.25 No.6 pp.3041-3052 ref.many

18. Biochar decreases methanogenic archaea abundance and methane emissions in a flooded paddy soil.

Biochar addition can reduce methane (CH4) emissions from paddy soils while the mechanisms involved are not entirely clear. Here, we studied the effect of biochar addition on CH4 emissions, and the abundance and community composition of methanogens and methanotrophs over two rice cultivation...

Author(s) : Qi Le; Ma ZiLong; Chang, S. X.; Zhou Peng; Huang Rong; Wang YingYan; Wang ZiFang; Gao Ming

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Science of the Total Environment 2021 Vol.752

19. Recent soil-forming processes in postagrogenic soddy-podzolic soils of the Udmurt Republic.

We have revealed the dependence of current soil-forming processes in laylands on the period of theirs overgrowing, landform, and cultivation intensity. The main object of research is represented by regraded agrosoddy-podzolic soils (Albic Glossic Retisols (Loamic, Aric, Cutanic, Ochric)), differing ...

Author(s) : Lednev, A. V.; Dmitriev, A. V.

Publisher : Pleiades Publishing, Moscow, Russia

Journal article : Eurasian Soil Science 2021 Vol.54 No.7 pp.1119-1129 ref.49

20. Characterisation of soil phosphorus forms in the soil-plant system using radioisotopic tracer method.

Soil incubation and pot experiments were conducted to follow the sorption processes of added phosphorus (P) fertiliser using the radioisotope tracer technique. Increasing doses of P fertiliser (40, 80, 160, 320 mg P/kg soil) were added to Chernozem and Arenosol and incubated for 1, 3, and 13 weeks. ...

Author(s) : Kovács, A. B.; Kremper, R.; Kátai, J.; Vágó, I.; Buzetzky, D.; Kovács, E. M.; Kónya, J.; Nagy, N. M.

Publisher : Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

Journal article : Plant, Soil and Environment 2021 Vol.67 No.7 pp.367-375 ref.41

21. More drought leads to a greater significance of biocrusts to soil multifunctionality.

Soil biocrusts, as the fundamental component of drylands, alter soil microbial and plant community compositions, thus profoundly affecting soil multifunctionality (SMF). Biocrust development regulates microbial composition and eco-physiological effects, but there have been limited assessments...

Author(s) : Su YanGui; Liu Jie; Zhang YuanMing; Huang Gang

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Functional Ecology 2021 Vol.35 No.4 pp.989-1000

22. Calcretes from the Quaternary alluvial deposit of Purna basin, central India: lithological and climatic controls.

The Purna alluvial basin of central India, infilled largely with areno-argillaceous sediments of Quaternary age, is also marked by occurrences of both pedogenic and non pedogenic calcretes of diverse shape and size. The previous includes nodular, laminar, hardpan and root calcretes along with...

Author(s) : Srivastava, A. K.; Bansod, M. N.; Khare, N.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Rhizosphere 2021 Vol.18

23. Estimation of optimal fertilizers for optimal crop yield by adaptive neuro fuzzy logic.

To analyze the crop yield there is need to estimate the crop production . However, it is challenging task to control the crop production response because of different inputs. Fertilizer has a notable impact on crop yield. In order to analyze the fertilizers, it is suitable to establish a predictive ...

Author(s) : Kuzman, B.; Petkovic, B.; Denic, N.; Petkovic, D.; Cirkovic, B.; Stojanovic, J.; Milic, M.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Rhizosphere 2021 Vol.18

24. Direct push, in situ video imaging of buried prehistoric landscapes in soft soils: first results in the polders, coversands, and loess belt of Belgium.

Since the introduction of direct push sensing, and more specifically, cone penetration testing, in prehistoric paleolandscape mapping, applications have been limited to mapping relatively thick and lithologically contrasting sedimentary units in fluvial and estuarine floodplains. However, this...

Author(s) : Verhegge, J.; Delvoie, S.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Geomorphology 2021 Vol.373

25. Common-origin approach to assess level-ground liquefaction susceptibility and triggering in CPT-compatible soils using ΔQ.

Current engineering practice employs clean sand-based procedures to evaluate liquefaction triggering in nonplastic, coarse-grained soils and low-plasticity, fine-grained soils below level or mildly-sloping ground. Furthermore, existing empirical liquefaction triggering procedures treat all clean...

Author(s) : Saye, S. R.; Olson, S. M.; Franke, K. W.

Publisher : American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Reston, USA

Journal article : Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering 2021 Vol.147 No.7