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1. Palpebral hidrocystoma.

Author(s) : Agharbi, F. Z.

Publisher : African Field Epidemiology Network, Kampala, Uganda

Journal article : Pan African Medical Journal 2019 Vol.33

2. Nutrition 2019, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 8-11 June 2019.

This supplement includes 1738 abstracts presented at the conference focusing on nutrition science and its practical applications. The topics discussed are: aging and chronic disease; carotenoids and retinoids; diet and cancer; dietary bioactive components; education and teaching; experimental...

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Cary, USA

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Current Developments in Nutrition 2019 Vol.3 No.Suppl. 1 pp.1-1314

3. Periconceptional environment and the developmental origins of disease.

The concept emerging from Professor David Barker's seminal research on the developmental origins of later-life disease has progressed in many directions since it was first published. One critical question being when during gestation might environment alter the developmental programme with such...

Author(s) : Velazquez, M. A.; Fleming, T. P.; Watkins, A. J.

Publisher : BioScientifica Ltd, Bristol, UK

Journal article : Journal of Endocrinology 2019 Vol.242 No.1 pp.T33-T49 ref.many

4. American College of Epidemiology Annual Meeting, College Park, Maryland, USA, 21-23 September 2020.

Publisher : Elsevier, New York, USA

Journal article; Conference paper : Annals of Epidemiology 2020 Vol.52 pp.101-117

5. 2nd International Conference on Health and Medical Science 2018: From Innovation to Clinical Trials.

This issue includes 31 papers presented at the conference that aims to bring together academics and researchers from all different areas of health sciences to resolve and discuss the health sector problems by presenting high quality research. The topics discussed are: infant feeding through...

Publisher : Sulaimani Polytechnic University - SPU, Sulaimani, Iraq

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Kurdistan Journal of Applied Research 2018 Vol.3 No.2 Special Issue pp.187 pp.

6. Severe protein calorie malnutrition in the context of alcoholic liver cirrhosis: a case study evaluation.

Individuals with alcoholic liver cirrhosis are at risk for developing protein calorie malnutrition and often experience concurrent micronutrient deficiencies. Treatment of liver cirrhosis not only requires medical attention via diuretic therapy, fluid management through paracenteses, and routine...

Author(s) : Kaliszewski, E.; Parker, A.

Publisher : Wolters Kluwer Health Inc., Hagerstown, USA

Journal article : Topics in Clinical Nutrition 2018 Vol.33 No.4 pp.335-345 ref.34

7. Special Issue: Latin America.

This special issue includes 16 papers and 13 mini commentaries focusing on women's health in Latin America. The topics discussed are: obstetric violence; parturient and congenital syphilis; drug treatment of vulvodynia; diagnosis of complete hydatidiform mole; leisure physical activity in pregnancy ...

Publisher : Wiley, Oxford, UK

Journal issue : BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2018 Vol.125 No.10 pp.1201-1343

8. Gastrointestinal motility and absorptive disorders in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases: prevalence, diagnosis and treatment.

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, are chronic conditions associated with high morbidity and healthcare costs. The natural history of IBD is variable and marked by alternating periods of flare and remission. Even though the use of newer therapeutic targets...

Author(s) : Barros, L. L.; Farias, A. Q.; Rezaie, A.

Publisher : Beijing Baishideng BioMed Scientific Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Journal article : World Journal of Gastroenterology 2019 Vol.25 No.31 pp.4414-4426 ref.105

9. Brain cancer.

This chapter briefly describes the histopathological types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy) and prognosis of brain cancer, and discusses its descriptive and molecular epidemiology and risk factors (tobacco smoking, diet, alcohol intake, reproductive factors,...

Author(s) : Savitz, D. A.; Trichopoulos, D.

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK

Book chapter : Textbook of cancer epidemiology 2008 No.Ed.2 pp.617-635 ref.many

10. WHO Sri-Lanka annual report, 2017.

This report summarizes the key public health activities and achievements in Sri Lanka during 2017, and identifies the areas that need further attention. The report is divided into 4 chapters that address numerous public health issues, including: improvement of maternal and child health care...

Publisher : World Health Organization. Country Office for Sri-Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Book : WHO Sri-Lanka annual report, 2017 2018 pp.76 pp.

11. Developmental programming of peripheral diseases in offspring exposed to maternal obesity during pregnancy.

Obesity is an increasing global health epidemic that affects all ages, including women of reproductive age. During pregnancy, maternal obesity is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes that lead to complications for the mother. In addition, maternal obesity can increase the risk of poor...

Author(s) : Nirajan Shrestha; Ezechukwu, H. C.; Holland, O. J.; Hryciw, D. H.

Publisher : American Physiological Society, Bethesda, USA

Journal article : American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2020 Vol.319 No.5 pp.R507-R516

12. Reduced prealbumin is associated with bone mineral density in women with osteoporosis.

Objectives: Poor nutritional status is associated with osteoporosis (OP) in postmenopausal women. Moreover, recent studies documented that prealbumin is the best and most widely used parameter to monitor nutrition intervention and is a sensitive predictor of short-term outcome compared with...

Author(s) : Li XueSong; Zhang JiRong; Zhao YiLin; Li Ying; Sun YuXiang; Liu TieMin; Wang RuiTao

Publisher : Elsevier, New York, USA

Journal article : Nutrition 2017 Vol.33 pp.338-342

13. Society for Leukocyte Biology 2017 Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 5-7 October 2017.

This section includes 6 papers covering the following topics discussed at the conference: microRNA miR-223 as regulator of innate immunity; role of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus in immune dysfunction, infection development and sepsis mortality; cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in...

Author(s) : Ivashkiv, L.; Li, L.; Hu, X.

Publisher : Blackwell Publishing, Boston, USA

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Journal of Leukocyte Biology 2018 Vol.104 No.3 pp.571-578

14. Bone strength in growing rats treated with fluoride: a multi-dose histomorphometric, biomechanical and densitometric study.

Bone deformation and fragility are common signs of skeletal fluorosis. Disorganisation of bone tissue and presence of inflammatory foci were observed after fluoride (F-) administration. Most information about F- effects on bone has been obtained in adult individuals. However, in fluorosis areas,...

Author(s) : Fina, B. L.; Lupo, M.; Ros, E. R. da; Lombarte, M.; Rigalli, A.

Publisher : Springer US, Philadelphia, USA

Journal article : Biological Trace Element Research 2018 Vol.185 No.2 pp.375-383 ref.62

15. Special Section: Health equity in the Americas.

This special section includes 5 papers presenting research studies and interventions related to health equity among the diverse populations of the Americas. These papers provide evidence to promote and accelerate equity within the area of cancer prevention and control; they are the result of...

Author(s) : Samet, J.; Gallegos, K.; Baezconde-Garbanati, L.

Publisher : Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Journal issue : Salud Pública de México 2019 Vol.61 No.4 pp.415-460

16. A preterm case of cow's milk allergy presenting with recurrent ascites treated with donor breast milk.

We report a case of a preterm infant who developed cow's milk allergy. This male infant presented with recurrent ascites and was successfully treated with donated breast milk. He was born at 24 weeks' gestation with a birthweight of 506 g. From day 20, infant formula, soy protein-based formula, and ...

Author(s) : Nakasone, R.; Fujioka, K.; Suga, S.; Abe, S.; Ashina, M.; Nishida, K.; Sakurai Motoichiro; Mizuno Katsumi; Nozu, K.; Iijima, K.

Publisher : MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Journal article : International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2021 Vol.18 No.3 ref.31

17. Relationships among inorganic arsenic, nutritional status CpG methylation and microRNAs: a review of the literature.

Inorganic arsenic is a naturally occurring toxicant that poses a significant and persistent challenge to public health. The World Health Organization has identified many geographical regions where inorganic arsenic levels exceed safe limits in drinking water. Numerous epidemiological studies have...

Author(s) : Venkatratnam, A.; Marable, C. A.; Keshava, A. M.; Fry, R. C.

Publisher : Sage Publications Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : Epigenetics Insights 2021 Vol.14 No.2516865721989719 ref.96

18. Exposure to phthalates: germline dysfunction and aneuploidy.

Epidemiological studies continue to reveal the enduring impact of exposures to environmental chemicals on human physiology, including our reproductive health. Phthalates, a well characterized class of endocrine disrupting chemicals and commonly utilized plasticizers, are among one of the many...

Author(s) : Henderson, A. L.; Colaiácovo, M. P.

Publisher : Wiley, Chichester, UK

Journal article : Prenatal Diagnosis 2021 Vol.41 No.5 pp.610-619

19. 6th International Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency, "Nutrition and Human Health", Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 9-10 March 2017.

This issue includes 17 papers presented at the conference focusing on the nutritional and health aspects of vitamin D and its deficiency. The following topics are discussed: assessment of vitamin D in different populations (children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women); diagnosis of vitamin D...

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2018 Vol.180 pp.1-148

20. Comparing DNA methylation profiles in saliva and intestinal mucosa.

Background: Altered epigenetic profiles are a feature of intestinal diseases, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. DNA methylation studies in these diseases have utilised intestinal mucosal tissue or blood which can be difficult to collect, particularly for large-scale research...

Author(s) : Hearn, N. L.; Coleman, A. S.; Ho, V.; Chiu, C. L.; Lind, J. M.

Publisher : BioMed Central Ltd, London, UK

Journal article : BMC Genomics 2019 Vol.20 No.163 pp.(28 February 2019) ref.48

21. 13th International Congress on Obesity, Vancouver, Canada, 1-4 May 2016.

This publication features the abstracts of presentations and research papers included in the conference. Main topics covered in the papers are: (1) genetics and biology of obesity; (2) determinants, assessments and consequences of obesity; (3) clinical management of obesity; (4) obesity population...

Publisher : Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Obesity Reviews 2016 Vol.17 No.s2 pp.1-198

22. Lean tissue index and body cell mass can be predictors of low free testosterone levels in men on hemodialysis.

Objective: Testosterone deficiency is a common disorder among men treated with hemodialysis. The aim of our study was to evaluate the relationship between free testosterone levels and body composition, biochemical markers of nutritional status, and inflammation in men on hemodialysis. Design:...

Author(s) : Rymarz, A.; Matyjek, A.; Gomółka, M.; Niemczyk, S.

Publisher : Elsevier, New York, USA

Journal article : Journal of Renal Nutrition 2019 Vol.29 No.6 pp.529-535 ref.26

23. ESPEN guideline on clinical nutrition in liver disease.

This update of evidence-based guidelines (GL) aims to translate current evidence and expert opinion into recommendations for multidisciplinary teams responsible for the optimal nutritional and metabolic management of adult patients with liver disease. The GL was commissioned and financially...

Author(s) : Plauth, M.; Bernal, W.; Srinivasan Dasarathy; Merli, M.; Plank, L. D.; Schütz, T.; Bischoff, S. C.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Clinical Nutrition 2019 Vol.38 No.2 pp.485-521 ref.538

24. Inflammation and nutritional status assessment by malnutrition inflammation score and its outcome in pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients.

Background: Malnutrition-inflammation complex syndrome (MICS), hyperhomocysteinemia, calcium and phosphate levels derangement have been predicted as important contributing factors for the progression of cardiovascular burden. Among patients with earlier stage of CKD, hypoalbuminaemia and...

Author(s) : Jagadeswaran, D.; Indhumathi, E.; Hemamalini, A. J.; Sivakumar, V.; Soundararajan, P.; Jayakumar, M.

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK

Journal article : Clinical Nutrition 2019 Vol.38 No.1 pp.341-347 ref.22

25. Comparative oncology: integrating human and veterinary medicine.

Cancer constitutes the major health problem both in human and veterinary medicine. Comparative oncology as an integrative approach offers to learn more about naturally occurring cancers across different species. Canine models have many advantages as they experience spontaneous disease, have many...

Author(s) : Faheem Sultan; Ganaie, B. A.

Publisher : Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya

Journal article : Open Veterinary Journal 2018 Vol.8 No.1 pp.25-34 ref.many