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1. How to react to a non-paying customer in a veterinary practice.

Foreign Title :Comment réagir face à un impayé dans une clinique vétérinaire.

Author(s) : Dougados, S.; Décima, M.

Journal article : Pratique Médicale & Chirurgicale de l'Animal de Compagnie 1999 Vol.34 No.Suppl. pp.24-26

2. Hospitalization of pets: the role of the veterinary nurse.

Foreign Title :Hospitalisation des animaux de compagnie: le rôle de l'ASV.

Author(s) : Verrey, C.

Journal article : Pratique Médicale & Chirurgicale de l'Animal de Compagnie 1999 Vol.34 No.Suppl. pp.27-30

3. Workshop during the 8th European Nutrition Conference: analysis of nutrition advice by general practitioners.

Foreign Title :Workshop tijdens 8th European Nutrition Conference: voedingsvoorlichting door huisarts geanalyseerd.

Author(s) : Blom, J.

Journal article : VoedingsMagazine 1999 Vol.12 No.4 pp.15-18 ref.5

4. Teaching medical mycology in the year 2000.

Author(s) : Negroni, R.; Ellis, D.; Bulmer, G.; Graybill, J. R.; Restrepo, A.

Conference paper; Journal article : Medical Mycology 1998 Vol.36 No.Suppl. 1 pp.106-108 ref.4

6. Animal-assisted enhancement of speech therapy: a case study.

Author(s) : Adams, D. L.

Journal article : Anthrozoös 1997 Vol.10 No.1 pp.53-56 ref.8

7. Nutritionists today and in the future: from the viewpoint of medicine.

Foreign Title :Ernährungsfachkräfte heute und morgen: Aus ärztlicher Sicht.

Author(s) : Hauner, H.

Conference paper; Journal article : VitaMinSpur 1999 Vol.14 No.Supl.1 pp.22-23

8. The teaching of medical mycology.

The teaching of medical mycology is discussed, including the structure and content of study courses, and clinical and practical experience, for medical students and postgraduates.

Foreign Title :Enseñanza de la Micología médica.

Author(s) : Negroni, R.

Journal article : Revista Iberoamericana de Micología 1998 Vol.15 No.1 pp.7-9 ref.11

9. Undergraduate teaching of medical parasitology.

The present status of teaching medical parasitology in Europe is discussed based on the conclusions of 4 TEMPUS meetings held in various locations in Europe between 1993 and 1997. It is considered that the position of medical parasitology among medical subjects has to be reconsidered and...

Author(s) : Pawlowski, Z. S.; Goullier-Fleuret, A.; Bruschi, F.

Journal article : Parasitology Today 1998 Vol.14 No.4 pp.127-128 ref.3

11. AIDS knowledge and willingness to seek knowledge or to join AIDS-related events of the dietitians in the AIDS-appointed hospitals in Taiwan.

133 dietitians (5 men and 128 women) completed a questionnaire on this topic. Mean duration of work was 8.5±6.1 years. 91 dietitians (68.4%) were clinical dietitians. The mean score-obtaining rates of AIDS knowledge (K) and willingness to seek knowledge or to join AIDS-related events (Wk) were 62%...

Author(s) : Lan, S. J. J.; Hsian ChienYu; Hsu TsaiLi; Liu MeiYuen

Journal article : Nutritional Sciences Journal 1998 Vol.23 No.1 pp.57-69 ref.27

12. Clinical nutrition education - relevance and role models.

This article discusses the teaching of clinical nutrition to medical students under the following headings: nutrition in academic medicine - a brief history and guide; what are we doing wrong, or, the enemy is us; what is clinical nutrition and how should it be taught?; the imperative for clinical...

Author(s) : Halsted, C. H.

Journal article : American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1998 Vol.67 No.2 pp.192-196 ref.29

13. Survey of clinical nutrition training programs for physicians.

Clinical nutrition training programmes for physicians in the USA were surveyed to determine their number, demographic characteristics, primary teaching focuses, number of available trainee positions, funding bases, trainee numbers, backgrounds and career positions taken. 22 active programmes were...

Author(s) : Heimburger, D. C.; Stallings, V. A.; Routzahn, L.

Journal article : American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1998 Vol.68 No.6 pp.1174-9 ref.14

14. The changing spectrum of medical mycology education.

The changing spectrum of medical mycology education is discussed, in the advent of AIDS and the immunocompromised host and the availability of effective antifungal agents. The future teaching of medical mycology in medical schools is considered.

Author(s) : Bulmer, G. S.

Correspondence : Mycopathologia 1995 Vol.130 No.3 pp.127-129

16. Brazil and tropical medicine.

Endemic infectious diseases still constitute a threat to Latin American countries. In view of this, research on tropical medicine should be encouraged, particularly in countries such as Brazil where this kind of scientific investigation was historically a high priority early in the 20th century. It ...

Foreign Title :O Brasil e a medicina tropical.

Author(s) : Forattini, O. P.

Journal article : Revista de Saúde Pública 1997 Vol.31 No.2 pp.116-120 ref.9

17. Nutrition knowledge of clinic nurses in Lebowa, South Africa: implications for nutrition services delivery.

To determine the current nutrition knowledge of clinic nurses in Lebowa, Northern Transvaal province, South Africa, 99 clinic nurses answered a 40-item nutrition knowledge test (NKT) and 5 demographic questions in 1993. The general performance of the clinic nurses on the NKT was poor, 14±3.8 (35%)...

Author(s) : Kgaphola, M. S.; Wodarski, L. A.; Garrison, M. E. B.

Journal article : Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 1997 Vol.10 No.5 pp.295-303 ref.21

18. Teaching tropical medicine in Kenya and Uganda: review after seven expeditions.

Seven expeditions were made to Kenya (5) and Uganda (2) between November 1995 and March 1997, involving a total of 33 participants (18 females and 15 males), mostly (92%) from Germany. The aim was to strengthen the knowledge and practical experience of health care professionals in clinical tropical ...

Author(s) : Schaefer, K. U.

Journal article : Wilderness and Environmental Medicine 1997 Vol.8 No.4 pp.255-256 ref.13

19. Influences on the selection of dietetics as a career.

Self-administered questionnaires regarding the point at which career decisions were made were completed by 1695 students in Plan IV/V dietetics programmes throughout the USA. All Plan IV/V dietetics programmes that reported greater than 5 graduates in the academic year 1989-90 were selected from...

Author(s) : Kobel, K. A.

Journal article : Journal of the American Dietetic Association 1997 Vol.97 No.3 pp.254-257 ref.9

20. District hospital workshops to improve surgical skills of doctors posted to remote areas.

It is noted that there is a huge unmet need for surgical services in the rural districts of Nepal, which can never be met by the expensive health camps being run by His Majesty's Government nor by attempting to post surgeons in the district hospitals. An example is given of a workshop carried out...

Author(s) : Rai, S. M.; Thapa, B. K.; Dhital, S.; Govinda, K. C.; Hermacinski, M.; Bezruchka, S.

Journal article : JNMA, Journal of the Nepal Medical Association 1997 Vol.35 No.121 pp.198-202 ref.7

21. Nutrition knowledge, attitude and practice among primary care physicians in Taiwan.

Nutritional knowledge, attitude and practices among primary care physicians in the Taiwan area was studied. A closed-end questionnaire containing 26 knowledge questions, 12 attitude statements and 12 practice statements was mailed to physicians on the mailing list of the National Health...

Author(s) : Hu ShenePin; Wu MeiYiao; Liu JenFang

Journal article : Journal of the American College of Nutrition 1997 Vol.16 No.5 pp.439-442 ref.11

22. Nutrition knowledge, attitudes and practices among senior medical students in Taiwan.

The knowledge, attitude and practices of Taiwanese medical students in selected areas of nutrition was studied. A national sample of 528 senior medical students from 9 medical colleges participated by completing a questionnaire. On a 10-point scale, the average score of students on general and...

Author(s) : Hu ShenePin; Liu JenFang; Shieh MingJer

Journal article : Journal of the American College of Nutrition 1997 Vol.16 No.5 pp.435-438 ref.9

23. Sing for the Gov'nor: a call to advocacy for tropical medicine and hygiene.

This presidential address was given before the 45th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH), Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on 3 December 1996. The author provides an historical analysis of the ASTMH, discusses forces that shape the future of international health, ...

Author(s) : Burke, D. S.

Journal article : American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1997 Vol.56 No.1 pp.1-6 ref.24

24. Breast feeding recommendations of the German National Breast Feeding Commission.

The Commission recommends the provision of the following: a continuous programme of further training regarding breast feeding for medical and health care personnel; written guidelines concerning information that should be given to mothers; information for pregnant women concerning the benefits and...

Foreign Title :Stillempfehlungen der Nationalen Stillkommission Deutschlands.

Author(s) : Tietze, K. W.

Journal article : Zeitschrift fur Geburtshilfe und Neonatologie 1997 Vol.201 No.4 pp.152-153

25. Management of obesity in primary care.

This study evaluated the feasibility of training physicians to provide weight control counseling to their patients. 11 physicians were randomly assigned to either an obesity-counseling skills training group or to a control group. Physicians in the counseling skills group received training in...

Author(s) : Simkin-Silverman, L. R.; Wing, R. R.

Journal article : Obesity Research 1997 Vol.5 No.6 pp.603-612 ref.63