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1. Palpebral hidrocystoma.

Author(s) : Agharbi, F. Z.

Publisher : African Field Epidemiology Network, Kampala, Uganda

Journal article : Pan African Medical Journal 2019 Vol.33

2. Poultry health: a guide for professionals.

This 333-paged readily accessible up-to-date and well-illustrated handbook presents both clinical poultry medicine and research covering the host biology, immune response and genetics, the microbiology, infection biology, epidemiology and control of the pathogens involved, and all relevant aspects...

Book : Poultry health: a guide for professionals 2021 pp.xii + 333 pp. ref.many

3. Animal welfare & management.

This book will serve the long standing need of the students, teachers, research workers and other stake holders. The book will be helpful to the students and researchers in developing basic understanding of Animal Welfare sciences.

Author(s) : Patel, B. H. M.; Prasanna, S. B.; Gouri, M. D.

Publisher : New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi, India

Book : Animal welfare & management 2015 pp.268 pp.

4. The handbook of horses and donkeys: introduction to ownership and care.

Horses and donkeys continue to be important to most societies as either recreational or working animals. Presenting a broad coverage of topics relating to horse and donkey ownership, The Handbook of Horses and Donkeys is an introductory guide providing expert advice on current ethical management...

Author(s) : Mortensen, C. J.

Publisher : 5M Publishing, Sheffield, UK

Book : The handbook of horses and donkeys: introduction to ownership and care 2018 pp.296 pp.

5. Broom and Fraser's domestic animal behaviour and welfare.

The 6th edition of this book contains 42 chapters on one biology, ethics, sentience and sustainability; behaviour and welfare concepts; describing, recording and measuring behaviour; learning, cognition and behaviour development; motivation; evolution and optimality; welfare assessment; defence and ...

Author(s) : Broom, D. M.

Book : Broom and Fraser’s domestic animal behaviour and welfare 2021 No.Ed.6 pp.xxvii + 545 pp. ref.many

6. Equine reproductive physiology, breeding and stud management.

The 5th edition of this book discusses the reproductive anatomy and physiology of mares and stallions; management of broodmares, stallions and foals and the use of advanced reproductive techniques. The 23 illustrated chapters include mare reproductive anatomy, control of reproduction in the mare,...

Book : Equine reproductive physiology, breeding and stud management 2020 No.Ed.5 pp.xiii + 519 pp.

7. NJF Seminar 505 Autumn Meeting in Fur Animal Research 2018, Malmö, Sweden, 3-5 October 2018.

This issue contains 42 proceedings on the breeding, genetics, reproduction, nutrition, feeding, management, behaviour, welfare, health and diseases of rabbits, mink, foxes and other furbearing animals.

Publisher : International Fur Animal Scientific Association, Tjele, Denmark

Journal article; Conference paper : Scientifur 2020 Vol.44 No.1 pp.27-35

8. Special Issue: Working dogs: an update for veterinarians.

This issue contains 14 topics on working dogs, including preventive health care for working dogs; anaesthetic considerations; dentistry; feeding for optimal performance and health; current rules and regulations for dogs working in assistance, service and support roles; olfaction, vision and...

Publisher : Saunders, An Imprint of Elsevier, Philadelphia, USA

Journal issue : Veterinary Clinics of North America, Small Animal Practice 2021 Vol.51 No.4 pp.745-984

9. Animal Production in Australia: the New Face of Animal Science in Australia, 33rd Biennial Conference of the Australian Association of Animal Sciences (AAAS), Fremantle, Western Australia, 1-3 February 2021.

This proceedings contains 197 papers on animal nutrition, reproduction, breeding, behaviour, diseases and welfare; milk, meat, wool and egg production and quality; crop production; extension and education and emerging technologies with applications in animal production.

Publisher : CSIRO, Collingwood, Australia

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Animal Production Science 2021 Vol.61 No.3 pp.201-343 ref.8

10. 72° Convegno SISVet, Torino, Italy, 20-22 June 2018.

This proceedings contains 416 papers on animal breeding, reproduction, feeding, behaviour, welfare and diseases; food safety and quality and veterinary practice.

Publisher : Società Italiana delle Scienze Veterinarie, Brescia, Italy

Conference proceedings : 72° Convegno SISVet, Torino, Italy, 20-22 June 2018. Proceedings 2018 pp.446 pp.

11. 2017 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting and Trade Show, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 8-12 July 2017.

This issue contains conference proceedings on animal production, physiology, behaviour, health, welfare, growth, breeding and genetics, feeding and feed quality and food safety and quality.

Publisher : American Society of Animal Science, Savoy, USA

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Journal of Animal Science 2017 Vol.95 No.Suppl. 4 pp.1-378

12. Advances in sheep welfare.

This book contains 1 chapters that discuss the natural behaviour of sheep, sheep production systems, consumer and societal expectations for sheep products, sheep cognition and its implications for welfare, new physiological measures of the biological cost of responding to challenges, genetic...

Author(s) : Ferguson, D. M.; Lee, C.; Fisher, A.

Publisher : Woodhead Publishing, Duxford, UK

Book : Advances in sheep welfare 2017 pp.xvi + 301 pp.

13. 15th Chulalongkorn University Veterinary Conference CUVC 2016: Research in Practice, Bangkok, Thailand, 20-22 April 2016.

This issue contains conference proceedings on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, anatomy, surgery, microbiology, clinical pathology, reproduction, breeding, genetics, production, nutrition, feed, animal behaviour and welfare, worker health and food safety involving companion animals,...

Publisher : Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 2016 Vol.46 No.Supplement pp.29-466

14. 2005 ASAS Midwest Meeting. March 21-23, 2005.

Publisher : American Society of Animal Science, Savoy, USA

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Journal of Animal Science 2005 Vol.83 No.Supplement 2 pp.35-98, 136, 139

15. Prospects for the 3rd Millennium Agriculture. Veterinary Medicine-Fundamental and Preclinical Sciences, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 5-6 October 2006.

This issue contains topics on animal health, diseases, diagnosis, therapy, reproduction, genetics, toxicology, feeding, immunology, physiology, anatomy and milk and meat hygiene and quality.

Publisher : University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Buletinul Universității de Științe Agricole și Medicină Veterinară Cluj-Napoca, Seria Medicină Veterinară 2006 Vol.63 pp.1-470

16. Animal biology and care.

The third edition of this book is divided into 24 chapters that discuss the general biology, anatomy, physiology, immunity, reproduction, genetics, husbandry, nutrition, behaviour, welfare, diseases and therapy in dogs, cats and exotic pets. Each chapter contains coloured and black-and-white...

Author(s) : Dallas, S.; Jewell, E.

Publisher : Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK

Book : Animal biology and care 2014 No.Ed. 3 pp.xiii + 356 pp.

17. Large Animal Proceedings. North American Veterinary Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, 14-18 January 2012. Volume 26.

This proceedings contains 165 papers discussing several aspects of large animal practice such as animal health (diseases and treatment), husbandry (breeding and nutrition) and welfare. Focus is given on cattle, pigs, horses and small ruminants (sheep, goat, llamas and alpacas).

Publisher : The North American Veterinary Conference, Gainesville, USA

Conference proceedings : Large Animal Proceedings. North American Veterinary Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, 14-18 January 2012. Volume 26 2012 pp.unpaginated

18. Improving dairy herd health.

This book contains 13 chapters that discuss key issues in dairy herd health management, disease surveillance, advances in techniques for health monitoring/disease detection in dairy cattle, data-driven decision support tools in dairy herd health, advances in understanding immune response in dairy...

Publisher : Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited, Cambridge, UK

Book : Improving dairy herd health 2021 pp.xxii + 467 pp. ref.many

20. Rabbit health and welfare - preventive care at home and clinic.

Author(s) : Ash, L.; Benato, L.

Publisher : Veterinary Business Development Ltd, Peterborough, UK

Journal article : Veterinary Times 2018 Vol.48 No.50 pp.12, 14 ref.5

21. XV National and VIII International Meeting of Livestock Sciences Researchers (ENICIP), El Tesoro Events Centre (CET), Medellin, Colombia, 23-25 October 2019.

This issue contains proceedings on precision agriculture and agribusiness management; genomics and bioinformatics and their applications in animal health and production; innovation and technology to improve agricultural sustainability in the livestock sector; microbiomes, health and production...

Foreign Title :XV Encuentro Nacional y VIII Internacional de los Investigadores de las Ciencias Pecuarias (ENICIP), Centro de Eventos El Tesoro (CET), Medellín, Colombia, 23 al 25 de Octubre de 2019.

Publisher : Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias 2019 Vol.32 No.Suplemento pp.203-211

22. Diseases of swine, 11th Edition.

This book contains 70 chapters on the behaviour, welfare and genetics and the aetiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of viral, bacterial, parasitic and non-infectious diseases of pigs.

Author(s) : Zimmerman, J. J.; Karriker, L. A.; Ramirez, A.; Schwartz, K. J.; Stevenson, G. W.; Zhang, J. Q.

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK

Book : Diseases of swine 2019 No.Ed.11 pp.1136 pp.

23. 24th International Symposium "Animal Science Days", Ptuj, Slovenia, 21-23 September 2016.

This work contains 32 conference proceedings on animal breeding, genetics, reproduction, feeding, diseases and product quality.

Publisher : Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Journal issue; Conference proceedings : Acta Agriculturae Slovenica. Supplement 2016 No.No.Supplement 5 pp.7-194

24. Agreement of 1933 between the Polish Government and Senate of the Free City of Danzig on marketing of animals, parts of animals, animal products, serum and vaccines.

History of appearance of the semi-autonomous city-state that existed between 1920 and 1939, comprising the Baltic sea port of Danzig (presently Gdansk) and approx. 200 towns in the surrounding area, after the World War I as a compromise between governments of Poland and Germany, is outlined. The...

Foreign Title :Umowa z 1933 r. pomiędzy Rządem Polskim a Senatem Wolnego Miasta Gdańska w sprawie obrotu zwierzętami, częściami zwierząt, produktami zwierzęcymi, surowicami i szczepionkami.

Author(s) : Krzyżewski, W.

Publisher : Krajowa Izba Lekarsko Weterynaryjna, Warszawa, Poland

Journal article : Życie Weterynaryjne 2016 Vol.91 No.7 pp.520-524 ref.10

25. Finding and acquiring food.

This chapter describes grazing behaviour as an example of how feeding is organized; finding food; the ability to obtain food; meal size and food selection; the effects of disturbance on feeding; social facilitation; competition and feeding behaviour and some specific details about feeding in...

Author(s) : Broom, D. M.

Book chapter : Broom and Fraser’s domestic animal behaviour and welfare 2021 No.Ed.6 pp.108-125 ref.many