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1. Assessment of the adaptation of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) genotypes using non-parametric statistical methods.

One of the most important challenges for plant breeding has always been genotype × environment interaction. In present study, genotype × environment interaction was invesitigated for 13 winter oilseed rape genotypes in six cold and temperate cold locations in Iran using non-parametric statistical...

Author(s) : Veisizadeh, Z.; Khademian, R.; Alizadeh, B.

Publisher : Iranian Society of Crop Sciences, Karaj, Iran

Journal article : Iranian Journal of Crop Sciences 2021 Vol.23 No.1 pp.67-80 ref.32

2. Lichen allelopathy: a new hope for limiting chemical herbicide and pesticide use.

Agriculture development remains the most significant and integral part of the economic growth of any country with pests, such as plant pathogens, weeds, insects, nematodes and animal, imposing a major threat to the overall productivity. Approximately 25% of the total crop production worldwide is...

Author(s) : Rishu Kalra; Conlan, X. A.; Mayurika Goel

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Biocontrol Science and Technology 2021 Vol.31 No.8 pp.773-796 ref.117

3. From introduction to nuisance growth: a review of traits of alien aquatic plants which contribute to their invasiveness.

Invasive alien aquatic plant species (IAAPs) cause serious ecological and economic impact and are a major driver of changes in aquatic plant communities. Their invasive success is influenced by both abiotic and biotic factors. Here, we summarize the existing knowledge on the biology of 21 IAAPs...

Author(s) : Hussner, A.; Heidbüchel, P.; Coetzee, J.; Gross, E. M.

Publisher : Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Journal article : Hydrobiologia 2021 Vol.848 No.9 pp.2119-2151 ref.many

4. Application of naturally occurring mechanical forces in in vitro plant tissue culture and biotechnology.

Cues and signals of the environment in nature can be either beneficial or detrimental from the growth and developmental perspectives. Plants, despite their limited spatial mobility, have developed advanced strategies to overcome the various and changing environmental impacts including stresses. In...

Author(s) : Dobránszki, J.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, UK

Journal article : Plant Signaling and Behavior 2021 Vol.16 No.6 ref.118

5. Application of conventional UAV-based high-throughput object detection to the early diagnosis of pine wilt disease by deep learning.

The early diagnosis of pine wilt disease (PWD) is crucial to its management. Substantial effort has been made to develop an accurate early diagnosis method. However, none of the existing methods are suitable for large-scale rapid screening in the field. In this study, an unmanned aerial vehicle...

Author(s) : Wu BiZhi; Liang AnJie; Zhang HuaFeng; Zhu TengFei; Zou ZhiYing; Yang DeMing; Tang WenYu; Li Jian; Su Jun

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Forest Ecology and Management 2021 Vol.486

6. Hydroponic production of selected crops.

While there is a wide range of potentially profitable crops which can be grown in hydroponics under protected cultivation, greenhouse production is dominated by fruiting crops such as tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum and strawberries, and vegetative species such as lettuce, salad and leafy greens,...

Author(s) : Morgan, L.

Book chapter : Hydroponics and protected cultivation: a practical guide 2021 pp.196-228 ref.32

7. Leaf morphological and physiological variations in response to canopy dieback of Persian oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.).

Since the early 2000s, Persian oak forests in the Zagros in Iran have shown signs of decline. This study was designed to determine the relationships between crown dieback of Persian oak (Quercus brantii) with morphological and physiological leaf traits in two forest sites: Sheshdar (SH) and Gatchan ...

Author(s) : Tongo, A.; Jalilvand, H.; Hosseininasr, M.; Naji, H. R.

Publisher : Wiley, Berlin, Germany

Journal article : Forest Pathology 2021 Vol.51 No.2

8. Impact of elevated ozone on yield and carbon-nitrogen content in soybean cultivar 'Jake'.

Tropospheric ozone (O3) is a pollutant that leads to significant global yield loss in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]. To ensure soybean productivity in areas of rising O3, it is important to identify tolerant genotypes. This work describes the response of the high-yielding soybean cultivar 'Jake' ...

Author(s) : Tisdale, R. H.; Zentella, R.; Burkey, K. O.

Publisher : Elsevier Ireland Ltd, Shannon, Irish Republic

Journal article : Plant Science 2021 Vol.306

9. Abiotic stress combinations improve the phenolics profiles and activities of extractable and bound antioxidants from germinated spelt (Triticum spelta L.) seeds.

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of germination of spelt seeds under different stress conditions on the antioxidant characteristics of their extractable and bound phenolics. Germination under combined stress of 25 mM NaCl and 50 mM sorbitol without subsequent mechanical stress...

Author(s) : Mencin, M.; Abramovič, H.; Jamnik, P.; Petkovšek, M. M.; Veberič, R.; Terpinc, P.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Food Chemistry 2021 Vol.344

10. Machine learning-based hourly frost-prediction system optimized for orchards using automatic weather station and digital camera image data.

Spring frosts damage crops that have weakened freezing resistance after germination. We developed a machine learning (ML)-based frost-classification model and optimized it for orchard farming environments. First, logistic regression, decision tree, random forest, and support vector machine models...

Author(s) : Noh IlSeok; Doh HaeWon; Kim SooOck; Kim SuHyun; Shin SeoLeun; Lee SeungJae

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Atmosphere 2021 Vol.12 No.7 ref.41

11. Wound healing potential of crocin and safranal, main saffron (Crocus sativus L.), the active constituents in excision wound model in rats.

Background: Saffron is traditionally suggested for wound healing in Persian medicine. It is investigated for wound healing effect in multiple studies with promising results. It is not examined that which ingredient of saffron contributes more to this effect. This study was aimed to evaluate and...

Author(s) : Deldar, N.; Monsefi, M.; Salmanpour, M.; Ostovar, M.; Heydari, M.

Publisher : Salvia Medical Sciences Ltd. in cooperation with SalviaPub, London, UK

Journal article : Galen Medical Journal 2021 Vol.10 No.e1900 ref.17

12. Allelopathic effects of Sphaeranthus suaveolens on seed germination and seedling growth of Phaseolus vulgaris and Oryza sativa.

Weeds with allelopathic effect have been reported to cause significant damage in agriculture particularly in smallholder farming systems. This study assessed the allelopathic effects of different concentrations of crude extract of a noxious weed Sphaeranthus suaveolens on seed germination and...

Author(s) : Laizer, H. C.; Chacha, M. N.; Ndakidemi, P. A.

Publisher : Hindawi, London, UK

Journal article : Advances in Agriculture 2021 Vol.2021 No.8882824 ref.53

13. Improving of winter cold hardiness by glycine betaine in strawberry.

One of the most important problems of strawberry cultivation in temperate regions is winter cold injuries. Current study investigated impacts of foliar application of glycine betaine (GB) at 0, 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 mM concentrations on the cold hardiness of strawberry. The plants were divided into two...

Author(s) : Hassan, S.; Mohammad-Sadegh, S. N.

Publisher : Iranian Society for Horticultural Science and University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Journal article : International Journal of Horticultural Science and Technology 2021 Vol.8 No.4 pp.401-413 ref.many

14. Feasibility study of detecting plum's early mechanical injury based on optical coherence tomography and cell morphological parameters.

Mechanical injury, which is hardly observed by the naked eye and machine vision technique if the epidermis of the plum is not ruptured, tends to be the main cause of the shortened shelf life and decay of plums. For the purpose of non-destructive discrimination of the mechanical injury, this study...

Author(s) : Zhou Yang; Wang FengLin; Zhou WuJie; Wu YuanFeng

Publisher : Wiley, Boston, USA

Journal article : Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 2021 Vol.45 No.9

15. Induction of mutation through gamma irradiation in non-basmati aromatic 'badshabhog' rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Induction of several types chlorophyll and viable morphological mutations were studied in M2 generation of non-basmati aromatic Badshabhog rice in all five different doses (200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 Gy) of gamma rays. Chlorophyll frequency was increased with increasing dose of gamma rays. Among...

Author(s) : Kant Achal; Ranjan, C. N.

Publisher : Centre for Advancement of Applied Sciences, Srinagar, India

Journal article : Applied Biological Research 2021 Vol.23 No.1 pp.50-59

16. The effect of mother plant fertilization and stratification on the germination of true potato seed.

Methods for diploid true potato seed (TPS) production and handing are crucial for inbred-hybrid potato breeding. This study determined the effects of mother plant nutrition on average TPS weight and germination kinetics as modeled by Gompertz curves. Additionally, it characterized germination of...

Author(s) : Nashiki, A.; Jansky, S. H.; Bethke, P. C.

Publisher : Springer Science + Business Media, Inc (Springer), New York, USA

Journal article : American Journal of Potato Research 2021 Vol.98 No.3 pp.194-201 ref.44

17. Mechanical wounding of leaf midrib and lamina elicits differential biochemical response and mitigates salinity induced damage in tomato.

The objective of the study was to evaluate biochemical response to two different types of wounding damage in leaves of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) and also to investigate the influence of pre-wounding on subsequent salt stress exposure. Wounding experiment was performed by small...

Author(s) : Sabina, S.; Jithesh, M. N.

Publisher : Society for the Advancement of Horticulture, Lucknow, India

Journal article : Journal of Applied Horticulture (Lucknow) 2021 Vol.23 No.1 pp.3-10 ref.35

18. Response and mortality of beech, fir, spruce and sycamore to rapid light exposure after large-scale disturbance.

Physiological response to rapid light exposure due to canopy disintegration in young beech, fir, Norway spruce and sycamore trees was measured in three consecutive years after the severe ice storm in 2014 and after windthrow in 2017. Nitrogen amount (Ntot), maximum assimilation response to light (A...

Author(s) : Cater, M.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Forest Ecology and Management 2021 Vol.498

19. A fluorescent sensor for selective detection of hypochlorite and its application in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Hypochlorite, as one of reactive oxygen species, has drawn much attention due to its essential roles in special biological events and disorders. The exogenous hypochlorite remains a risk for human, animals and plants. In this work, a novel water soluble quinolin-containing nitrone derivative T has...

Author(s) : Zeng ZiXuan; Gu Jin; Liu YaNi; Li DongDong; Yang YuShun; Wang BaoZhong; Zhu HaiLiang

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 2021 Vol.244 ref.45

20. A description of the progression of stip, a reputed physiological disorder, in two pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) cultivars grown in a greenhouse.

This study reports the occurrence of stip symptoms in two pepper cultivars grown in a greenhouse setting. We describe the temperature, PAR, watering, and fertilization conditions under which stip symptoms developed. Others have concluded that nitrogen and light-limited conditions are essential...

Author(s) : Fulton, J. C.; Steiner, R.; Colee, J. C.; Uchanski, M. E.

Publisher : International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), Leuven, Belgium

Journal article : European Journal of Horticultural Science 2021 Vol.86 No.3 pp.243-251 ref.15

21. The influence of severity and time of foliar damage on yield and fruit quality in apple (Malus domestica Borkh.).

Leaf damage/defoliation caused by pests or phytotoxic damage following chemical application can result in loss of leaf area at any time during the growing season. Four trials were conducted to examine the impact of severity and time of foliar damage on fruit set and quality in apple. Trees...

Author(s) : Bound, S. A.

Publisher : International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), Leuven, Belgium

Journal article : European Journal of Horticultural Science 2021 Vol.86 No.3 pp.270-279 ref.38

22. Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L.) yields as affected by allelopathic and self-toxic effects under monocropping conditions.

Pennisetum glaucum L., a member of the Poaceae family usually grown under monocropping conditions due to which its subsequent yield in the same field sternly affected as a consequence of selftoxicity. Therefore, the present study investigates the self-toxic effect of P. glaucum on its growth rate...

Author(s) : Qureshi, I. A.; Alia Abbas; Salam, I. U.; Fahad Bashir

Publisher : Pakistan Botanical Society, Karachi, Pakistan

Journal article : Pakistan Journal of Botany 2021 Vol.53 No.6 pp.2207-2211 ref.28

23. The Craterostigma plantagineum protein kinase CpWAK1 interacts with pectin and integrates different environmental signals in the cell wall.

Cell wall-associated protein kinases (WAKs) are transmembrane receptor kinases. In the desiccation-tolerant resurrection plant Craterostigma plantagineum, CpWAK1 has been shown to be involved in stress responses and cell expansion by forming a complex with the C. plantagineum glycine-rich protein1...

Author(s) : Chen, P.; Giarola, V.; Bartels, D.

Publisher : Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany

Journal article : Planta 2021 Vol.253 No.5 ref.many

24. Irrigation of wheat with select hydraulic fracturing chemicals: evaluating plant uptake and growth impacts.

Oilfield flowback and produced water (FPW) is a waste stream that may offer an alternative source of water for multiple beneficial uses. One practice gaining interest in several semi-arid states is the reuse of FPW for agricultural irrigation. However, it is unknown if the reuse of FPW on edible...

Author(s) : Shariq, L.; McLaughlin, M. C.; Rehberg, R. A.; Miller, H.; Blotevogel, J.; Borch, T.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Environmental Pollution 2021 Vol.273

25. The A3 cytoplasm mediated male sterility increased biomass, soluble solids, and total sugar in sweet sorghum hybrids.

Sweet sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is listed as one of the viable high energy crops for use as feedstock in biofuel production and table sugar industry. Research has shown that eliminating the grain sink can remarkably increase stalk sugar buildup through reducing competition for...

Author(s) : Jebril, J.; Wang, D.; Rozeboom, K.; Tesso, T.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Industrial Crops and Products 2021 Vol.171