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1. Effect of climatic parameters and distance on pig mortality during transport.

Foreign Title :Incidence des paramètres climatiques et des distances sur la mortalité des porcs en cours de transport.

Author(s) : Colleu, T.; Chevillon, P.

Journal article : Techni-Porc 1999 Vol.22 No.3 pp.31-36 ref.5

2. The role of the transport system in destination development.

The significance of the transport system as a factor in the development of destinations is identified. A transport cost model is proposed that identifies the significance of transport as a factor in destination development as well as in the selection of destinations by intending tourists. The model ...

Author(s) : Prideaux, B.

Journal article : Tourism Management 2000 Vol.21 No.1 pp.53-63 ref.64

3. The application of CVP to wood transportation vehicle dispatching.

A computer-based mathematical model was developed to determine the optimum and most cost-effective system for dispatching vehicles transporting wood.

Author(s) : Liu BenXi

Journal article : Scientia Silvae Sinicae 1998 Vol.34 No.1 pp.121-128 ref.4

4. Not all milk goes into the same container.

Foreign Title :Nicht jede Milch fliesst in den selben Topf.

Journal article : Schweizerische Milchzeitung 1998 Vol.124 No.7 pp.4

5. Journeys in rural Norway: personal mobility and rural development.

Foreign Title :På reisefot i bygde-Norge: Om personmobilitet og bygdeutvikling.

Author(s) : Høyer, K. G.

Journal article : Landbruksøkonomisk Forum 1997 Vol.14 No.4 pp.27-34 ref.15

6. Affordable rural transport.

A brief introduction is presented to the issues raised in some of the other papers of this issue of Appropriate Technology. The papers look at a range of interventions that have improved the affordability of transport for the rural poor. These includes the meanings of affordability, and the variety ...

Author(s) : Fernando, P.

Journal article : Appropriate Technology 1999 Vol.26 No.2 pp.1-4 ref.14

7. A community-managed bus service.

A discussion is presented of a community-managed bus service in Sri Lanka. It is noted that few communities have control over the public transport systems that serve them. Most systems are designed to meet urban, not rural needs, and the poor condition of many rural roads contributes to the...

Author(s) : Wettasinghe, K.; Pannilage, U.

Journal article : Appropriate Technology 1999 Vol.26 No.2 pp.10-12

8. Financing rural transport in Latin America.

It is noted that rural transport in the developing countries of Latin America is deficient, scarce, unreliable, and inadequate. Improving the situation requires investment but it is explained that investing in rural transport itself is very different from investing in a rural road network. Issues...

Author(s) : Caraballo, J.; Anguizola, I.

Journal article : Appropriate Technology 1999 Vol.26 No.2 pp.20-22

9. The provision of rail service: the impact of competition.

Grain transportation is one of the most important economic issues for grain producers in the Northern Plains States of the USA and in the prairie region of Canada. Some policy options for providing competition in the rail industry are explored. A description of the rail industry in Canada and the...

Author(s) : Fulton, M.; Gray, R. S.

Publisher : CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK

Book chapter : The economics of world wheat markets. 1999 pp.353-367 ref.11

10. Travel quietly!

Faced with growing environmental problems and congestion linked to increased car use, many towns and cities across France, particularly in tourist areas, are becoming increasingly aware of the need to clean up and revitalize their image and make themselves more attractive to tourists, while, at the ...

Foreign Title :Circulez en douceur!

Author(s) : Barçon, C.; Gaudriault, M. C.

Journal article : Espaces (Paris) 1999 No.No. 157 pp.10-16

11. The monitoring of movements: analysis method of spatial tourism.

Using data from 1980 onwards the number of tourists and whether they are travelling by car, bus, etc. leaving/entering certain destinations in France are presented.

Foreign Title :L'observation par les flux: outil de l'analyse touristique territoriale.

Author(s) : Carreno, M.; Marchand, M.

Journal article : Cahiers Espaces 1999 No.No. 60 pp.32-40 ref.1

12. A travel cost demand model for recreational snapper angling in Port Phillip Bay, Australia.

A travel cost demand model was estimated for recreational angling for snapper Pagrus auratus in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia, based on an on-site expenditure survey conducted during the 1996-1997 season. The model explaining angling trip frequency was initially based on exploratory...

Author(s) : Li, E. A. L.

Journal article : Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 1999 Vol.128 No.4 pp.639-647 ref.12

13. Insularity and accessibility: the small island communities of Western Ireland.

Small offshore islands have a high dependence on external transport linkages. The standard of service provided by sea ferries and other forms of communication is expected to play a crucial role in influencing the islands' population levels, economy and quality of life. Nine small islands off the...

Author(s) : Cross, M.; Nutley, S.

Journal article : Journal of Rural Studies 1999 Vol.15 No.3 pp.317-330 ref.25

14. Bottlenecks in the informal food-transportation network of Harare, Zimbabwe.

People in the informal sector are often food insecure because their jobs are not legally protected by the state. In the context of the bottlenecks that pervade the internal informal food-distribution flows of Harare, urban dwellers who work in the informal food-distribution network or live in the...

Author(s) : Leybourne, S. L.; Grant, M.

Publisher : International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa, Canada

Book chapter : For hunger-proof cities: sustainable urban food systems. 1999 pp.110-114 ref.16

15. Possibilities for reducing working time inputs and costs in agricultural transport.

A study was made of labour and time inputs involved in transporting sugarbeet over a distance of 15 km from field to collection point on farms in the Tarnw and Krakw provinces of southern Poland. The vehicle combination was the commonly-used Ursus C-360 tractor and D-737 trailer with a 6-tonne...

Foreign Title :Modot over˜zliwości obniżenia nakładów czasu pracy i kosztów w transporcie rolniczym.

Author(s) : Kokoszka, S.; Kuboń, M.

Journal article : Problemy Inzynierii Rolniczej 1999 Vol.7 No.3 pp.85-90 ref.6

16. The carrying capacity of a means of transport, working time inputs, and costs of agricultural transport.

80-90% of transport on and from individually-owned farms in Poland is done using the farmers' own vehicles. A field study in the southern provinces of Tarnw and Krakw examined capacity utilization in haulage of sugarbeet from field to collection point using various vehicle combinations, principally ...

Foreign Title :Ładowność środka transportowego a nakłady pracy i koszty transportu rolniczego.

Author(s) : Kokoszka, S.; Kuboń, M.

Journal article : Problemy Inzynierii Rolniczej 1999 Vol.7 No.3 pp.91-95 ref.5

17. New control measures for animal transport [ in Switzerland] since 1 July 1999: document of origin and animal register as the first changes.

Foreign Title :Neue Tierverkehrskontrolle seit 1. Juli 1999: Begleitdokument und Tierverzeichnis als erste Neuerungen.

Journal article : Forum Kleinwiederkauer/Petits Ruminants 1999 No.No. 8 pp.8-9 (De), 10-11 (Fr)

18. Floating and rafting in the Black Forest from the Middle Ages until the 19th century. Techniques and economic role.

A discussion of the importance of floating in different parts of the Black Forest and the technical arrangements which allowed the use of even small water courses for timber transport, based on the literature. Supplying towns and energy-demanding factories with timber (especially fuelwood) was...

Foreign Title :Die flösserei im Schwarzwald vom Mittelalter bis ins 19. Jahrhundert. Technik und wirtschaftliche Bedeutung.

Author(s) : Scheifele, M.

Journal article : Allgemeine Forst- und Jagdzeitung 1999 Vol.170 No.9 pp.165-169 ref.10

19. APEC air shipment of live and fresh fish and seafood guidelines.

This manual aims to assist in preparing the supplier/shipper to meet the expectations of APEC Economies' Customs regulations and help smooth the way in shipping live and fresh fish and seafood products.

Publisher : APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), Singapore

Miscellaneous : APEC fisheries working group publications 1999 pp.190 pp.

20. Computer optimisation of milk collection delivers major cost savings.

An account is given of new GQM-TP software used by Swiss Dairy Food AG to optimize milk collection route planning. The company collects about 1 billion kg milk annually and has 100 milk tankers operating about 250 routes.

Author(s) : Jörg, F.; Badertscher, U.; Grommes, E.; Auer, A.

Journal article : European Dairy Magazine 1999 Vol.11 No.3 pp.10, 12-13 ref.4

21. The importance of private dairy factories in Bavaria.

Almost 53% of milk produced in Bavaria, Germany, is processed by 50 members of the Union for Private Dairy Factories (Verband der Bayerischen Privaten Milchwirtschaft). Several points were discussed at a meeting on 18 March 1999, including the EOP [a milk price which acts as pricing orientation...

Foreign Title :Hervorragende Bedeutung der privaten Milchwirtschaft in Bayern.

Author(s) : Bornemann, P.

Journal article : Molkerei-Zeitung Welt der Milch 1999 Vol.53 No.6 pp.197-200

22. Mainports and agricultural logistics.

The current and potential importance of the mainports Rotterdam and Schiphol for the transport of ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits, milk products, meat products and raw materials for animal feeds are described. Data are based on the results of a desk research, interviews and a workshop....

Foreign Title :Mainports en agrologistiek.

Author(s) : Jahae, I. A. M. A.; Vlieger, J. J. de; Zimmermann, K. L.

Publisher : Landbouw-Economisch Instituut (LEI), Den Haag, Netherlands

Miscellaneous : Rapport - Landbouw-Economisch Instituut (LEI) 1999 No.No. 3.99.01 pp.77 pp.

23. A new phase of development for potato growing in the USA.

An overview is given of potato growing and processing in the USA. Reference is made to the following: the economic benefits of intensive methods of cultivation; trends in potato consumption; concentration of potato growing in the states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Colorado; the economic impact ...

Author(s) : Shershnev, E. S.; Korotkikh, A. A.; Larionov, V. G.; Tabagua, L. D.

Journal article : Pishchevaya Promyshlennost' 1999 No.No. 4 pp.58-61

24. Cane supply and transport in the Ord.

Development of a cane supply and transport model for the Ord region of Queensland, Australia, is documented. There was no history or legislation to influence attempts to develop an industry model that met the needs of all participants. The industry was therefore able to develop a cane supply and...

Author(s) : O'Reilly, B.

Publisher : PK Editorial Services, Brisbane, Australia

Conference paper : Proceedings of the 1999 Conference of the Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, 27-30 April 1999. 1999 pp.56-62

25. The distributional effects of fuel duties: the impact on rural households in Scotland.

This policy review considers how the impact of fuel duties differs between households, combining estimates from economic studies with findings from a recent study on car dependence in rural Scotland. The review discusses: the nature of car dependence in rural areas and the higher levels of...

Author(s) : Roberts, D.; Farrington, J.; Gray, D.; Martin, S.

Journal article : Regional Studies 1999 Vol.33 No.3 pp.281-288 ref.26