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2. NH3, N2O and CH4 emissions during passively aerated composting of straw-rich pig manure.

Straw-rich manure from organic pig farming systems was composted in passively aerated static piles to estimate the effect of monthly turning on organic matter degradation and NH3, N2O and CH4 emissions. Turning enhanced the rate of drying and degradation. The four-month treatment degraded 57±3% of...

Author(s) : Szanto, G. L.; Hamelers, H. V. M.; Rulkens, W. H.; Veeken, A. H. M.

Publisher : Elsevier, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Bioresource Technology 2007 Vol.98 No.14 pp.2659-2670 ref.38

3. Overview of aquaculture in Ghana.

Author(s) : Awity, L.

Publisher : Ministry of Fisheries, Accra, Ghana

Conference paper : Forum on Aquaculture as a Business Venture, 18 August 2005, Accra, Ghana 2005

5. Plantation forestry in the tropics: the role, silviculture, and use of planted forests for industrial, social, environmental, and agroforestry purposes.

An overview of the silvicultural, social, and ecological aspects of plantation forestry in the tropics is presented, drawing examples from industrial plantations, rural development plantings, and tree planting for rehabilitation of degraded forests in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific....

Author(s) : Evans, J.; Turnbull, J. W.

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK

Book : Plantation forestry in the tropics: the role, silviculture, and use of planted forests for industrial, social, environmental, and agroforestry purposes 2004 No.3. ed. pp.480 pp.

7. Problems and perspectives of yam-based cropping systems in Africa.

Yams (Dioscorea spp.) constitute an important starchy staple in sub-Saharan Africa where food security for a growing population is a critical issue. Mixed cropping in yam-based systems is the norm in the region and productivity of yams in these systems is below potential. It is concluded that there ...

Author(s) : Ekanayake, I. J.; Asiedu, R.

Journal article : Journal of Crop Production 2003 Vol.9 No.1-2, pt. 2 pp.531-558

8. Growth and fruit production of Sclerocarya birrea in the South African lowveld.

Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra (marula) is a common tree species throughout the semi-arid, deciduous savannas of much of sub-Saharan Africa. It is a favoured species and is frequently maintained in homestead plots and arable fields in an agroforestry situation. Although the abundance and popularity ...

Author(s) : Shackleton, C.

Journal article : Agroforestry Systems (Netherlands) 2002 Vol.55 No.3 pp.175-180 ref.26

9. Good practice management when using high-capacity harvesting technology. Assessing technical measurement of soil reaction to high wheel loads.

This paper discusses the balances between the soil, vegetation, climate and agriculture and agricultural machinery, with particular reference to soil compaction. The necessity of using farm machinery optimally for cost reasons and competitiveness is weighed against the damaging effects and the need ...

Foreign Title :Gute fachliche Praxis beim Einsatz leistungsfähiger Erntetechnik. Messtechnische Beurteilung der Bodenreaktion auf hohe Radlasten.

Author(s) : Weissbach, M.; Isensee, E.

Journal article : Landtechnik 2000 Vol.55 No.1 pp.12-13 ref.5

10. Good practice management when using high-capacity harvesting technology. Results from using technology for tillage and for sugarbeet harvesting - decision-making aids for good practice management.

Decision making aids for best management practices are discussed in relation to soil compaction during tillage and sugarbeet harvesting. The decision making aids aim to reduce the complexity of the problem of optimizing the balance between being environmentally friendly and being economically...

Foreign Title :Gute fachliche Praxis beim Einsatz leistungsfähiger Erntetechnik. Ergebnisse zum Technikeinsatz bei Bodenbearbeitung und Ernte von Zuckerrüben - Entscheidungshilfen für gute fachliche Praxis.

Author(s) : Brunotte, J.; Sommer, C.

Journal article : Landtechnik 2000 Vol.55 No.1 pp.14-16 ref.2

11. Profitability of local winemaking enterprises.

A survey was carried out in 1997 in the German-speaking region of Switzerland among 37 winemaking enterprises. Data were collected on family labour and total labour requirements, production area producing grapes for winemaking, and use of capital and investment.

Foreign Title :Wirtschaftlichkeit von Selbstkelterungsbetrieben.

Author(s) : Todt, W.; Droz, P.; Hess, G.; Haupt, D.

Journal article : Obst- und Weinbau 2000 Vol.136 No.1 pp.12-15 ref.3

12. The state of world fisheries and aquaculture 2000.

Recent developments in the status of fishery resources, production from capture fisheries and aquaculture, utilization and trade are reviewed. Recent advances in fishing technology, and issues such as fish quality and safety, and genetically modified organisms are also covered. Also discussed are 2 ...

Book : The state of world fisheries and aquaculture 2000 2000 pp.158 pp.

13. Knowledge needs during the change to integrated ornamental bulb cultivation in the 'Kop van Noord-Holland'.

A survey was carried out during December 1998 and February 1999 among 50 ornamental bulb growers in the 'Kop van Noord-Holland', Province of Noord-Holland, to investigate the current knowledge with regard to integrated cultivation. Integrated cultivation was defined as meeting the requirements of...

Foreign Title :Kennisbehoefte bij omschakeling naar geïntegreerde bollenteelt in de Kop van Noord-Holland.

Author(s) : Eshuis, J.; Buurma, J.

Miscellaneous : Rapport - Landbouw-Economisch Instituut (LEI) 2000 No.No. 1.00.01 pp.78 pp. ref.24

14. Direct drilling - assessment by farmers and by experts in the EU and Nebraska (USA).

Economic cycles are increasingly influenced by globalization. Staying competitive, while considering sustainable soil fertility and cropping capacity, requires comprehensive rationalization measures to decrease production costs. In spite of numerous positive effects on the soil ecosystem and on...

Foreign Title :Direktsaat. Beurteilung durch Landwirte und Experten in der EU und Nebraska.

Author(s) : Tebrügge, F.; Böhrnsen, A.

Journal article : Landtechnik 2000 Vol.55 No.1 pp.17-19 ref.3

15. Crop residue management in relation to sustainable land use: a case study in Burkina Faso.

It is noted that the integration of crops and livestock and the associated intensified nutrient cycling are often advocated as desirable developments towards sustainable land use in sub-Saharan Africa. Performance of these integrated systems hinges on the management of crop residues and manure,...

Author(s) : Savadogo, M.

Book : Crop residue management in relation to sustainable land use: a case study in Burkina Faso. 2000 pp.159 pp. ref.12 pp. of

16. Prospects for sustainable development in the Chinese countryside: the political economy of Chinese ecological agriculture.

The book answers three interlinked questions: whether Chinese ecological agriculture (CEA) is worth adopting, and does CEA promise a form of sustainable rural development; to the extent that it does, what are the social, political and economic conditions in the Chinese countryside which most favour ...

Author(s) : Sanders, R.

Publisher : Ashgate Publishing Ltd., Aldershot, UK

Book : Prospects for sustainable development in the Chinese countryside: the political economy of Chinese ecological agriculture. 2000 pp.vii + 232 pp. ref.12 pp. of

17. Farming systems research applied in a project on feeding of crop residues in India.

Increased use of prime agricultural land for cropping and non-agricultural uses in many tropical countries implies that crop residues become more important as a source of feed for livestock. Traditionally, much research on crop residue feeding was done by focusing on laboratory measurements of feed ...

Author(s) : Schiere, J. B.; Kiran Singh; Boer, A. J. de

Journal article : Experimental Agriculture 2000 Vol.36 No.1 pp.51-62 ref.34

18. Economic modelling to optimize dairy heifer management decision.

The technical and economic consequences of dairy heifer rearing strategies were examined by means of a stochastic dynamic optimization model, using the hierarchic Markov process technique. Within this model, heifers were described in terms of age, season, body weight, reproductive state and...

Author(s) : Mourits, M. C. M.

Publisher : Landbouwuniversiteit Wageningen (Wageningen Agricultural University), Wageningen, Netherlands

Thesis : Economic modelling to optimize dairy heifer management decision. 2000 pp.149 pp. ref.many

19. Inspection of the financial results of fishing enterprises.

Foreign Title :Kontrola wyniku finansowego w przedsiębiorstwach gospodarki rybnej.

Author(s) : Sadowska, T.

Journal article : Folia Universitatis Agriculturae Stetinensis, Oeconomica 1999 No.No. 36 pp.283-288 ref.4

20. A genetic algorithm approach to farm investment.

A farm portfolio model is specified with two risky enterprises and a risk-free asset which may be held short or long by the farmer. The model is solved numerically using a genetic algorithm. It is shown that the assumption of competitive adaptation leads to a violation of normative efficiency....

Author(s) : Cacho, O.; Simmons, P.

Journal article : Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 1999 Vol.43 No.3 pp.305-322 ref.12

21. New techniques for plantation management: TQM perspective.

The paper examines the concepts and principles of Total Quality Management (TQM), and its application in the plantation industry. Issues discussed are: the holistic features of TQM; and TQM concepts and its application (error preventing rather than detecting; quality function deployment;...

Author(s) : Dhanakumar, V. G.

Journal article : Planters' Chronicle 1999 Vol.95 No.2 pp.87-93 ref.5

22. Future of soil diagnosis for sustainable agriculture.

Author(s) : Hashimoto, T.

Journal article : Soil Microorganisms 1999 Vol.53 No.2 pp.111-113

25. Possible solutions for the treatment of subproducts.

A general discussion of the structure of livestock production units, the quantities of manures encountered, biological or mechanical pretreatments of slurry, physicochemical treatments, composting and improvements of techniques of agricultural management of livestock. A brief assessment of overall...

Foreign Title :Posibles soluciones al tratamiento de subproductos.

Author(s) : Prats, I. L.

Journal article : Mundo Ganadero 1999 Vol.10 No.110 pp.38-45