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1. Exploiting current Musa collections.

Author(s) : Guignon, V.

Publisher : Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited, Cambridge, UK

Book chapter : Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananas. Volume 2: Germplasm and genetic improvement 2021 pp.81-106 ref.many

2. Types of the herbarium "Julián acuña galé", university of Camagüey, Cuba.

Information is compiled referring to the type specimens kept in the herbarium "Julián Acuña Galé", of the University of Camagüey "Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz", Cuba. The existence of 17 specimens that typify the names of 12 taxa (eight species, two subspecies and two forms), belonging to 10 genera and ...

Foreign Title :Los tipos del herbario "julián acuña galé", universidad de Camagüey, Cuba.

Author(s) : Tellez, J. C. R.; Santos, I. E. M.

Publisher : Universidad Central 'Marta Abreu' de Las Villas, Santa Clara, Cuba

Journal article : Centro Agrícola 2021 Vol.48 No.2 pp.66-73 ref.many

3. The type specimens in eugen von halácsy's Herbarium graecum.

Greece, as one of the European biodiversity hotspots, is long since in the focus of botanical investigations. Among historical researchers significantly contributing to the floristic and taxonomic exploration was Eugen von Halácsy, a Viennese physician and botanist. He was the first and so far last ...

Author(s) : Reich, D.; Gutermann, W.; Bardy, K.; Rainer, H.; Raus, T.; Sonnleitner, M.; Tan, K.; Lachmayer, M.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Phytotaxa 2021 Vol.493 No.1 pp.1-156

4. Typification and taxonomic remarks of Indobanalia (Amaranthaceae) in India.

Indobanalia thyrsiflora is an endemic species occurring in peninsular India (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu States) and Sri Lanka. A nomenclatural study of the basionym Banalia thyrsiflora, published by Moquin-Tandon in Candolle's Prodromus (year 1849), is carried out and the name ...

Author(s) : Iamonico, D.; Sindhu Arya; Kumar, V. N. S. A.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Phytotaxa 2021 Vol.513 No.3 pp.265-270 ref.many

5. A critical review of the current global ex situ conservation system for plant agrobiodiversity. II. Strengths and weaknesses of the current system and recommendations for its improvement.

In this paper, we review gene bank operations that have an influence on the global conservation system, with the intention to identify critical aspects that should be improved for optimum performance. We describe the role of active and base collections and the importance of linking germplasm...

Author(s) : Engels, J. M. M.; Ebert, A. W.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : Plants 2021 Vol.10 No.9 ref.234

6. Extirpated prairie species demonstrate more variable phenological responses to warming than extant congeners.

PREMISE: Shifting phenology in response to climate is one mechanism that can promote population persistence and geographic spread; therefore, species with limited ability to phenologically track changing environmental conditions may be more susceptible to population declines. Alternatively,...

Author(s) : Zettlemoyer, M. A.; Renaldi, K.; Muzyka, M. D.; Lau, J. A.

Publisher : Blackwell Publishing, Boston, USA

Journal article : American Journal of Botany 2021 Vol.108 No.6 pp.958-970

7. Ex situ conservation in botanical gardens - challenges and scientific potential preserving plant biodiversity.

In the Anthropocene, the world's plant diversity is threatened with extinction and the erosion of the genetic diversity of natural populations. According to the State of the World's Plants and Fungi 2020 of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, two out of five of the ~350,000 known vascular plant species ...

Author(s) : Kovács, Z.; Csergő, A. M.; Csontos, P.; Höhn, M.

Publisher : University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Journal article : Notulae Botanicae, Horti Agrobotanici, Cluj-Napoca 2021 Vol.49 No.2 ref.many

8. Collection and evaluation of wild Musa species.

Author(s) : Volkaert, H. A.

Publisher : Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited, Cambridge, UK

Book chapter : Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananas. Volume 2: Germplasm and genetic improvement 2021 pp.133-142 ref.35

9. Updated checklist of the Cantharidae, Lampyridae, and Lycidae of the grand duchy of Luxembourg (Coleoptera: Elateroidea).

Here we present a checklist of the families Cantharidae, Lampyridae, and Lycidae of Luxembourg. The earlier references are summarized and new information on the some species is reported. Furthermore, Cantharis (s. str.) paludosa Fallén, 1807, Cantharis (s. str.) terminata Faldermann, 1835, Erotides ...

Author(s) : Fanti, F.; Vitali, F.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Zootaxa 2021 Vol.5047 No.1 pp.33-44 ref.many

10. Two new records of Senecio (Asteraceae, Senecioneae) for the Flora of Peru.

The analysis of herbarium material of the genus Senecio from Southern Peru resulted in the identification of two new records for its Flora: Senecio behnii y Senecio ctenophyllus. Based on the examination of herbarium specimens from Chile and Peru, we provide the morphological descriptions,...

Foreign Title :Dos nuevos registros de Senecio (Asteraceae, Senecioneae) para la Flora de Perú.

Author(s) : Morales-Fierro, V.; Beltrán, H.

Publisher : Instituto de Botánica Darwinion, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Journal article : Darwiniana, nueva serie 2021 Vol.9 No.1 pp.130-138 ref.many

11. An important contribution to the knowledge of Diptera fauna of Turkey: the "Prof. Dr. Hasan Giray" diptera collection of Lemt (Lodos Entomological Museum, Turkey).

In this study, a total of 1149 specimens of 131 species belong to 88 genera of 20 families (Bibionidae, Cecidomyiidae, Asilidae, Therevidae, Syrphidae, Lonchaeidae, Ulidiidae, Tephritidae, Pallopteridae, Lauxaniidae, Chamaemyiidae, Sciomyzidae, Chloropidae, Agromyzidae, Heleomyzidae, Drosophilidae, ...

Author(s) : Tezcan, S.; Karsavuran, Y.; Pehlivan, E.

Publisher : MUNIS Research Group (MRG), Ankara, Turkey

Journal article : Munis Entomology & Zoology 2021 Vol.16 No.2 pp.1118-1132 ref.21

12. The effects of climate change on floral anthocyanin polymorphisms.

Pigmentation affords resistance to abiotic stressors, and thus can respond adaptively or plastically to drought and extreme temperatures associated with global change. Plants frequently display variability in flower coloration that is underlain by anthocyanin pigmentation. While anthocyanin...

Author(s) : Sullivan, C. N.; Koski, M. H.

Publisher : Royal Society, London, UK

Journal article : Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Biological Sciences 2021 Vol.288 No.1946 ref.many

13. A case for conserving plant pathogens.

A case is made for the counter-intuitive proposal that plant pathologists and plant pathological societies should consider the development of policies for the conservation of plant pathogens. First the report of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, entitled The State of the World's Plants and Fungi 2020...

Author(s) : Ingram, D. S.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Plant Pathology 2021 Vol.71 No.1 pp.98-110 ref.many

14. Catalog of the Diptera types described by Camillo Rondani.

This catalog lists all 1226 nominal species introduced by Rondani within Diptera (1174 available and 52 unavailable), providing for each available name data on the type locality, type material, current taxonomic status and with remarks on both the collectors and the specialists who have studied...

Author(s) : Sforzi, A.; Sommaggio, D.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Zootaxa 2021 Vol.4989 No.1 pp.1-438 ref.716

15. Typification of names in Amaranthus (Amaranthaceae) described by Sennen from Spain.

The names in Amaranthus described by Frère Sennen from Spain were studied and, when necessary, typified. Seventeen lectotypes, preserved in BC and MA herbaria, have been designated. Isolectotypes were traced at BCN, herb. Sennen II, JE, JBAG (herb. Laínz), K, MA, P, and PH.

Author(s) : Mestre, E.; Sáez, L.; Nualart, N.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Phytotaxa 2021 Vol.505 No.1 pp.97-106

16. Six new species of Maesa (Primulaceae) from Papua New Guinea.

Six new species of Maesa (Primulaceae-Maesoideae) from Papua New Guinea, namely M. angustibracteolata, M. aurulenta, M. brassii, M. oblanceolatifolia, M. pusilliflora and M. prolatifructa are described and illustrated based on observations from herbarium specimens; the taxonomic affinities of each...

Author(s) : Sumanon, P.; Eiserhardt, W. L.; Balslev, H.; Utteridge, T. M. A.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Phytotaxa 2021 Vol.505 No.3 pp.245-261 ref.30

17. Ecology and geographical distribution of Ganoderma cupreolaccatum in the Czech Republic.

Ganoderma cupreolaccatum is the rarest Ganoderma species in the Czech Republic, having a scattered distribution in protected areas and at anthropogenic localities with old trees. The ecology and geographical distribution of G. cupreolaccatum in the Czech Republic was elaborated based on data from...

Foreign Title :Ekologie a zeměpisné rozšíření lesklokorky pfeifferovy (Ganoderma cupreolaccatum) v České Republice.

Author(s) : Kout, J.

Publisher : Czech Scientific Society for Mycology, Prague, Czech Republic

Journal article : Mykologické Listy 2021 No.147 pp.10-18

18. The effects of rising CO2 concentrations on terrestrial systems: scaling it up.

In this issue of New Phytologist, Walker et al. (2021; pp. 2413-2445) synthesize data from an incredibly broad range of sources, including herbaria, free air CO2 enrichment (FACE) studies, ice cores, eddy covariance sites, and remote sensing, and examine an enormous diversity of measurements (such...

Author(s) : Way, D. A.; Cook, A.; Rogers, A.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : New Phytologist 2021 Vol.229 No.5 pp.2383-2385 ref.16

19. A preliminary specimen-based catalogue of the moss species found in Napa county, California.

Napa County, in California's North Coast Range, is well known for its plant diversity. However, until now no one has published a listing of bryophytes for Napa County. I present a catalogue of 158 moss species in 77 genera and 31 families collected and confirmed as occurring within Napa County. The ...

Author(s) : Rae, S. P.

Publisher : California Botanical Society, Berkeley, USA

Journal article : Madroño 2021 Vol.68 No.3 pp.191-208 ref.65

20. Mistaken identity: a new Spathiphyllum (araceae) from Veracruz, Mexico.

The genus Spathiphyllum is represented in Mexico by 11 species, four of which are registered for the state of Veracruz. As a result of the revision of material collected in Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, in addition to a detailed review of herbarium specimens, and comparison to individuals collected at and ...

Author(s) : Jiménez, P. D.; Pérez-Farrera, M. Á.; Hentrich, H.; Gómez-Domínguez, H.; Ameca-Juárez, E. Ó.; Aguilar-Rodríguez, P. A.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Phytotaxa 2021 Vol.522 No.1 pp.56-62 ref.25

21. Region-specific phenological sensitivities and rates of climate warming generate divergent temporal shifts in flowering date across a species' range.

Premise: Forecasting how species will respond phenologically to future changes in climate is a major challenge. Many studies have focused on estimating species- and community-wide phenological sensitivities to climate to make such predictions, but sensitivities may vary within species, which could...

Author(s) : Love, N. L. R.; Mazer, S. J.

Publisher : Blackwell Publishing, Boston, USA

Journal article : American Journal of Botany 2021 Vol.108 No.10 pp.1873-1888 ref.77

22. Genetic and genomic studies of native medicinal and aromatic plants maintained in botanical garden and living collections in Greece: the example of Origanum spp.

The Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia (BBGK) belongs to the Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources. The BBGK has been developed within a deciduous oak forest (Quercus pubescens and Q. frainetto) that has been traditionally managed for a long time, at an altitude of 600m (Mount...

Author(s) : Sarrou, E.; Ganopoulos, I.; Maloupa, E.

Publisher : Botanic Gardens Conservation International, Richmond, UK

Journal article : BGjournal 2021 Vol.18 No.1 pp.34-38 ref.34

23. Historical records of Neottia cordata and Hammarbya paludosa, new in the Kazakhstan flora.

The article provides data on two orchid species, new in the flora of Kazakhstan. These are Neottia cordata from Markakol State Nature Reserve (East Kazakhstan) and Hammarbya paludosa from Mugodzhary Mts. (West Kazakhstan). The nearest previously known locations of Hammarbya paludosa are more than...

Author(s) : Kubentayev, S. A.; Efimov, P. G.; Alibekov, D. T.

Publisher : Fund for Support and Development of Protected Areas, Saransk, Russia

Journal article : Nature Conservation Research 2021 Vol.6 No.2 pp.103-105 ref.13

24. The University of Oxford Botanic Garden: sharing the scientific wonder and importance of plants with the world.

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden is the UK's oldest botanic garden, established as a physic garden in 1621 in which medicinal plants were grown for teaching purposes. Today, the garden holds a collection of over 5000 taxa, some of which have international conservation importance. The...

Author(s) : Thorogood, C. J.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Curtis's Botanical Magazine 2021 Vol.38 No.4 pp.438-450 ref.23

25. Endogean and cavernicolous Coleoptera of the Balkans. XXIV. Amauropini (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) from the collection of the Moravian Museum in Brno.

The status of Amauropus lobipes Reitter, 1918 and Protamaurops bicarinata (Reitter, 1918) is confirmed based on the holotypes housed at the Moravian Museum in Brno, Czech Republic. Both species are redescribed, photographed, and the aedeagus of Amauropus lobipes is illustrated. A checklist of...

Author(s) : Hlaváč, P.; Baňař, P.; Koukalová, K.

Publisher : Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand

Journal article : Zootaxa 2021 Vol.5039 No.4 pp.584-592 ref.20