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1. Rhizosphere microbiomes can regulate plant drought tolerance.

Beneficial root-associated rhizospheric microbes play a key role in maintaining host plant growth and can potentially allow drought-resilient crop production. The complex interaction of root-associated microbes mainly depends on soil type, plant genotype, and soil moisture. However, drought is the...

Author(s) : Aslam, M. M.; Okal, E. J.; Idris, A. L.; Qian Zhang; Xu WeiFeng; Karanja, J. K.; Wani, S. H.; Yuan Wei

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Beijing, China

Journal article : Pedosphere 2022 Vol.32 No.1 pp.61-74

2. Growth and sink-source relationship of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under mulched drip irrigation in response to phosphorus fertilization and cultivar.

Crop yield highly associates with biomass accumulation and distribution in sink and source organs. Nutrient is critical for the translocation of photo-assimilate to sink and increases crop yield. This study was to evaluate the biomass accumulation and distribution in three cotton cultivars and how...

Author(s) : Chen BoLang; Wang QingHui; Tang XueXia; Ye ZuPeng; Stiles, S.; Feng Gu

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Journal of Plant Nutrition 2022 Vol.45 No.2 pp.259-272 ref.34

3. Evaluating green silver nanoparticles as prospective biopesticides: an environmental standpoint.

The current method of agriculture entails the usage of excessive amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. The blatant use of conventional pesticides and fertilizers over several decades has led to their bioaccumulation with adverse effects on soil biodiversity and the development of resistance by...

Author(s) : Bapat, M. S.; Hema Singh; Shukla, S. K.; Singh, P. P.; Vo, D. V. N.; Alpa Yadav; Abhineet Goyal; Ajit Sharma; Deepak Kumar

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Chemosphere 2022 Vol.286 No.Part 2

4. Phenotypic and genetic characterization of "Aglione della Valdichiana": population structure and genetic relationship analysis of a white gentle giant.

"Aglione della Valdichiana" (Allium ampeloprasum var. holmense) is a landrace of Great Headed Garlic (GHG), an historical and healthy vegetable that has been recently rediscovered and registered in the National and Regional catalog of local varieties. It is grown in small fields in a region between ...

Author(s) : Terzaroli, N.; Marconi, G.; Russi, L.; Albertini, E.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Scientia Horticulturae 2022 Vol.293

5. Variation of resistant starch content in different processing types and their starch granules properties in rice.

Ninety-nine lines from recombinant inbred lines were selected to investigate the effects of starch synthesis-related genes on resistant starch (RS) content in different proceeding types. RS in raw milled rice (RSm), hot cooked rice (RSc), and retrogradation rice (RSr) showed a wide variation among...

Author(s) : You Hui; Liang Cheng; Zhang OuLing; Xu HaoYang; Xu Liang; Chen YongJun; Xiang XunChao

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Carbohydrate Polymers 2022 Vol.276 ref.46

6. Taxonomic and evolutionary impacts of anatomical and morphological characters in the genus Epilobium L. (Onagraceae).

The genus Epilobium with about 200 species is known as a complex plant group with controversial taxonomy and species relationship. A few evolutionary studies have been performed in the genus and less is known about Epilobium speciation events in different parts of the world. The present study was...

Author(s) : Rahimi, S.; Sheidai, M.; Koohdar, F.; Mehrabian, A. R.; Mohebi Sadr, M.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Industrial Crops and Products 2022 Vol.176 ref.35

7. Research progress of molecular karyotype of plants.

In recent years, the individual chromosome identification has become an important direction in plant genetics, biodiversity, and evolution studies, and it is also one of difficult problems in the study of large-genome polyploidy plants with chromosomes of similar morphology. Here, the design and...

Author(s) : Liu Qing; Pan HaoYan; Huang JiaLi

Publisher : Northwest A & F University (Natural Science Edition), Xianyang, China

Journal article : Journal of Northwest A & F University - Natural Science Edition 2022 Vol.50 No.2 pp.82-89

8. Characterization of cadmium accumulation in the cell walls of leaves in a low-cadmium rice line and strengthening by foliar silicon application.

Cadmium (Cd) remobilization in leaves is affected by whether Cd is stored in nonlabile subcellular compartments, which might be regulated by silicon (Si) application. However, the underlying mechanism is still far from being completely understood. In this research, the Cd distribution pattern in...

Author(s) : Guo JingYi; Ye DaiHua; Zhang Xizhou; Huang HuaGang; Wang YongDong; Zheng ZiCheng; Li TingXuan; Yu HaiYing

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Chemosphere 2022 Vol.287 No.Part 4

9. Climate warming and extended droughts drive establishment and growth dynamics in temperate grassland plants.

Current climate warming and extended droughts have major impacts on plant performance, with consequences for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. However, unlike in trees, little is known about species-specific responses in grassland plants and the role of their different life histories in...

Author(s) : Doležal, J.; Altman, J.; Jandová, V.; Chytrý, M.; Conti, L.; Méndez-Castro, F. E.; Klimešová, J.; Zelený, D.; Ottaviani, G.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2022 Vol.313 ref.67

10. The structure of trees.

Trees are, by definition, the tallest land plants. To grow tall over multiple years they must solve several problems: structural strength; carbohydrate and nutrient storage capacity to survive and regrow after periods of stress; and conductive capacity for water, carbohydrates and nutrients must be ...

Author(s) : DeJong, T. M.

Book chapter : Concepts for understanding fruit trees 2022 pp.22-26

11. Understanding the shoot sink.

To more fully understand how all the major organs of a tree interact in the semi-autonomous scheme of assimilate distribution and tree functioning, it is important to understand their development and growth behavior. This chapter presents a general description of the development and growth...

Author(s) : DeJong, T. M.

Book chapter : Concepts for understanding fruit trees 2022 pp.35-53

12. Application of shoot growth rules for understanding responses to pruning.

Knowledge of fruit tree shoot types is helpful to explain why pruning is often not successful in reducing tree size. In many horticultural circumstances, epicormic shoot growth can be considered as being almost exclusively stimulated by severe pruning of large branches (older than one year old) or...

Author(s) : DeJong, T. M.

Book chapter : Concepts for understanding fruit trees 2022 pp.54-58

13. Understanding the root sink.

Root development and growth is similar to shoot growth in that extension growth is initiated by an apical meristem and girth growth of mature roots is carried out by the vascular cambium. However, the initiation of lateral roots is entirely different than the initiation of lateral leaves or shoot...

Author(s) : DeJong, T. M.

Book chapter : Concepts for understanding fruit trees 2022 pp.59-66

14. Understanding the fruit sink.

This chapter deals with understanding the fruit sink by studying the floral development and structures; pollination, fertilization, fruit set and types; limitations of fruit growth; thinning effects on fruit growth, size and yield; spring temperature effects on fruit size; nut development and...

Author(s) : DeJong, T. M.

Book chapter : Concepts for understanding fruit trees 2022 pp.67-91

15. Effects of phosphorus application in different soil layers on soil phosphorus fractions and the root of Platycodon grandiflorum.

The enhancement of phosphorus (P) acquisition through deep P application has been documented in crops with fibrous root systems, but little is known about this effect on the morphology of a taproot system. A four-year field experiment with P application was conducted using Platycodon grandiflorum...

Author(s) : Ge ChunMei; Zhu LiXiang; Wang, J.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Journal of Plant Nutrition 2022 Vol.45 No.3 pp.380-388 ref.24

16. Developing a 3D clumping index model to improve optical measurement accuracy of crop leaf area index.

The clumping index reflects the state of leaf aggregation, which is an essential structural parameter for calculating the leaf area index (LAI). Most of the previous clumping index models are one-dimensional (1D) models, in which the input parameters are measured in a long truncated manner (i.e.,...

Author(s) : Ma Xu; Wang TieJun; Lu Lei; Huang HuaGuo; Ding JiangLi; Zhang Fei

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Field Crops Research 2022 Vol.275 ref.44

17. Inter and intra population phenotypic variability of Lippia integrifolia (Verbenaceae) and its natural situation in the west - center of Argentina.

The species Lippia integrifolia is an aromatic, sub - woody shrub, distributed from Northwest and Central Argentina to Bolivia. It is among the most important native aromatic species. It presents medicinal properties, some of which have been scientifically proven. As an alternative to harvesting,...

Author(s) : Brunetti, P. C.; Leiva, R.; Zapata, R.; Torres, L. E.; Chaves, A. G.; Juliani, H. R.; Ojeda, M. S.

Publisher : Sociedad Latinoamericana de Fitoquímica, Santiago, Chile

Journal article : Boletín Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Plantas Medicinales y Aromáticas 2022 Vol.21 No.2 pp.242-255 ref.38

18. Morphological, microstructural and lignin-related responses of herbaceous peony stem to shading.

The shading treatment which decreases light intensity affects the ornamental characteristics in herbaceous peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall.), including flower color, leaf shape and stem straightness. However, the morphological, microstructural and lignin-related responses of its stems to shading...

Author(s) : Tang YuHan; Shi WenBo; Xia Xing; Zhao DaQiu; Wu YanQing; Tao Jun

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Scientia Horticulturae 2022 Vol.293 ref.61

19. Transcriptome analysis reveals the responsive pathways to potassium (K+) deficiency in the roots and shoots of grapevines.

Grapevine is sensitive to potassium (K+) deficiency, while its underlying responsive mechanisms are unknown. In this study, transcriptome profiling of grapevine seedlings under K+ deficiency conditions over a time course were investigated. Morphological measurements showed that K+ deficiency...

Author(s) : Wei TongLu; Yang ShengDi; Cheng ShiPing; Pei MaoSong; Liu HaiNan; Yu YiHe; Guo DaLong

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Scientia Horticulturae 2022 Vol.293 ref.40

20. Soil property determines the ability of rhizobial inoculation to enhance nitrogen fixation and phosphorus acquisition in soybean.

Soil property impacts the efficacy of rhizobial inoculation and rhizosphere processes. However, very few comparative studies have been done to analyze the effects of rhizobial inoculants on plant nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in different soils. The aim of the present study was, therefore, to...

Author(s) : Wang QianQian; Sheng JianDong; Pan LuYi; Cao HuaYuan; Li ChengChen; Lambers, H.; Wang XiuRong

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Applied Soil Ecology 2022 Vol.171

21. Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on root allocation and morphology in two Medicago species.

Premise of research. Root allocation and morphology can be influenced by nutritional symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. In the presence of AM fungi, plants could alter root allocation and morphology in ways that increase plant reliance on mycorrhizal-mediated nutrient acquisition...

Author(s) : Persi, J.; Maherali, H.

Publisher : University of Chicago Press, Chicago, USA

Journal article : International Journal of Plant Sciences 2022 Vol.183 No.1 pp.1-9

22. Influence of humic substance on vegetative growth, flowering and leaf mineral elements of Pelargonium x hortorum.

Humic acid (HA) as a major portion of humic substances and organic matter play an important role in soil fertility and environmental sustainability. Previous studies reported an enormous range of responses after HA application on plants. To investigate the influence of HA on pelargonium plants cv....

Author(s) : Najarian, A.; Souri, M. K.; Nabigol, A.

Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Journal of Plant Nutrition 2022 Vol.45 No.1 pp.107-112 ref.27

23. Postfire treatments alter forest canopy structure up to three decades after fire.

We evaluated the effects of postfire management on forest structure in mixed-conifer forests of northeastern Washington, USA. Postfire treatments were harvest-only, harvest combined with planting, planting-only, and postfire prescribed fire. We used aerial light detection and ranging (LiDAR) to...

Author(s) : Cansler, C. A.; Kane, van R.; Bartl-Geller, B. N.; Churchill, D. J.; Hessburg, P. F.; Povak, N. A.; Lutz, J. A.; Kane, J.; Larson, A. J.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Forest Ecology and Management 2022 Vol.505 ref.83

24. Green synthesized carbon quantum dots from maple tree leaves for biosensing of cesium and electrocatalytic oxidation of glycerol.

Carbon quantum dots (CQDs) synthesized from biological sources play a significant role in biomedical and environmental applications, including bioimaging, biosensing, metal ions detection and electrocatalytic oxidations. Herein, we synthesized blue-emitting carbon quantum dots using maple tree...

Author(s) : Chellasamy, G.; Arumugasamy, S. K.; Govindaraju, S.; Yun, K.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Chemosphere 2022 Vol.287 No.Part 1 ref.26

25. Biosynthesized gold nanoparticles maintained nitrogen metabolism, nitric oxide synthesis, ions balance, and stabilizes the defense systems to improve salt stress tolerance in wheat.

Green synthesis of nanoparticles (NPs) is competent in inducing physiological responses in plants for combating the abiotic stresses. Considering this, salt stress is one of the most alarming conditions that exerts complex and polygenic impacts on morph-physiological functioning of plants;...

Author(s) : Iram Wahid; Pratibha Rani; Sarika Kumari; Rafiq Ahmad; Hussain, S. J.; Saud Alamri; Tripathy, N.; Khan, M. I. R.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Chemosphere 2022 Vol.287 No.Part 2