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1. Urban food markets and the COVID-19 lockdown in India.

On March 24, 2020, the Government of India announced a 21-day national lockdown that has since been extended to May 31, 2020. The lockdown left urban food markets in disarray with severe supply bottlenecks and restrictions on doing business. At a time when food prices in India were declining...

Author(s) : Sudha Narayanan; Shree Saha

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Global Food Security 2021 Vol.29

2. The capitalization effect and its consequence of agricultural support policies - based on the evidence of 800 villages in China.

The theoretical and empirical results of the capitalization effect of agricultural support policies on land rental price remain inconclusive. Based on the survey of Chinese Household Income Projects in 2007 and 2008, this paper adopts the panel data of 800 villages in 11 provinces in China to...

Author(s) : Lin WenSheng; Chen RongYuan

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Sustainability 2021 Vol.13 No.14 ref.30

3. The role of smallholder human resources on the performance of the supply chain of cocoa beans in central Sulawesi Indonesia: a structural equation modeling analysis.

This study aimed to analyze the effects of smallholder human resource skills in cocoa farming on the cocoa bean supply chain performance in Indonesia, and uses structural equation modeling (SEM) for this purpose. Data were collected from 320 farms in Sigi Regency and Parigi Moutong Regency. The...

Author(s) : Syahruddin Hattab; Daswati; Effendy; Made Antara; Nuhfil Hanani; Darmawan, D. P.; Basir-Cyio, M.; Mahfudz; Muhardi

Publisher : Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand

Journal article : Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology 2021 Vol.43 No.3 pp.847-854 ref.44

4. Ecosystem valuation and eco-compensation for conservation of traditional paddy ecosystems and varieties in Kerala, India.

Etymologically 'the land of paddy fields', Wayanad district in Kerala, India, is a hub of numerous traditional paddy varieties. These varieties are less-input intensive and highly adaptive to changing climate and stresses. However, shifting cropping patterns in the district led to massive...

Author(s) : Shenaz Rasheed; Venkatesh, P.; Singh, D. R.; Renjini, V. R.; Jha, G. K.; Sharma, D. K.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Ecosystem Services 2021 Vol.49

5. Irrigation of corn in the circumstances of the sales price growth.

From the beginning of 2020 to the middle of 2021, the sales price of corn increased by 87%. Changing the sales price has caused the improvement of financial indicators, and reconsideration of traditional assumptions about unprofitability of corn irrigation. The aim of this paper is to determine the ...

Foreign Title :Navodnjavanje kukuruza u aktualnim uvjetima rasta prodajne cijene.

Author(s) : Hadelan, L.; Grgić, I.; Kovaćićek, T.; Mesić, Ž.

Publisher : Zadružna Štampa, Zagreb, Croatia

Journal article : Glasnik Zaštite Bilja 2021 Vol.44 No.4 pp.31-38 ref.15

6. Energy cost to produce and transport crops - the driver for crop prices? Case study for Mato Grosso, Brazil.

In recent years, agricultural commodity prices have followed trends similar to those observed in crude oil markets. A respective hypothesis to explain this finding: Agricultural production is so energy intensive that increasing energy costs drive cost of production of crops and ultimately commodity ...

Author(s) : Zimmer, Y.; Marques, G. V.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Energy (Oxford) 2021 Vol.225

7. Beef supply chains and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

This article describes the initial impacts of COVID-19 on beef supply chains and beef product markets. An overview of major beef market segments of retail grocery, food service, and exports is provided, including a focus on ground beef markets. COVID-19 caused massive and unprecedented impacts on...

Author(s) : Peel, D.

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Cary, USA

Journal article : Animal Frontiers 2021 Vol.11 No.1 pp.33-38 ref.3

8. Do marginal abatement costs matter for improving air quality? Evidence from China's major cities.

This paper performs a two-stage analysis to investigate the trade-off between economic growth and pollution abatement. We first estimate the marginal abatement costs (MACs) of CO2, SO2, NOx, and particulate matter (PM) for 30 major Chinese cities from 2006 to 2015 via the shadow price approach...

Author(s) : Ji, D. J.; Zhou, P.; Wu, F.

Publisher : Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Journal of Environmental Management 2021 Vol.286

9. Coordination of a fresh agricultural product supply chain with option contract under cost and loss disruptions.

This paper analyzes the option coordination problem of a fresh agricultural product supply chain under two supply chain structures, when the production cost and the loss rate are disrupted simultaneously. This paper provides the explicit option coordination conditions for the disrupted supply chain ...

Author(s) : Wan NaNa; Li Li; Wu XiaoZhi; Fan JianChang

Publisher : Public Library of Sciences (PLoS), San Francisco, USA

Journal article : PLoS ONE 2021 Vol.16 No.6 ref.42

10. Survey of small local produce growers' perception of antibiotic resistance issues at farmers markets.

Antibiotic resistance (AR) has been identified in bacteria isolated from fresh produce from local farmers markets (FMs). This study determines local produce growers' awareness and attitude toward AR risks from produce sold at FMs. Surveys were conducted at five FMs in WV, PA, and MI from May-2019...

Author(s) : Jiang WenTao; Paudel, S. K.; Amarasekara, N. R.; Zhang YiFan; Etienne XiaoLi; Jones, L.; Li KaWang; Hansen, F.; Jaczynski, J.; Shen CangLiang

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Food Control 2021 Vol.125

11. Development status, problems and suggestions of live pig industry in Jiangxi Province.

Based on the statistical data of live pig stock and slaughter, pork production, scale breeding status, live pig prices and pig grain ration in Jiangxi Province from 2009 to 2018, we analyzed the main existing problems in live pig industry development in Jiangxi Province, a primary live pig...

Author(s) : Xie Min; Zhou YaoMin; Min JiaLing; Xu Jun; Li Jun

Publisher : Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanchang, China

Journal article : Acta Agriculturae Jiangxi 2021 Vol.33 No.2 pp.138-143 ref.14

12. Optimal design and operation of the green pistachio supply network: a robust possibilistic programming model.

As a valuable nut which is rich in minerals and vitamins, the pistachio is now popular with millions of people throughout the world. Since its major producer-exporter countries are limited, paying attention to its supply chain seems quite necessary. The pistachio SC management can play an important ...

Author(s) : Gilani, H.; Sahebi, H.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Cleaner Production 2021 Vol.282

13. Towards emission free steel manufacturing - exploring the advantages of a CO2 methanation unit to minimize CO2 emissions.

This paper demonstrates the benefits of incorporating CO2 utilisation through methanation in the steel industry. This approach allows to produce synthetic methane, which can be recycled back into the steel manufacturing process as fuel and hence saving the consumption of natural gas. To this end,...

Author(s) : Baena-Moreno, F. M.; Cid-Castillo, N.; Arellano-García, H.; Reina, T. R.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Science of the Total Environment 2021 Vol.781

14. An analysis of South African sawmilling competitiveness.

The South African sawn timber market supply and demand are in equilibrium and significantly associated with the local residential construction market. During the great financial crisis (GFC), the local residential construction market contracted. This caused a reduction in sawn timber demand, price...

Author(s) : Grobbelaar, S.; Visser, J. K.

Publisher : NISC - Taylor & Francis, Grahamstown, South Africa

Journal article : Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science 2021 Vol.83 No.1 pp.28-37 ref.31

15. Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian agricultural system: a 10-point strategy for post-pandemic recovery.

COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the Indian agricultural system extensively. Nevertheless, the recent quarterly GDP estimates post-COVID scenario showcase robustness and resilience in Indian agriculture, the only sector to register a positive growth of 3.4% during the financial year (FY here after)...

Author(s) : Cariappa, A. G. A.; Acharya, K. K.; Adhav, C. A.; Sendhil, R.; Ramasundaram, P.

Publisher : Sage Publications Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : Outlook on Agriculture 2021 Vol.50 No.1 pp.26-33 ref.34

16. Consumers' willingness to purchase imported cherries towards sustainable market: evidence from the Republic of Korea.

Globalization has led diverse stakeholders to join the market and has resulted in corporate and product diversification; however, some markets remain monopolized by a few countries owing to "shadow trade barriers" influencing willingness to purchase. The Korean cherry market has grown rapidly since ...

Author(s) : Shin Seongmin; Ji Seongtae

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Sustainability 2021 Vol.13 No.10 ref.49

17. An introduction to economics: concepts for students of agriculture and the rural sector.

This text aims to provide a simple but effective introduction to general economics for students of agriculture, the rural sector and related topics in universities and colleges. This fifth edition continues the process of adaptation and adjustment to meet changing times, the most significant of...

Author(s) : Hill, B.

Book : An introduction to economics: concepts for students of agriculture and the rural sector 2021 No.ED.5 pp.ix + 253 pp.

18. Demand and supply: the price mechanism in a market economy.

This chapter discusses the theories of demand and supply, including the factors affecting the demand for commodities (the price of the commodity itself, the incomes of consumers, the price of competitive (or substitute) goods, the price of complementary goods, and the tastes of consumers) as well...

Author(s) : Hill, B.

Book chapter : An introduction to economics: concepts for students of agriculture and the rural sector 2021 No.ED.5 pp.26-50

19. Markets and competition.

Following an introduction into the functions of the price system and a general description of markets, this chapter examines three market models in more detail: first, perfect competition viewed from the levels of the individual agricultural producer and of the whole industry; secondly, monopoly;...

Author(s) : Hill, B.

Book chapter : An introduction to economics: concepts for students of agriculture and the rural sector 2021 No.ED.5 pp.51-71

20. An attribution analysis of soybean price volatility in China: global market connectedness or energy market transmission?

This study examines the impact of international soybean price and energy price on Chinese soybean price. Applied to monthly data over the period of 2007-2017, results show that both international soybean price and energy price have significant impacts on Chinese soybean price, while the impact from ...

Author(s) : Zhang YouWang; Li ChongGuang; Xu YuanYuan; Li Jian

Publisher : International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, College Station, USA

Journal article : International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 2021 Vol.24 No.1 pp.15-25 ref.20

21. Evaluating the economic feasibility of cellulosic ethanol: a meta-analysis of techno-economic analysis studies.

The conversion of cellulosic biomass to ethanol as a viable way of decarbonizing the transportation sector has experienced a growing interest in the last few decades. However, this infant industry still struggles to succeed commercially. To examine the economic feasibility of cellulosic ethanol,...

Author(s) : Aui, A.; Wang, Y.; Mba-Wright, M.

Publisher : Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Journal article : Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2021 Vol.145

22. Evaluation of producer inflation, subsidies and profitability of vegetables and grains in Sinaloa, 2018-2019.

Objective: To evaluate producer inflation, equity in PROCAMPO subsidy distribution, as well as profitability of eight agricultural products in the state of Sinaloa, 2018-2019 cycle. Design/Methodology/Approach: First, inflation is estimated in the value of agricultural production, using the...

Author(s) : Borbón-Morales, C. G.; Martínez-Téllez, M. A.; Rueda Puente, E. O.

Publisher : Colegio de Postgraduados, Texcoco, Mexico

Journal article : Agroproductividad 2021 Vol.14 No.3 pp.67-72 ref.17

23. Analysis of the beef supply in Veracruz, Jalisco and Chiapas states, Mexico, 2000-2019.

Objective: To determine the effect of the variables that impact the supply of beef in Veracruz, Jalisco and Chiapas states, Mexico, from 2000 to 2019. Methodological design/approach: A multiple linear regression model was used; where the supply was the dependent variable and the price of beef, corn ...

Author(s) : Rebollar Rebollar, E.; Rebollar Rebollar, S.; Guzmán Soria, E.; Hernández Martínez, J.; Jesús González Razo, F. de

Publisher : Colegio de Postgraduados, Texcoco, Mexico

Journal article : Agroproductividad 2021 Vol.14 No.3 pp.87-93 ref.20

24. Tourism demand nowcasting using a LASSO-MIDAS model.

Purpose: This study aims to examine whether and when real-time updated online search engine data such as the daily Baidu Index can be useful for improving the accuracy of tourism demand nowcasting once monthly official statistical data, including historical visitor arrival data and macroeconomic...

Author(s) : Liu Han; Liu Ying; Li Gang; Wen Long

Publisher : Emerald Publishing, Bingley, UK

Journal article : International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 2021 Vol.33 No.6 pp.1922-1949 ref.60

25. What is animal welfare worth to us?

This study examines the value of animal welfare services in Swiss pig and cattle fattening at farm and market levels. Calculations show the effective additional costs, which are actually incurred. On the one hand, analyses attempt to determine to what extent both the market and state subsidies can...

Foreign Title :Was ist uns das tierwohl wert?

Author(s) : Gazzarin, C.; Zimmert, F.

Publisher : Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Bonn, Germany

Journal article : Berichte über Landwirtschaft 2021 Vol.99 No.1 ref.24