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1. First Ukrainian record of the invasive leech Helobdella europaea (Hirudinea: Glossiphoniidae) from an aquarium in Kharkiv: morphological variability and phylogenetic relationships.

New information on the occurrence of Helobdella europaea Kutschera, 1987 was obtained. Four individuals assigned to this species were found in a private aquarium in Kharkiv. Helobdella europaea has not been recorded for Ukraine so far. The taxonomic identity of the leeches was confirmed by both a...

Author(s) : Morhun, H.; Sidorovskyi, S.; Khomenko, A.; Mazepa, G.; Utevsky, S.

Publisher : Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Switzerland

Journal article : Biologia (Bratislava) 2021 Vol.76 No.1 pp.193-202 ref.41

2. Effect of bulking materials over the composting of bio-slurry.

Bio-slurry is considered as a good quality organic fertilizer in Bangladesh agriculture. An experiment was conducted at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh to assess the effect of bulking materials over the composting of bio-slurry. The experiment was conducted with 4 treatments each of...

Author(s) : Al-Amin, M.; Rahman, M. M.; Islam, S. M. A.; Dhakal, H.; Khan, M. R. I.; Amin, M. R.; Kabir, A. K. M. A.

Publisher : Bangladesh Animal Husbandry Association, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Journal article : Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science 2021 Vol.49 No.2 pp.142-150 ref.25

3. Automated contact tracing: a game of big numbers in the time of COVID-19.

One of the more widely advocated solutions for slowing down the spread of COVID-19 has been automated contact tracing. Since proximity data can be collected by personal mobile devices, the natural proposal has been to use this for automated contact tracing providing a major gain over a manual...

Author(s) : Kim Hyunju; Paul, A.

Publisher : The Royal Society, London, UK

Journal article : Journal of the Royal Society Interface 2021 Vol.18 No.175 ref.7

4. Revisiting linear regression to test agreement in continuous predicted-observed datasets.

CONTEXT: In agricultural research and related disciplines, using a scatter plot and a regression line to visually and quantitatively assess agreement between model predictions and observed values is an extensively adopted approach, even more within the simulation modeling community. However, linear ...

Author(s) : Correndo, A. A.; Hefley, T. J.; Holzworth, D. P.; Ciampitti, I. A.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Agricultural Systems 2021 Vol.192 ref.53

5. SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, where do we stand?

Vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic, represents a major infection control strategy in the absence of effective treatment of the disease to date. Unprecedented mobilization has led to the development of a large number of projects, some of which have...

Author(s) : Fischer, A.

Publisher : Académie des sciences, Paris, France

Journal article : Comptes Rendus Biologies 2021 Vol.344 No.1 pp.43-48 (en), 48-55 (fr) ref.35

6. Investigating appropriate threshold for measuring the occurrence and intensity of households' exposure to catastrophic health expenditure in Iran.

Background and Objectives: Fair financial protection against health expenditures is one of the most critical goals of health systems. This study was conducted to investigate the most appropriate threshold for measuring the exposure to catastrophic health expenditure (CHE) in Iran. Methods: The...

Author(s) : Darvishi, A.; Sefiddashti, S. E.; Rajabi, M.; Mehrolhassani, M. H.; Yazdi-Feyzabadi, V.

Publisher : Iranian Epidemiological Association, Tehran, Iran

Journal article : Iranian Journal of Epidemiology 2021 Vol.17 No.1 pp.fa34-fa43

7. Nanomechanical properties of potato flakes using atomic force microscopy.

Characterizing the nanomechanical properties of plants at the sub-cellular level is important in understanding the dynamic processes underpinning both potato plant growth and downstream effects of industrial food processing. Here, we measured nanomechanical properties and mapped the elastic...

Author(s) : Al-Rekabi, Z.; Davies, S. L.; Clifford, C. A.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Journal of Food Engineering 2021 Vol.307

8. Mycology and mycotechnology on postal stamps.

Mycology, the study of fungal biology, and philately, the study of postage stamps, are rarely connected, as they are very different activities. However, philatelic mycology can raise awareness of the facets of fungi which contribute significantly to human welfare. Fungi are photogenic and exhibit...

Author(s) : Vandana Ghormade; Ejaj Pathan; Jeevan Jyoti; Ajit Vartak; Mukund Deshpande

Publisher : Current Science Association, Bangalore, India

Journal article : Current Science 2021 Vol.120 No.4 pp.628-636 ref.35

9. Pain during walking and ascending stairs before hyaluronic acid injection was common in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a qualitative study.

Background/aim: Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a common pathology characterized by degeneration of the articular cartilage. The aim of the research was to ask patients how they decided to make the injection, what treatments they received, their complaints prior to and after the injection and how they...

Author(s) : Özkan, Ö.; Babayeva, N.; Torğutalp, Ş. Ş.; Kara, Ö. S.; Dönmez, G.; Korkusuz, F.

Publisher : Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Ankara, Turkey

Journal article : Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences 2021 Vol.51 No.2 pp.693-699 ref.43

10. Fermentation technology of taro leafstalk chili sauce.

This study involved production of chili sauce through fermentation using taro leafstalk as a raw material, fresh capsicum as an auxiliary material, and ginger, garlic, and sesame oil as adjustable accessories. On the basis of single factor experiments for the fermentation time, fermentation...

Author(s) : Zhu Miao; Cheng ZhiHao; Xiao Sha; Li JiaLi; Li GangFeng

Publisher : Tianjin Food Research Institute Co. Ltd, Tianjin, China

Journal article : Food Research and Development 2021 Vol.42 No.11 pp.77-81 ref.17

11. Evaluating quality of science in cgiar research programs: use of bibliometrics.

When evaluating Quality of Science (QoS) in the context of development initiatives, it is essential to define adequate criteria. The objective of this perspective paper is to show how altmetric and bibliometric indicators have been used to support the evaluation of QoS in the 2020 Review of the...

Author(s) : Rünzel, M.; Sarfatti, P.; Negroustoueva, S.

Publisher : Sage Publications Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : Outlook on Agriculture 2021 Vol.50 No.2 pp.130-140 ref.16

12. Sugar, a powerful substitute for ethanol in ethanol postdependent rats: relevance for clinical consideration?

Sugar has been shown to be a powerful substitute for drugs in preclinical studies on addiction. However, the link between sugar intake and alcohol use disorder (AUD) is poorly understood. We assessed the influence of sucrose on ethanol drinking in both nondependent (ND) and dependent (D) Long-Evans ...

Author(s) : Alaux-Cantin, S.; Alarcon, R.; Audegond, C.; O'Brien, E. S.; Martinetti, M. P.; Ahmed, S. H.; Nalpas, B.; Perney, P.; Naassila, M.

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Addiction Biology 2021 Vol.26 No.4

13. Are the recommendations of paediatricians about complementary feeding aligned with current guidelines in Uruguay?

Objective: To explore Uruguayan paediatricians' personal recommendations about complementary feeding and to assess if they are aligned with current guidelines and scientific evidence. Design: A questionnaire composed of open-ended questions was used to explore foods recommended to start...

Author(s) : Vidal, L.; Bove, I.; Brunet, G.; Girona, A.; Alcaire, F.; Antúnez, L.; Ares, G.

Publisher : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

Journal article : Public Health Nutrition 2021 Vol.24 No.4 pp.641-650 ref.60

14. Evaluation of subcutaneous alfaxalone for sedation in juvenile blue poison dart frogs (Dendrobates tinctorius azureus).

Blue poison dart frogs (Dendrobates tinctorius azureus) are commonly found in zoological institutions and are becoming popular in the pet trade. Sedation or light anesthesia is required for safe and effective handling of this species. In this study, the effect of subcutaneous administration of...

Author(s) : Yaw, T. J.; Mans, C.; Martinelli, L.; Sladky, K. K.

Publisher : Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians, Chester Heights, USA

Journal article : Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery 2021 Vol.30 No.4 pp.248-253

15. Integrating human behavior and snake ecology with agent-based models to predict snakebite in high risk landscapes.

Snakebite causes more than 1.8 million envenoming cases annually and is a major cause of death in the tropics especially for poor farmers. While both social and ecological factors influence the chance encounter between snakes and people, the spatio-temporal processes underlying snakebites remain...

Author(s) : Goldstein, E.; Erinjery, J. J.; Martin, G.; Kasturiratne, A.; Ediriweera, D. S.; Silva, H. J. de; Diggle, P.; Lalloo, D. G.; Murray, K. A.; Iwamura, T.

Publisher : Public Library of Sciences (PLoS), San Francisco, USA

Journal article : PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2021 Vol.15 No.1 ref.73

16. Immobilization of naringinase on asymmetric organic membranes: application for debittering of grapefruit juice.

An enzymatic membrane reactor (EMR) is assembled for the immobilization of naringinase on a polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membrane, based on fouling-induced method. The effects of molecular weight cut-off, membrane configuration, applied pressure, enzyme concentration and pH are studied in terms ...

Author(s) : González-Temiño, Y.; Ruíz, M. O.; Ortega, N.; Ramos-Gómez, S.; Busto, M. D.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 2021 Vol.73

17. Electrospun nanofibers as food freshness and time-temperature indicators: a new approach in food intelligent packaging.

Intelligent packaging with the ability to detect chemical, physical, and/or biological changes in the food is a breakthrough in the food industry. Food freshness indicators (FFI) and time-temperature indicators (TTI) are major groups of intelligent packaging. They can be fabricated as a label,...

Author(s) : Forghani, S.; Almasi, H.; Moradi, M.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 2021 Vol.73

18. Investigating the strength of linkages of plant health institutional and legislative framework in South Africa.

This paper presents existing linkages within the spheres of government on plant health institutional and legislative framework and further identifies the existing limitations and risks on current existing framework on plant health system. A survey was conducted in South Africa with the relevant...

Author(s) : Rambauli, M.; Antwi, A. M.; Mudau, F. N.

Publisher : South African Society of Agricultural Extension (SASAE), Pretoria, South Africa

Journal article : South African Journal of Agricultural Extension 2021 Vol.49 No.1 pp.13-29 ref.40

19. Trend and research status of agronomy based on the essential science indicators during 2009-2019.

Based on the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database, this study analyzed 734 top papers in the subject category of Agronomy from 2009 to 2019, which include 730 highly cited papers and seven hot papers in the field. All papers written in English, were from 3,540 authors; 1,225 organizations;...

Author(s) : Sun Jie; Yuan BaoZhong

Publisher : Wiley, Hoboken, USA

Journal article : Agronomy Journal 2021 Vol.113 No.2 pp.2184-2194

20. Synbiotics: a technological approach in food applications.

The purpose of the present review is to explore the research about synbiotic food diversity, as well as the probiotics and prebiotics concentration used there in, and the different tests that this type of food is subjected to. The interaction probiotic-prebiotic-food is complex. The role of...

Author(s) : González-Herrera, S. M.; Bermúdez-Quiñones, G.; Ochoa-Martínez, L. A.; Rutiaga-Quiñones, O. M.; Gallegos-Infante, J. A.

Publisher : Springer (India) Private Limited, New Delhi, India

Journal article : Journal of Food Science and Technology (Mysore) 2021 Vol.58 No.3 pp.811-824 ref.41

21. The effect of the universal primary education program on consumption and on the employment sector: evidence from Tanzania.

This paper uses the Tanzanian Universal Primary Education (UPE) program implemented between 1974 and 1978 to study the effect of education on household consumption and on labor market participation in a rural environment. Combining regional disparities of access to school with the timing of the...

Author(s) : Delesalle, E.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : World Development (Oxford) 2021 Vol.142

22. Effect of zinc sulphate (ZnSO4) on the gall bladder of Clarias batrachus (linn. 1758).

Heavy metal exposure to biota has become a severe threat to the environment, as its bioaccumulation, toxicity and persistence is happing at an alarming rate. Heavy metal presence in water bodies has been reported by various researchers. Henceforth their exposure to aquatic organisms is certain. An...

Author(s) : Khan, S. K.; Badroo, I. A.

Publisher : Su Ürünleri Merkez Araștırma Enstitüsü, Trabzon, Turkey

Journal article : Aquaculture Studies 2021 Vol.21 No.2 pp.75-81 ref.50

23. Determination of ethanol and acetic acid in fermented drinks by q~1H-NMR.

A quantitative analysis using q1H-NMR was developed for the determination of ethanol and acetic acid in fermented drinks. The NMR experimental conditions were as follows: using DMSO-d6 as solvent, TMSP as internal standard, 90° pulse, scanning times NS (16), relaxation time D1 (20 s), sampling time ...

Author(s) : Liang GuangYan; Jiang YangMing; Zhou Mei; Xia Yu; Li ChunYan; Hu EnMing; Yan QiuXiao; Wang DaoPing

Publisher : Food and Fermentation Industries (Shipin Yu Fajiao Gongye), Beijing, China

Journal article : Food and Fermentation Industries 2021 Vol.47 No.10 pp.235-239

24. Mechanism and application of natural polysaccharide preservatives in aquatic products refrigeration.

The natural polysaccharide is a kind of biopreservative with abundant sources and low prices. It has various biological activities such as antibacterial and anti-oxidation, no residue, no pollution and high safety. It has broad application aspects in the field of aquatic product preservation. This...

Author(s) : Li Hui; Bao HaiRong

Publisher : Food and Fermentation Industries (Shipin Yu Fajiao Gongye), Beijing, China

Journal article : Food and Fermentation Industries 2021 Vol.47 No.10 pp.271-277

25. How much do we know about the threat of combined stresses in Indian agriculture?

Pathogens and pests continue to evolve new strains and variants, with different levels and mechanisms of resistance. Meanwhile, the earth faces unprecedented changes in global climate. Together, various stress combinations can have devastating effects on agriculture. Studies focusing on...

Author(s) : Anupriya Singh; Muthappa Senthil-kumar

Publisher : Current Science Association, Bangalore, India

Journal article : Current Science 2021 Vol.120 No.11 pp.1669-1671 ref.34